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June 2002 Newsletter
Religious Freedom Coalition
June 1, 2002 11:04PM EST



On Thursday, May 2nd the National Prayer Breakfast was held in Washington, DC. I have not attended the National Prayer Breakfast since Yasser Arafat was invited during the Clinton Administration. I did, however, attend a special prayer breakfast for the peace of Jerusalem the next day on Friday, May 3rd.

The "Solidarity and Prayer Breakfast" for peace in Jerusalem was held at the Jerusalem Room of the Israeli Embassy in Washington. Many Christian organizations supporting peace for Israel against terrorism sponsored the breakfast. There was room for only about twenty-five people from each sponsoring group. The Religious Freedom Coalition was the only organization to bring a congressman as a guest. Congressman Jim Ryun attended as a guest of the Religious Freedom Coalition.

Congressman Ryun of Kansas is a truly godly man who holds up Jesus Christ in everything he does on Capitol Hill. An Olympic medalist, Congressman Ryun was the first man ever to run a mile in less than four minutes, and he did this while still a teenager. He still runs today and holds summer running camps for high school age youngsters each year.

In addition to Congressman Ryun, the Religious Freedom Coalition had representatives present from the offices of Majority Leader Dick Armey and Majority Whip Tom DeLay. There were numerous other Christian congressional and Senate staffers present who were invited by the Religious Freedom Coalition.

I also invited representatives of many conservative groups which do not normally get involved in foreign affairs, and many of them were in attendance as well. It was the Religious Freedom Coalition which arranged for former presidential candidate Gary Bauer to be the keynote speaker at the event.

Everyone attending the event showed courage, since the Israeli Embassy in Washington is under constant threat from Islamic groups. In the past the license plate numbers of those visiting the embassy have been taken down by Islamic militants.

Ed McAteer, founder of the Religious Roundtable, had arranged for huge banners representing the various tribes of Israel to be displayed in the room. For decades Ed McAteer has been a tireless warrior for the cause of the continued existence of Israel. A man who holds the Word of God in his heart, Ed McAteer understands the special place of the Jewish people in the heart of God, and he realizes that Christians must reach out to them.


On Thursday, May 23rd a massive news article entitled "How Israel Became a Favorite Cause of the Christian Right" appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. The article, which was more than fifty column inches long, featured a number of Christian conservative leaders who have worked for peace in Jerusalem for many years. Included was my old friend Ed McAteer, founder and president of the Religious Roundtable. It was Ed McAteer who first invited me to Washington, DC for a political event more than twenty years ago while I still lived in Texas. I still have a photo of myself at that event with a much younger Senator Jesse Helms, who retires from the Senate this year. It was at a Religious Roundtable event in Dallas, Texas that I first met Governor Ronald Reagan while he was running for his first term as President.

Even then Ed McAteer realized the importance of American Christians’ working with the chosen people. He has always believed that Jews in America had been led over to the liberals’ side through deceit and that they would eventually come to stand with Christian conservatives in America. The events of 9-11 have come to reveal Ed McAteer as somewhat of a prophet. American Jews are moving to the conservative movement and to the Republican Party as a result of the aftermath of 9-11 and the solid support of President Bush for Israel.

This movement joining conservative Christians and Jews together began at least twenty years ago to my knowledge. The growing relationship between Jews and Republicans was strained in 1991 by President George W. Bush (referred to here in Washington as "Bush One.") First, the elder President Bush sold Saudi Arabia five AWACS that could be used for command and control platforms for Muslim strikes against Israel. He then refused $10 billion in loan guarantees to Israel unless that nation agreed to stop building homes for Jews in Samaria, which is part of the West Bank. Bush probably lost the election to Bill Clinton as a result of these actions. In the 1992 election Bush received only 11% of the Jewish vote, down from the traditional 22% that had voted Republican in the past.

The Wall Street Journal has the largest paid circulation of any national newspaper. Bringing out the facts about the relationship between conservative Christians and Jews was monumental for several reasons. First, other news outlets are now forced to touch on this relationship. Second, many "liberal" Jews who read the Wall Street Journal learned for the first time that conservative Christians, not liberals like Senator Ted Kennedy, are the real allies of Israel. Third, it gave the green light to conservative Jews to speak out in their community on such issues as abortion, now that their alliances with Christians are not looked down upon.


How are the liberals in the United States responding to the growing relationship between Christians and Jews? Liberals are responding with violence, particularly on college campuses. The more liberal the campus the greater the violence. At San Francisco State University, pro Palestinian liberals surrounded Jewish students and shouted, "Hitler didn’t finish the job," and "Get out or we'll kill you."

Since January of this year there have been more than one hundred anti-Semitic incidents, including graffiti, vandalism, hate speech and violence, on American campuses.

Harvard University recently received a huge gift of five million dollars from the fabulously wealthy Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia. Yes, that’s the family of Osama Bin Laden, and they made their money building hotels in Mecca for the hoards of pilgrims who visit each year. Why would they give money to Harvard unless they saw it as a destructive force in America? The only strings attached to their gift--promote a positive view of the Islamic religion. Now, there is a movement for "divestment" at Harvard, meaning some students and faculty are demanding that the university not have investments in companies which in any way benefit or do business with Israel.

Many of the anti-Semitic activities at American colleges are financed by the Saudi Arabian government. The leaders of many of the on campus Islamic groups are Muslims here on "student" visas. Many of the 9-11 hijackers who committed the Jihad terror attack on the United States were here on "student visas" as well. Our college campuses need cleaned up, and those here on "student" visas whose main purpose is the destruction of our democracy need to be sent back home to the dictatorships they came from.


Over and over, Muslim leaders in America try to blame Israel for the constant violence perpetrated by Muslims throughout the world, and the liberal media in the United States continues to perpetuate this false idea. A close examination of any newspaper reveals the bias.

On Wednesday, May 8th a bomb exploded outside a hotel in Karachi, Pakistan killing eleven French engineers who were there to work on the completion of a harbor. Twenty-three bystanders were injured. The next day, at least thirty-four people including women and children were killed by a bomb in Kaspiik, Russia during a parade marking the end of World War II. The bomb, planted by Muslims, was packed with nails in order to kill and maim as many innocent civilians in the parade as possible. (In 1996 Muslims blew up an apartment building in that same city, killing sixty-eight people.)

That same week in May, a Muslim bomb killed innocent civilians at a market place in the Philippines and just a few days after that bombs in India killed civilians there. The continuing attacks on civilians in India could lead to a nuclear confrontation between India and our "ally" Pakistan. Despite telling the world that Pakistan stands against terror, its leader, General Musharraf, continues to support terrorists operating in Kashmir and the rest of India.

No newspaper or TV news network in the United States ever draws a dotted line to connect all these bombings and attacks against innocent civilians. If there is a bombing in Israel, one in India and one in the Philippines on the same day, the newspapers will report the stories on different pages. In reality these stories should all be on the same page under the title: "Today’s Islamic Jihad Attacks Against Non-Muslims."

The problem is not Israel; the problem is the Great Fatah against Western Civilization. If Islam is to survive the 21st century, the world’s democracies must be destroyed. The offensive against Western nations will continue until Islam wins or suffers a major worldwide defeat. As long as the battle is put off by European and American leaders in the name of political correctness, the terror attacks and murders of civilians will continue.

Consider writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper pointing out that there has never been a Palestinian Christian suicide bomber and that the newspaper should give clarity by calling these murderers Palestinian Muslim homicide bombers.


It saddens me to report that the FBI may have had in their possession at least a month prior to the Jihad attack against our nation on 9-11, a computer that had critical information on it. It appears that the laptop owned by Zacarias Moussaoui could have led the FBI directly to other terrorists and the attack could have been stopped. Moussaoui was arrested by local FBI agents in Minnesota where he was receiving flight training months before 9-11. The FBI in Washington, DC refused to obtain a warrant to search his laptop computer for fear of accusations of "racial profiling." Although the Minnesota office of the FBI was sure of a terror connection, the Washington headquarters run by Bill Clinton appointee Robert Mueller made sure that this illegal alien would receive rights beyond those reserved for US citizens.

As I write today, leaks are starting to come out of the FBI giving a clear indication that it was fear of being accused of racial profiling that allowed 9-11 to occur.

This idiotic "fear" of profiling is making it almost impossible to stop yet another attack upon the United States. Because airport screeners do not "profile," resources are wasted on those who pose no threat. Elderly Americans who have metal hips and women with support bras are those most likely to receive extra security screening. Meanwhile, young Muslim men frequently walk right through the metal detectors. If the metal detectors do not sound an alarm, no further action is taken. The reality is that these men could have ten-inch ceramic knives or bottles of acid concealed on them and the metal detector would not cause them to be searched.

Because of the fear of "profiling" accusations, an Orthodox priest coming to work in the United States is investigated more intensely than a Saudi "oil executive" coming to this nation to do "business." We have this strange notion in the United States that people have a right not to be offended.

If the Irish Republican Army were hijacking our aircraft, I would understand if I were pulled aside and given special attention at security check points, because I am a very athletic Irish-American. I have to face the fact I look like I could kill someone with my bare hands. (Actually I did receive that training in the Army.) Why then is it so "offensive" to athletic looking Muslim men to undergo that kind of scrutiny during a time like this, unless they are associated with those who would destroy our way of life?.


The Religious Freedom Coalition commends Congressmen Phil Crane (R-IL) and Walter Jones (R-NC) for trying to alleviate the present intolerable situation in which clergymen and their congregations fear to express publicly any political views or even opinions about moral issues such as abortion, because these may be perceived as political. This climate of fear, which is exactly what the First Amendment was created to prevent, is caused by uncertainty about what is or is not permissible for a clergyman to say without having the church’s tax exempt status taken away.

As things stand now, the guidelines are so unclear that it is just up to the discretion of IRS bureaucrats to decide who is in violation. There is evidence that these rulings by the IRS are selectively and unfairly enforced, targeting those who express conservative views while ignoring others whose liberal views are favored.

Congressman Crane’s Bright Line Act of 2001 (H. R. 2931) and Congressman Jones’ Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection Act (H. R. 2357) would help restore First Amendment rights to America’s churches and synagogues.

America had a long history of free speech in her houses of worship, beginning with Revolutionary War era preachers who spoke out for freedom and encouraged the founding of the new country. It was largely in the churches where the abolitionist movement began, as religious people stirred up the conscience of the nation about the evils of slavery. In the first half of the twentieth century, clergymen spoke out fearlessly on many social issues and they warned of the dangers of murderous fascism and communism.

The era of free speech came to an ignoble end in 1954 when Senator Lyndon Johnson inserted the ban on political speech as a little noticed floor amendment to another bill. There were no hearings on this amendment, nor does the Congressional Record indicate that any explanation was ever given for this ban. There was a behind- the-scenes explanation though; Johnson was being criticized by a conservative pastor back in Texas. To silence his critic, Johnson slipped in a law that clearly violates the spirit of the Constitution.

It’s true that the law was ignored when Martin Luther King and other black pastors led peaceful civil rights demonstrations in the 1960’s. If it had been strictly enforced, Dr. King and other church leaders could have been silenced. In fact, the law was largely ignored until the early 1990’s, when Democrats realized they could follow the example of LBJ and use it against political opponents.

During Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, the Church at Pierce Creek in Conklin, New York sponsored a newspaper ad that criticized Clinton for his stand on abortion. In retaliation, the church had its tax exempt status revoked. Yet when first Bill Clinton and then later Al Gore campaigned in churches, there was hardly a word said from IRS officials. Preacher and former Democrat Congressman Floyd Flake invited candidate Gore to speak at his Allen A.M.E. Church in Queens, New York. From behind the pulpit Flake told the congregation, "This should be the next president of the United States." Was Rev. Flake or his church punished in any way? Well, he did get a "caution" from the IRS, but that was all.

While this was a clear violation of the law, the actual wording of the tax code is so vague that IRS officials may interpret it any way they please. It is not necessary to name a candidate or political party to get in trouble. All that is necessary is that the IRS finds a given communication "contains some relatively clear directive that enables the recipient to know the organization’s position on a specific candidate or slate of candidates." In other words, suppose a certain candidate is well known to be in favor of unlimited abortion, homosexual marriage, or anti-Semitism. If a pastor in an election year chooses to address such moral issues, is that an implicit rejection of the candidate and therefore a "political statement?" It can be, if the IRS so decides.

Religious organizations deserve the clarity of knowing exactly what political activity is acceptable and allowed by law. It should not be left up to some bureaucrat to interpret the law and determine if a religious institution is in violation, thus losing their tax exempt status. We believe that either the Crane or the Jones bill will remove confusion from sanctioned and unsanctioned activities by establishing a clear set of standards and bringing proper enforcement. It is important that congressmen hear from their constituents concerning this critical issue of freedom of speech. The law created by one Senator more than thirty years ago to help him keep his office should not become codified law, further destroying the intent of our founding fathers. 


Below is a photograph of Republican Senator John Warner, my wife Nancy, myself and Vice President Cheney taken in April, 2002.

My dear friend, let me make this very clear to you ... Senator Warner and the Vice President did not pose in this photograph with myself and my wife because of the work I do with the Religious Freedom Coalition ... Not at all.

Senator Warner and the Vice President invited my wife and I to have this photo taken because of the political work I do through my political action committee, Government Is Not God.

At this event I was able to talk to Senator Warner and Vice President Cheney about the enslavement and murder of Christians in the Sudan. My purpose in being there was to help get the Sudan Peace Act passed by the Senate to stop the murder of Christians in the Sudan.

When talking to Senator Warner I was speaking as the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, but to get in the door I had to present my card as chairman of Government Is Not God - political action committee.

Without the political action committee it is virtually impossible for me to do the work of the Religious Freedom Coalition.

The political action committee gives money to social conservative candidates running for the U.S. House and Senate. I do not get involved in state races. Just a few of those I have helped to elect are Congressmen Ryun of Kansas and Randy Forbes of Virginia, and Senator Allen of Virginia. Because of my close work with Senator Allen, he always stops in the halls of the Senate when he sees me to say hello by first name. I have the ability to call several congressmen and Senators on various issues because I was there helping them when they were elected.

Funding for Government Is Not God - PAC has been down since 9-11; however, during April and May of this year my political action committee received virtually no donations. This was devastating and as a result there was no monthly campaign update mailed to political action committee supporters in May. What happened?


Was it deliberate or was it just gross incompetence? Our political action committee, Government Is Not God, received virtually no mail in April and May of this year. I found out why on May 23rd during a stunning conversation with a postal employee. Here is the history of what occurred:

On November 11, 2001 we paid the proper fees for our business reply account number 460-001 at the counter of the Washington, DC post office. After payment was made, a copy of the receipt was sent by fax to the business reply section to assure it was posted. We knew there might be some confusion because of the Anthrax situation at the Brentwood post office where business reply mail is normally handled. We then called the business reply section to make sure the copy of the receipt was received. We were told that it was received and posted.

For the next six months we received the political action committee business reply mail on an irregular basis. We complained to the post office several times. At no time did they inform us of any problem. Beginning the first of April we stopped receiving all business reply mail, even mail on which our supporters had placed stamps. We called the business reply section of the post office on numerous occasions, as often as twice a week to ascertain any problem. At no time did anyone in the post office indicate there was a "problem" with our account. After all, we had deposited hundreds of dollars in our business reply account from which postage was to be taken as mail arrived from supporters.

On May 23rd our bookkeeping department once again called to make sure we had sufficient funds in our account and Mrs. Contee of the business reply section told her that indeed there was no problem. I then called Mrs. Contee myself and asked her if there was "any problem with the account at all." She immediately responded that the "permit fee had not been paid," and that our mail was being withheld from us. Her failure to tell anyone in our office who had called during the six previous weeks that there was a problem with this account shows a complete lack of respect for customers and total job irresponsibility or a deliberate attempt to harm the conservative political action committee.

That day we sent by fax again a copy of the receipt showing that indeed we did pay the fee in November of 2001 and further requested written explanation as to what had happened to our mail. The supervisor in the department, Mrs. Shields, did not respond. When we called her office again, she informed my staff that she, "Did not have the capability to respond in writing." She has since refused to give any explanation as to what happened in her department.

I forwarded all material involved with this total breakdown at the post office to Congressman Ernest Istook (R-OK) who sits on the committee overseeing the United States Postal Service. Congressman Istook has worked with me for years on returning prayer to our schools. I am seeking Congressional hearings in this matter .

On May 29th my political action committee began to receive some mail. Some of the envelopes we received were postmarked as far back as March. For all mail dated in April and May there was less than $5,000 total contributed to Government Is Not God -PAC. In analyzing the postmarks and contribution dates we believe that in certain weeks our mail was simply destroyed.


Speaking of politics, the Republican Party continues to recruit Muslims and homosexuals. To me this is just about the most bizarre folly I have ever seen in my life. These two groups hate each other. In every Islamic nation, homosexuals are either beheaded or hung.

On April 18th about fifty leaders of the homosexual group, Log Cabin Republicans, were invited to the White House for what they called "high level briefings." The briefing was given by Mary Matalin who is an assistant to President Bush and a "counselor" to Vice President Cheney. Participating in the briefing were Lezlee Westine, Director of the White House Public Liaison office and Scott Evertz who is director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy. Several other White House officials made presentations to the homosexual group

Keep in mind that Mary Matalin is the wife of the "Ragin’ Cajun" James Carville, a man sworn to defeat Governor Jeb Bush in Florida and to kick George Bush out of the White House in 2004.

The Log Cabin Republicans were also hosted by Congressman Tom Davis who heads the National Republican Congressional Committee. This is the Republican organization that recruits and helps elect congressmen. At the congressional meeting, freshmen Republican Congressmen Mike Ferguson (R-NJ) and Rob Simmons (R-CT) thanked the group for supporting them in the last election. Openly homosexual Republican congressman Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) was also a part of this reception.

Congressman Tom Davis has been a champion for homosexual recruitment into the party for many years, so his participation was no surprise. I was shocked, however, to find that evangelical Christian Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) who is the head of the Republican Senatorial Committee, also held a reception for the Log Cabin Republicans. Pro-life Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) also met with the group of homosexual leaders during their convention in Washington.

Finally, the Log Cabin Republicans held a "black-tie" fund raiser at Union Station in Washington, DC on April 20th and raised more than $50,000 of "hard" money for Republican candidates who back "homosexual rights." There were very few women present.

How big is the "Big Tent" of the Republican party? Once the tent is full of homosexuals and Muslims will evangelical Christians still be welcome? Or will they still care to be there at all? That question is yet to be answered.

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There are about five generations alive at any one time, and this book takes an in depth look at each generation. By examining the core beliefs of the generations, new religious trends and scientific discoveries such as genetic engineering, the authors make some predictions about what life will be like in the future--barring some huge unforeseen catastrophe or some great miracle like a revival movement led by the Holy Spirit. This is one of the most interesting and challenging books I have read in a long time.

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