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September 2002 Newsletter
Religious Freedom Coalition
September 1, 2002 9:03PM EST


On August 6th the Washington Post obtained and published a confidential report on Saudi Arabia prepared for the Pentagonís Defense Policy Board by the staff of the Rand Corporation. Shortly after the briefing became public, the Pentagon claimed Rand Corporation "employees" had prepared it and it was not their "official" view. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld disavowed the report and the White House expressed fear that our relations with our Saudi "ally" would be harmed. Even conservative columnist Robert Novak joined the fray to discredit the report.

What was in this report that shot waves of political fear through the White House, the Defense Department and both houses of Congress? The report contained the truth about Saudi Arabia, something the politically correct establishment canít face.

Rand Corporation analyst Laurent Murawiec who prepared the report, stated that Saudi Arabia was, "the kernel of evil" and the most "dangerous opponent" of the United States in the Middle East. According to the Washington Post the report concluded, "The Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain, from planners to financiers, from cadre to foot soldier, from ideologist to cheerleader."

In the final analysis the report recommended that the United States tell the Saudis to stop supporting terrorism or face seizure of their oil fields and financial assets currently in the United States. The Saudi royal family was livid. They are absolute monarchs who allow no freedom of speech or press. To have this report appear in the Western free press outside of their control caused tantrums on a royal scale.

The Rand Corporation is a highly-respected think tank. The Defense Policy Board consists of former administration officials who are consultants to the Pentagon. These facts made the report a major event. With the report out of the bag, it becomes clear that it was not just a coincidence that 15 of the 19 hijackers on September 11th were Saudis. The report also explains why the Saudi government gives money to the families of suicide bombers, while pushing the Bush Administration to lean on Israel not to retaliate against Islamic militants.


In August of this year a lawsuit for $1 trillion was filed by terror victimsí families against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many members of the Royal family. Documents filed by the lawyers of the 9-11 victimsí families show clearly that Saudi Arabia gave Osama Bin-Laden and the Taliban $300 million to attack targets other than Saudi Arabia. Further, the Saudis gave Bin-Laden and the Taliban hundreds of millions of dollars of other financial assistance and oil.

The documents filed in the case name several Saudi royals involved in the deal and provide the details of how Saudi businesses and charities funneled the money to Bin-Laden.

The money was used to fund and maintain terrorist training camps in Afghanistan that were used by some of the mass murderers that attacked the United States on 9-11. The court documents have identified Prince Turki al-Faisal al-Saud associated with the Saudi secret police as present at a meeting with Bin-Laden and members of the Pakistani intelligence agency in Kandahar in July of 1998 to strike further deals.


Even though 15 of the 19 September 11th mass murderers were Saudi citizens, the State Department and the INS continue to give this group preferential treatment. Saudi citizens get fast track visas to the United States. To obtain a visa, no Saudi has to wait for a background check as to identity; the visa is automatic. The only requirement other than a photo and $65 is that "applicants will be required to provide convincing evidence of significant ties to a residence outside the United States that would not readily be abandoned." In other words they must show that they have family to come back to in Saudi Arabia. All 15 mass murderers had family in Saudi Arabia, so their visas were processed at once.


Does the INS even have a clue as to who should or should not be in the United States as a guest? While any hoodlum from Saudi Arabia can come to the United States, perhaps the most recognized physicist in the world has been barred from entry. Israeli citizen, Dr. Avshalom Elitzur of the Bar-Ilan University in Israel has been refused a visa to the United States.

In the past Dr. Elitzur has held a multi-entry visa into the United States. Indeed he has taught in the United States and there is rumor that he once held a top-secret clearance in this nation. But, the INS just now got around to discovering that he was born in Iran and did not leave that nation until the ripe old age of two. The fact that he is a Jew and an Israeli citizen doesnít seem to matter to the INS. I guess the INS thinks that all Saudi Arabs are good Arabs and anyone born in Iran, even a Jew, is a bad Arab. (None of the 9-11 killers were Iranian, by the way.)

What is really embarrassing is that Dr. Elitzur is the premier authority on quantum mechanics and was supposed to chair an international seminar on the subject at Temple University in September. At last word Temple University and the Israeli Space Agency were working to intervene on behalf of Dr. Elitzur.


Not only does the INS want to stop Israeli scientist Dr. Elitzur from coming to the United States, they want to kick 79-year-old Jolanda Sannino out!

What crime has Mrs. Sannino committed? She was specially airlifted to the United States from Italy on September 15th to comfort her daughter, Marinella Hemenway whose husband Ronald was killed at his desk at the Pentagon when American Flight 77 slammed into the building. Petty Officer Ronald Hemenway was survived by his wife and two children, Stefan and Deseree. Mrs. Sannino is of course the grandmother to these children. Her daughter Marinella was born in Italy as well, where she met and married Ronald Hemenway.

Mrs. Sannino will be kicked out of the U. S. within 24 hours of a special ceremony to be held at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of her son-in-law and the other 183 victims of the Pentagon attack. Her daughter has been outspoken about her treatment: "The INS said it doesn't matter that sheís 79; the law is the same for everyone. Except for terrorists .... they werenít quite so strict on visas for the terrorists who hijacked Flight 77 and killed my husband and all those other people at the Pentagon."

If her mother would convert to Islam, the INS might have second thoughts. The INS is a perpetually political correct organization that spends most of its time capturing and returning Europeans who overstay business visas while turning their backs to those in the United States unlawfully. Indeed civil bondsmen who bring illegal aliens to INS offices in major cities are often turned away and told just to let the illegals go.

Local and state police do not arrest illegal aliens even when they know they are in the United States illegally. When Florida offered to begin arresting illegal aliens, the ACLU and other civil liberties organizations said they would file lawsuits to stop them. The ACLU is not going to help Mrs. Sannino because she is a law-abiding person who will voluntarily leave the United States this month when her visa expires.


On August 27th the Wall Street Journal editorial blasted the treatment of American citizens in Saudi Arabia, notably women. On that day President George W. Bush was to meet with Prince Bandar, the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States. The Journal editorial requested that the President bring up the issue of dozens if not hundreds of Americans in Saudi Arabia who want to leave but canít under Saudi law.

"Specifically Mr. Bush might ask whether the Saudis are serious about freeing Amjad Radwan, a U. S. citizen, or just jerking America's chain again," said the Journal. Ms. Radwan has asked numerous times to leave Saudi Arabia, but no woman, not even an adult woman who is not a Saudi, can leave without male permission.

Indiana Republican Dan Burton left that same day for "the Kingdom" where he planned on pursuing the case of Ms. Radwan. Even he wants to be politically correct and stated the case may have "problems". Not for the Wall Street Journal. They simply called her on the phone and asked her if she wanted out and she said "yes." She further stated that she "just wants to be free."

The Journal also pointed out the widely published case of Pat Roush whose children were kidnapped to Saudi Arabia in 1986. The two daughters may have been forced into marriage. Mrs. Roush canít even find out if she has grandchildren in this horrid closed society we call our best friend in the Gulf.

But these are only a few cases out of dozens. Thousands of Western women have been taken to Saudi Arabia to vanish, with their families never hearing word of them again. Then there are the children taken by male relatives who vanish. Lastly there are the foreign workers who are arrested by the secret police and never heard from again.


The Saudis execute people, sometimes by firing squad and sometimes by stoning to death. People are whipped in public. Thieves have their right hand and left foot cut off.

Have you ever heard a European government complaining about civil rights abuses in Saudi Arabia? No. The Europeans do find time to criticize the United States for "still" having the death penalty and French newspapers editorialize on the inequality of our system, their proof being that there are not enough white males in prison in this nation.

Almost exclusively the European nations also side with Yasser Arafat against Israel. The European Union frequently condemns Israel for incursions into "sovereign" Palestine but has yet to condemn the suicide bombings ordered by Arafat. Indeed the European press attempts to justify the bombings. Anti-Semitic acts in Europe by Muslims are rarely reported. When French synagogues are burnt to the ground and Jewish cemeteries desecrated by Islamic youth, the news never makes the front page.


Jews have always assumed that European anti-Semitism sprang from Christianity and indeed that is what is taught at most major American universities. However, whether Europe was actually ever Christian is questionable. Kings did indeed declare Christianity as the official religion, but it is doubtful the illiterate and superstitious masses ever really understood and embraced true Christianity. Those few true Christians living in Europe often suffered martyrdom, or else they fled and came to America in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Much of the anti-Semitism in Europe came out of the plagues. Jews were for the most part untouched by the great plagues which swept Medieval Europe. Because of Jewish cleaning rituals and baths, the Jews were spared the horrible deaths of many Europeans caused by trash and human waste cast into the street in front of homes and businesses. The suspicion and hatred for the Jews because they escaped many of the plagues led to anti-Semitism that had little to do with religion other than sometimes in name.

Despite the Holocaust, much of that anti-Semitism inherent to Europe remains today and is displayed in official tolerance of Islamic hate crimes against Jews throughout the world. While there are 175,000 Christians in the West Bank, virtually no funding reaches them from European nations. At the same time Yasser Arafat has amassed a fortune estimated at $1.2 billion dollars just from the money he has skimmed off the top of that given to the Palestinian Authority by the European Union.


During a tour promoting his newest book, The Name, Franklin Graham said that Islamic clerics should apologize for the mass murders committed in the name of Islam on September 11th. Muslim spokesmen say they will never apologize because their religion was not responsible for the attacks. To compound the lie that Islam was not responsible, Faiz Rehman of the American Muslim Council had the gall to state that 400 to 500 of the 3,000 killed in the World Trade Center were Muslims. He was claiming that up to 16% of those killed in the Twin Towers were Muslim.

The Islamic holy books say a Muslim cannot lie to another Muslim. However, a Muslim has no responsibility to tell the truth to a non-Muslim or even to honor a signed contract with a non-Muslim. So it is not unusual for an Islamic spokesman such as Faiz Rehman to lie to a newspaper about something as serious as claiming that 16 out of every 100 killed at the World Trade Center were Muslims.

But why lie about this? Because the Muslims also lie about the Jews in the World Trade Center that fateful day. According to the Islamic press, the Jews were warned of the attacks and did not come to work on September 11th. "Mainstream" Islamic press accounts of 9-11 claim that the buildings were full of Muslims as planned by the Jews, and that the attack was conducted by Israel. It fits the big lie.


Medina was the first site of a slaughter of Jews by Muslims. The killings of 900 Jewish men who surrendered to Mohammed is a well established fact. In Islamic textbooks this slaughter of Jews by Mohammed was a calling of God and makes Medina the second most holy city of Islam. But Islamic spokesmen in the West say it never happened, that only a few Jews were killed and those in self defense because of a plot against Mohammed. In the West, Muslims claim the killings "didnít really" happen, but in Arabic in the Middle East the killing of the Jews at Medina is a celebrated event.

Islam is a sociopolitical movement based on lies. Take Yasser Arafat who calls for peace in front of Western cameras in English and then the same day will call for "Jihad" against the West while speaking in Arabic. Nothing that comes from the mouth of an Islamic "spokesman" can be trusted.

The reality of 9-11 is this: There have not even been ten Muslims identified as having died in the World Trade Center .... not even ten, much less five hundred.


Once upon a time there was a world leader who not only understood Islam, but who was willing to speak out about it. Winston Churchill led England and the Allies through World War II. Had it not been for Churchill there is a good chance the Nazis would have won the war before America even entered it.

Churchill said that the religion of Islam "...above all others was founded and propagated on the sword." He said that Islam gave "...incentives to slaughter, and in three continents had produced fighting breeds of men - filled with a wild and merciless fanaticism."

Islam is a merciless master that enslaves women and brutalizes those in its control. Could this horror ever come to control a major worldwide body such as the United Nations?


The United Nationsí "Human Rights Commission" has a new leader, a Muslim. He is Moamar Ghaddafi, the leader of Libya and the man who ordered the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 which killed 270 innocent persons, mostly Americans. Ghaddafi is an absolute dictator whose secret police arrest, torture and kill without warrant or trial.

Libya was chosen to lead the "Human Rights Commission" by the African Delegation, which is made up mostly of nations led by other dictators. Virtually every African nation is an abuser of human rights, with the Muslim nations of that continent being the worst offenders.

The United Nations is an embarrassment and should not have an office on American soil much less its headquarters, which it now wants to expand with an additional thirty story building. Letís face facts ... the main purpose of the United Nations has become to extort money out of first world democracies to prop-up third world dictatorships. The United Nations is an anti-Christian organization which finances forced abortions throughout the world. This organization is a cancer on the skin of the Earth which should be removed before it can do more harm than it has already done.


In the West Bank the unemployment rate is reaching more than 80%. Funds meant for the reconstruction of towns and infrastructure are used to build mansions for Palestinian Authority bureaucrats. Virtually none of these funds get to Christian families, yet every single Christian school in the West Bank is private. Christians in the West Bank must pay to send their children to Christian schools or else hand them over to the Palestinian schools and the hatred taught there. I have personally seen videos of children in kindergarten being taught to kill Jews. That is what the children of Christians will learn if forced to attend the schools run by Yasser Arafat.

There are fourteen Christian schools in the Bethlehem, Biet Jala area of the West Bank. The largest has 1200 students and the smallest 100. Regardless of size, all the schools have one thing in common and that is a lack of funds for tuition. Although many receive funds from major denominations, that does not cover the cost to the individual families.

In conjunction with a Scholarship Board being set up by West Bank Christian educators, the Religious Freedom Coalition will attempt to raise funds over the next few years for tuition for Christian students.


I still drive the Jeep I was driving on September 11th. I was passing the Pentagon when American Airlines flight 77 slammed into it. Every time I drive that Jeep I remember September 11th. When I write about what happened that day I do so with painful memories and deep feeling because I was there. I am sure there are those who say that I dwell too much on the issue of the Islamic Jihad attack against our nation that day. I do so because I want the war to end now at a cost to our generation rather than for us to thrust our heads in the sand and allow our grandchildren and great grandchildren to pay a higher price.


Finally ... I may be returning to Jerusalem before the end of the year to work on funding for Christian children stuck in the West Bank under the rule of Yasser Arafat. Should anyone wish to accompany me, please contact my office.

Jerusalem is not only our past but our future as well. Jerusalem will be the seat of the antichrist after the Rapture. Jerusalem will also be the seat of power for our Lord Jesus Christ when he returns to Earth at the end of the Tribulation. For those interested in learning more about the prophesies surrounding Jerusalem, I recommend a fascinating video production from Bible scholar Randall Price, called Jerusalem in Prophecy.


The eyes of the whole world are now on Jerusalem and the Middle East conflict, but most of the world has no understanding of the events unfolding there. Little does the world know that the stage is now being set for both a terrifying destruction and amazing deliverance.

This video, filmed on location in the beautiful city of Jerusalem, traces the history of the city, the present day situation, and the biblical prophecies of what will come to pass, in this place where Jesus died and rose again, and where he will one day return to reign in his Millenial Kingdom.

Dr. Price is a fascinating teacher with outstanding credentials as a Biblical scholar, and he also gets the perspective of many residents of the city--- Jewish, Christian and Muslim. I know you will find this timely video both interesting and inspiring. 60 minutes.

For your copy of Jerusalem in Prophecy, please send a gift of $20.00 or more to: The William J. Murray Report, P. O. Box 77511, Washington, DC 20013. For credit card orders, please call (800) 650-7664.

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