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May, 2003 Newsletter
Religious Freedom Coalition
May 13, 2003 1:39PM EST


Years from now we may look back at the Laci Peterson murder case in California as a major pivot point in attitudes on abortion in America. For more than a decade attitudes about abortion have been moving slowly toward the pro-life side. The media language has even begun to turn in our favor. Newspapers have begun to use the term "pro-life" instead of "anti-abortion" to describe those who hold our views.

Now the media has widely reported in the Laci Peterson case that the "bodies of Laci Peterson and her baby" washed up on shore. Even liberal news outlets have been forced to refer to the fact that "two bodies" were found. In many cases the media use the baby’s name--Conner Peterson.

The reporting of "two bodies" is devastating to the pro-abortionists who refuse to recognize an unborn child as a human being at any stage of development. The radical pro-abortionists believe that a woman has the right to kill a child right up to the moment of birth. Indeed they believe that if someone shoots a pregnant woman in the stomach and kills her child, no crime other than assault on the woman has occurred. In the radical view of such organizations as NOW and NARAL, admitting that a baby is a baby at any time prior to birth can lead to restrictions on abortion.Unborn Victims of Violence Act

The primary focus of the Religious Freedom Coalition is not pro-life, although we are indeed a pro-life organization. We do work on a number of pro-life issues with other organizations including National Right To Life. Over the past three sessions of Congress we have worked to pass the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Indeed we have succeeded in passing the legislation through the House more than once, only to have it stall in the Senate, opposed by a handful of pro-abortionists such as Ted Kennedy. The current version of the bill (S-146), has not yet been voted on.

So far 26 states have already enacted laws that recognize unborn children as human victims of violent crimes. Radical abortionist groups have tried to overturn the state laws using Roe v.Wade as a base for their argument and in every case the constitutionality of the laws has been upheld.

Why is a federal law required? Because state laws do not apply to any area under federal jurisdiction such as a national park or a military base. Thus if a soldier beats up his wife and her child dies as a result, the most the man may be charged with is assault. This travesty can only be corrected with the passage of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Also, the name of the bill should be changed to the Laci and Conner Peterson Act in honor of those two victims.

A photo taken at the funeral of baby Zachariah Marciniak cannot be hidden by the words or deeds of the ACLU, NOW or NARAL. Zachariah’s mother, Tracy, was attacked in her ninth month of pregnancy. As a result of the attack Zachariah was killed. According to radical groups such as the ACLU, the dead child in Tracy’s arms was never a human being.

If you believe as I do that Zachariah was a baby and that he was murdered, then please call or write your Senator and tell him that the Unborn Victims of Violence Act should be passed.


YWCA stands for Young Women’s Christian Association. The group was formed in 1855 in England by the Prayer Union for the purpose of providing for the "temporal, moral, and religious welfare of young women who are dependent on their own exertions for support." Before the end of the 19th Century the YWCA was providing housing and spiritual guidance to young women who had moved to large American cities for work. As late as the mid 20th century no men were allowed to room in any YWCA.

Things have changed! Effective May 15th of this year, a radical feminist and pro-abortionist will take the helm of the YWCA. Patricia Ireland, the former president of the National Organization for Women, will take over the YWCA. Patricia Ireland has publicly stated the Bible is in error. She believes that lesbian relationships are preferable for women to heterosexual relationships and champions single motherhood. Ireland is one of the most partisan individuals in the United States. She spends much of her public time attacking Republican congressmen and Senators. Her anti-Bush rhetoric is far more vicious than that of Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton. A political action committee Ireland formed helped elect to office two outspoken anti-Semites--former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braun (D-IL), and U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA).

The NOW Internet site states that Patricia Ireland was a "... major organizer for the 1993 March on Washington for Gay, Lesbian and Bi Civil Rights." With her gay credentials, should she be in charge of an organization that houses young women? Will the YWCA become a recruiting ground for the lesbian movement?

The word "Christian" should not be in any way associated with the YWCA, and families should keep their daughters away from this radical feminist organization.


On the morning of Friday, May 2nd, more than 1,000 Christians came from across America to sing and pray at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC. Israeli Ambassador Ayalon was literally stunned by the outpouring of love displayed by Christians for Israel.

The event was hosted by numerous social conservative and Christian organizations including the Religious Freedom Coalition, American Values, Christian Coalition of America, John Hagee Ministries, National Religious Roundtable, Concerned Women For America, Free Congress Foundation, The Christian Broadcasting Network and many others.

The prayer breakfast began at 10:00 AM with an opening prayer and the singing of both Hatikvah and the Star Spangled Banner. Speakers included myself, Roberta Combs of the Christian Coalition, Gary Bauer of American Values, Dr. Richard Land of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee of the SBC, Rev. John Hagee, and Michael Little, the president of CBN.

Pastors and Christian leaders invited by the Religious Freedom Coalition came from as far away as Florida. Two church choirs traveled hundreds of miles to be present.

The message from all of these evangelical leaders was clear .... No "road map" that rewards terror will bring peace to the Middle East. The land of Israel was given to the Jews through a blood covenant. The land of Israel, including Samaria, belongs to the Jewish people. Calling Samaria the "West Bank" does not change the fact that the title to this land was granted by God to the Israeli people.

There was a strong reminder for Christians from theologians Dr. Richard Land and Dr. John Hagee that Judaism is the root of Christianity. Both criticized Christians who honor the Jews of the Old Testament on Sunday and then disdain their Jewish neighbors of today.

Speakers also demanded that the American Embassy to Israel be moved to Jerusalem as has been ordered by Congress. Despite President George W. Bush's support for Israel, his administration has refused to move the Embassy for fear it would slow down the "peace process" between Palestinians and Jews.


The Religious Freedom Coalition is planning a Vacation Bible School program for the West Bank area of Beit Jala and Bethlehem. The tentative date for the planned VBS is the week of July 7th. Hope Christian School in Beit Jala has offered is classroom facilities for the VBS program. The VBS program is part of our continuing outreach to Christians who are in Palestinian Authority controlled areas. It is our prayer that many children will be able to participate.

Anyone having VBS or missionary experience and who wants to participate should call our Washington, DC office as soon as possible. Donations of Arab language materials are also welcome. Please call our office prior to shipping materials.


The search for a new Senate Chaplain has been halted. Early this year Senate Chaplain Lloyd Ogilvie resigned to care for his seriously ill wife, Mary Jane. On April 1st she passed away and since that time numerous Senators have contacted Pastor Ogilvie and asked him to return as Senate Chaplain. Among those who have requested Ogilvie to return is Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) who simply said, "I hope he does come back."

Pastor Ogilvie was popular not only with conservatives but with Democrats as well. Even Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) said she was "very enthusiastic" about his return.

One of the trademarks of Pastor Ogilvie was to pray for 20 Senators by name each day at 6 a.m., as he would walk around the Capitol. He stated he was able to pray for all 100 Senators each week in this way. He held five Bible studies each week for Senators, their wives and for staff members. He has been missed on the Hill by many in the Senate.ALSO ON THE HILL

The last week of April, Hollywood producer Dean Batali spoke at a seminar sponsored by Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) and conservative congressional groups.

Batali and other Christians in Hollywood have formed Act One Writing for Hollywood, a coalition of Christian writers and producers on a mission to improve the quality of TV programming.

Barbara Nicolosi, a TV and film consultant said that TV needed examples of "unconditional love"and "mercy." She said that TV should "...inspire and make people long to be better."

Zena Dell Schroeder, an associate director of Act One explained that the organization is "faith-based" but, "we are not out there trying to produce Christian projects." Rather the organization wants to present a moral world view in the mainstream entertainment medium.

All of the Christian writers and producers present said that boycotts don’t work and that what is really needed is for people, particularly those in leadership positions, to compliment and champion shows that do have family themes. In general they believe it is far better to spend time complementing good shows than to be bashing the bad ones.


The American left has done a good job over several decades of redefining words and distorting the language. One of the worst examples of the left taking language and twisting it to their own use can be seen in the prevailing definitions of political "left" and "right." For decades the left in America with their media allies have convinced virtually the entire population that communism is far left and Nazism is its opposite, on the far right. These definitions are a falsehood. Adolph Hitler was not a capitalist; he was a socialist. His version of socialism was different than that of Joseph Stalin, but he was indeed still a socialist.

The official name of the Nazi Party was Nationalsozialistische Deutshe Arbeiterpartei - in English - The National Socialist German Worker’s Party. The Nazi Party held the same socialist philosophy that government could better care for the people than the people could care for themselves. Many of the socialist programs that exist in Germany today were begun by Hitler and his Nazi Party. Indeed, much of the current European economic model evolved out of the socialist practices of Nazism.

What were the key differences between the socialist model under the Nazis and that of the Marxists? Under Nazism, the large corporations were allowed to continue to exist for the convenience of the state. Under the Marxist model, all means of production were taken over by the government. Also, Marxism is atheistic, whereas the basis of Nazi belief was a strange occult religion originating in the homosexual movement that had engulfed Germany during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.Hitler a Homosexual?

The Nazi movement was born out the Bratwurstgloeckl, a homosexual roughneck bar equivalent to the gay "leather" bars found in the United States today. The "Seig Heil" salute came from the Wandervoegel or "wandering birds," an organization founded by a group of homosexual teenagers in the 1880’s. The famous "beer hall rebellion" that landed Hitler in prison where he wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) was organized in a homosexual bar. His famous book itself was dedicated to an occultist, a member of the Thule Society, Dietrich Eckart. Another member of the Thule Society, Hans Kahnert, founded the largest of Germany’s "gay rights" organizations, the Bund fuer Menschenrecht. (Society For Human Rights).

Germany was obsessed with homosexuality long before Hitler came to power. Homosexuality was referred to in most of Europe as Germany’s national vice. Berlin and particularly Munich, where Hitler first obtained national recognition, were European centers for perversion.

In the 1940’s and early 1950’s much of this information was common knowledge in the United States and so accepted that Nazis were often depicted as homosexuals in films. During the war the Hitler Youth was often referred to as the Homo Youth. Even though I was educated in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the eradication of the truth about the Nazis has been done so expertly that even I had forgotten their homosexual roots.

How did all these "gay" Germans turn to anti-Semitism? The reality is that homosexual activists are just as anti-Semitic today as were the Nazis then. In the view of homosexual activists, homosexuality was practiced peacefully worldwide before the intervention of the Jewish God. All pagan cultures extolled the virtues of homosexual behavior and many of the temples had not only female, but male prostitutes as well.

In the view of the Nazis, Germany was being returned to the Hellenistic ideal of the homosexual warrior cult envisioned by Plato, a model that had been first put to the test by Germany’s notoriously homosexual Frederick the Great.

There is clear evidence that Adolph Hitler was himself a male prostitute during his lean years as an artist before falling into the occult crowd that later ruled Germany.

While much of the material above is still commonly available, nowhere is it put together as well as in The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams. When the Pink Swastika was first published in 1995, it was ridiculed by the mainline press as "gay bashing." A new German book, The Hidden Hitler verifies much of the material in The Pink Swastika.

The Pink Swastika also explains the "Night of the Long Knives." This was the night of the great purge of homosexual brutes from the Nazi Party. The men murdered over that famous weekend in April, 1934 included Ernst Roehm, a strong political rival of Hitler in the party. The homosexual orgies led by Roehm, who was head of the SA were notorious in Germany. There was at the time still some freedom of the press and a chance for a move away from Nazism. Hitler turned against many of the open homosexuals to appease a public that was still not 100% behind him. At the same time he killed hundreds of men who could have stood in his way as sole chief of the Nazi party.

While many of the very open homosexuals were killed, Hitler continued to surround himself with men who were openly homosexual, including his chauffeur.

Hitler was not a Christian and the Nazi party was anti-Christian, but they needed the church. Thus Hitler’s party took over the churches and removed any Jewish traces from them, and remade the image of Christ as an Aryan. As the church was repressed and changed, thousands of priests and pastors were arrested and carted off to labor camps. Christian holidays were renamed; Christmas became "winter solstice." All prayer in schools was halted in 1935. All religious instruction in schools was eliminated in 1941. Nazi leader Himmler said Christianity was "the greatest plague delivered by history." The Deputy Feuhrer, Martin Bormann said, "National Socialist and Christian concepts are incompatible .... Never again must the churches be allowed any influence over the leadership of the people. This must be broken totally and forever."

Although the Nazis fell and Hitler committed suicide, the anti-Christian dogma planted in that nation continues today. Germany remains the homosexual capital of Europe and is still somewhat anti-Semitic. This can be seen in the current German leadership’s love of Yassar Arafat, a homosexual who has dedicated his life to the destruction of the Jewish people. I do not make this claim lightly. Arafat’s homosexual behavior has been documented since 1976.

The anti-Semitism of the Nazis was rooted in their deep hatred of biblical morality. This hatred also extended to Bible believing Christians, but not to Muslims whom they saw as their bonded warrior brothers.

In the Pink Swastika, the authors go a step beyond what I have written on Nazi homosexuals in the past. They introduce the entire concept of the "butch-fem" conflict. The Nazi leaders according to the authors were "butch" homosexuals who did not even consider themselves as such. To them homosexual activity between warrior brothers was masculine while the conduct of the "fems" was deviate behavior. The "fems" on the other hand considered themselves as women trapped inside male bodies.

This month the William J. Murray Report is offering the Pink Swastika, but not for the purpose of teaching history. We are facing a growing worldwide movement to put back in place much of what was defeated on the battlefield. Homosexuality has become as prevalent and accepted as it was just before the rise of the Nazi party in Germany. Many of the main political points made by Hitler are now reiterated by "liberal" politicians who want a special form of "American socialism." Already Canada and France have become so intolerant of Christianity and Christian morality that books are banned and men jailed for criticizing homosexuality.

I urge you to read The Pink Swastika with an eye on current events such as the support of Europe and of Canada for anti-Semitic homosexual vultures such as Yassar Arafat.


The Pink Swastika contains facts about the occult and homosexual roots of the National Socialist Party otherwise known as the Nazi Party. The "gay" propaganda machine would have Americans believe that homosexuals were exterminated in Nazi Germany just as were the Jews. This is far from true. Hitler did "turn against" a group of homosexuals but kept many close to him until the day he died. One of the first acts of the Nazi Party after coming to power was to stop prayers in the schools. Much of the Nazi Party teachings were anti-Christian because they hated the "Jewish" God the New Testament was based upon, a God that forbade the homosexual behavior that was central to their pagan belief system.

This is the all new updated 4th edition, not the older and cheaper 3rd edition being offered elsewhere. The new edition of The Pink Swastika retails for $16.95 plus shipping and handling. We are so convinced you should read this book that it is being offered for just $16.95 and we will pay the postage! Vistit our Internet Store of send $16.95 per copy to:

Religious Freedom Coalition, PO Box 77511, Washington, DC 20013

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