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November 2002 Newsletter
Religious Freedom Coalition
November 1, 2002 12:00AM EST

THE SNIPER - What You Won’t Be Told

People may have died at the hands of the Muslim sniper here in the Washington, DC area because of political correctness and reverse racism. There are white racists and there are black racists in America. Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose, who led the investigation, is a black racist.

Because the first murders known about at the time occurred in Montgomery County, Chief Moose maintained "jurisdiction" over the case even though there were more shootings outside of his county than in it. From the outset federal officials knew that the investigation was tainted by Chief Moose’s racism but did nothing because he is black. Had he been a white racist the case would have been taken away from him.

How badly did the racism of Chief Moose affect the investigation into the sniper shootings? In my opinion people died because of the conduct of Chief Moose.

Early on, Moose decided that the killer had to be a white man because no African-American would do anything like this. As a result the law enforcement establishment looked only for a lone white male. Police ran the plate number of the two killers, John Mohammed and John Lee Malvo at least ten times. Three times their plate number was run at road blocks set up after the shootings. They were never questioned, and the trunk of the car they had set up as a sniper’s nest was never checked. Blacks, Arabs and Muslims of whatever race were not being questioned or searched, per the orders of Chief Moose.

Had all vehicles been checked at road blocks instead of just those driven by white males, as many as five victims would not have been shot!


It gets worse. The Muslim killers actually called the police hot line to talk and to make known their demands, but the authorities hung up on them. John Mohammed in his last note to police said he had to kill more people to get their attention because he had tried to call the hot line and that people answering the phones had laughed at him and hung up.

Why did police or their assistants working the phones hang up on John Mohammed when he called? Because he had a "black voice." Since Moose had given the order that the killer was white and to disregard all other leads, no one taking the calls would talk to John Mohammed, assuming that he must be a black crackpot.

Had anyone manning the hot line actually talked to John Mohammed, they would have been able to figure out that he did indeed know about the shootings and that he was indeed a black Muslim killing for the glory of Allah.

The only difference between Chief Moose and a good ol' boy southern sheriff in the KKK is the color of his skin. Moose has been declared a hero in the Washington area when he, in fact, not only botched the investigation but has blood on his hands.


There were more problems with the police and federal investigation of the shootings by Muslim sniper John Mohammed than the racism of Chief Moose. Even when the federal authorities finally did get involved, the political correctness that engulfs law enforcement did not allow a proper investigation.

There were two major rules the police and FBI were operating under: first that the shooter had to be white and second that the shooter could not possibly be a Muslim. Given the terror alerts and the discovery of Al Qaeda training manuals which teach sniper killing to disrupt society, why would the FBI from the start discount any Muslim link?

The Justice Department appears to be under direct orders from the White House not to offend any more "American" Muslims than absolutely required in the war on terror. The White House sees itself under fire from groups such as the ACLU for "targeting" Muslims. Also the Republican party still believes that Muslims can be convinced to vote for their candidates. Indeed there is a big drive to recruit Muslims into the Republican Party. Thus there was political pressure not to investigate Muslim connections to the shootings.


When the shootings began in the Washington, DC area, in October, the big media outlets immediately trotted out "expert" profilers to tell us all that no Muslim could be involved. The profilers all said the same thing: "the shooter" was a "self-centered, weak- minded, power hungry white male age twenty-five to fifty-five."

ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC all touted the same line ... the shooter is a lone gunman; he can’t be black, Hispanic or Asian. All serial killers are lone white males, they said. The problem is that this is just not true. The infamous Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, was Jewish. Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka, known as "Barbie and Ken," were a male/female team of serial killers. Charles Ng, who killed young girls, was Chinese and Richard Ramirez, who killed dozens in the United States, was Hispanic. Atlanta even had a black serial killer who preyed on young boys.

According to serial killer expert James Alan Fox, a Northeastern University professor, 55 percent of sniper killers are white and 43 percent are black. About 22 percent of all serial killers are black. Because these were sniper shootings there was about a fifty-fifty chance the killer was black. Where did this "serial killers are always white males" information come from that was on the major news shows everyday?

The major TV networks pushed the "lone white male" theory because of simple political correctness. Worse, this media political correctness focused the attention of citizens in the Washington, DC area away from anyone other than a white male as a suspect. If a black, Hispanic or Middle Easterner were acting "strangely" or if they were away from home during the times of the shootings, it was to be ignored.

There is a general propensity of the major media to soft sell when it comes to Islam. The entire major media in the United States sells the official lie that Islam is a religion of peace and that only a small percentage of American Muslims follow the original barbaric words of Islamic founder, Mohammed.

The Fox News network was the only major media outlet which explored the idea that there could be more than one shooter and that those shooters might be Islamic or have terrorist connections.

During this three week period of the shootings I was not alone in demanding that investigators look for an Islamic link. On many occasions former Presidential candidate Gary Bauer also said the killers may have Islamic links. WorldNetDaily, an Internet news outlet, also ran screaming headlines stating that the pattern of the killings showed an Islamic connection. Now that it is proven the shooters are Muslims, now what?

MEDIA AND AUTHORITIES: "Shooters Not Really Muslim"

Now the authorities and major media are saying the acts of John Mohammed and John Malvo are not really terrorism because they were not involved in a larger group. ABC, CBS and NBC have already run lengthy stories trying to let off the hook Islam and the racist Nation of Islam of which John Mohammed was a part. John Mohammed was converted to Islam more than a decade ago under Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. When men convert to the radical racist Nation of Islam, many change their last name to Mohammed. The shooter, John Mohammed, did not change his name until just after the 9-11 jihad attack on the United States. This alone should alert the media that he was indeed standing for the cause of Islam in these shootings.

Although the media down plays John Mohammed’s association with the Nation of Islam, it has been learned that he worked at Louis Farrakhan’s "Million Man March" in October of 1995. Some media outlets reported that he actually was a part of Louis Farrakhan’s security detail at the event; however, even this detail was downplayed.

The media is also trying to portray John Lee Malvo as a "misled" youth and for that reason the truth about his conversion to Islam several years ago in Jamaica has not been generally revealed. He was a Muslim before he met John Mohammed.

Another fact you will not be told concerns the getaway car. You probably were told that it had been turned into a "killing machine," with a hole in the trunk to shoot through, and a specially built sniper’s platform. What you will not be told is that Mohammed registered that killing machine with the DMV on September 11, 2002, and when the form asked for the time of registration, he wrote in "8:52 AM." That, of course, was the exact time when the first jet had slammed into the World Trade Center the year before.

What you probably will hear, though, is the current bizarre media theory that John Mohammed planned on killing his ex-wife and that the other killings in four different states were intended as a cover up. This has to be the single biggest joke so far. To believe this, one must ignore all the evidence and the written and verbal pronouncements form the killers.

These two men were simply killing people for the glory of Allah. The political correctness of the police and the media will only allow them to attack Christians and Christian leaders.

John Mohammed’s Islamic connections and his behavior did alert civilians in the past, even if the media and the authorities remained oblivious. On two different occasions the FBI was notified that John Allen Mohammed might have terrorist ties. At a homeless shelter where John Mohammed lived in Washington state, the director was so suspicious of his behavior that he notified the authorities just after the 9-11 jihad attack on America. Although living in a homeless shelter, Mohammed had a car and a wad of money, and traveled extensively.

He also tried to recruit someone to help him shoot a tanker truck full of gasoline. That individual reported the incident to police but again, no action was taken.


Col. Oliver North became livid on the Fox network’s Hannity and Colmes show when Alan Colmes asked him about the training John Mohammed received in the Army. North shot back, "The media in describing this guy always says first he is a veteran. Why don’t they describe him as a member of the Nation of Islam?"

I was angry too. The Washington Post, the New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, ABC, and NBC were all the same in describing John Mohammed as a veteran, as if to say that having served in the Army somehow caused him to become a terrorist. Everyone who serves in the Army receives the same weapons knowledge in basic training as did John Mohammed. Even cooks receive this kind of weapons training. Why? The day could come when the cooks have to help defend a base against an attack. Does this mean the Army creates terrorists and murderers? Since I am white and received an "expert" rifleman’s badge in the Army does that make me a potential serial killer?

John Mohammed was not a trained sniper. His only weapons training was in basic training, as I mentioned above. There has never been, in the entire history of the U.S Army, a real trained sniper who has become a serial killer. Yet, it was John Mohammed’s army training that got the attention, not the fact that he was a part of the Nation of Islam.

It is odd, however, that Fort Lewis, where John Mohammed served, has the largest number of Muslims of any Army base. John Allen Mohammed became a Muslim in 1985, the same year he joined the Army. The Army reports that there are a total of 4,000 practicing Muslims in the Army, with fifteen active-duty Muslim chaplains. (Islamic organizations of course claim there are 10,000 Muslims in the Army. No Islamic organization can be honest about numbers, any numbers.)

For this small band of Muslims in the Army there are special meals and special time off. Muslims in the Army receive certified "halal" religiously approved meals. There are even MRE (Meals, Ready to Eat) that are "halal." MRE are used in the field when no prepared food is available.

The Army does not release the cost of preparing these special meals; however, consider this: Most units have no Muslims and some have only one or two Muslims. Thus a special meal is often prepared for a single Muslim in a brigade of hundreds of men.


One of the two shooters, John Lee Malvo, age 17, was in the United States illegally. On December 19, 2001 the Border Patrol arrested Malvo and his mother in Bellingham, Washington. At the time she confessed that she and her son had both come to the United States as stowaways on a ship. The Border Patrol set in motion immediate deportation. That recommendation was overturned by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). The INS is the same agency that allowed in most of the Saudi terrorists who were part of the 9-11 jihad against the United States.

Mrs. Malvo was released on a $1,500 bond by the INS while a deportation hearing was pending. Her son, John the killer, was then released to her with no bond required. Just a few weeks later John Malvo was on the road with John Mohammed. No one has bothered to check on or report the source of the $1,500 Mrs. Malvo obtained while in custody of the INS. She had no means of support other than some previous jobs in restaurants such as the Red Robin chain.

Authorities now believe that much of the money John Mohammed and John Malvo were spending without working a day the last year came from other crimes such as robberies. In Alabama at least one store clerk was killed and it was Lee Malvo’s fingerprints that were found. Had the INS done their job in protecting the borders of this nation from illegal immigration, at least one of the murderers would not have been here to do his dirty deeds.


Responsible black leaders, who promote Americans living and working together as one people, fear a great backlash against all blacks because of the actions of black Muslims. Black civil rights leader Roy Innis, chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, has asked for a meeting with Attorney General John Ashcroft because of a "clear and present danger" posed to U.S. race relations by Black Muslim groups.

The CORE chairman, who has promoted race equality in the United States for decades, said that if the next act of terrorism has Black Muslim "fingerprints"on it, that it could destroy decades of progress in race relations in America. He fears that Al Qaeda terrorists leaders are going to exploit young blacks who have "non-spiritual" jail house conversions to Islam. He told NewsMax in an exclusive interview that the conversions in jail were often done just to join gangs for safety and to still be able to "express their hostility using religious cover." Innis pointed out that even fighter Mike Tyson became a Muslim in prison as did Al Qaeda shoe bomber Richard Reid, and dirty-bomb suspect Jose Padilla.


The major media loves to hate Dr. Jerry Falwell. Shortly after the Islamic Jihad attack of 9-11 both Dr. Jerry Falwell and Dr. Pat Robertson said that the attacks on the United States were caused by the moral slide of the nation. The media attacks against Falwell were so great that he said little about it for a year..

On the other hand, I began pointing the figure at Islam from the very day of the attack. As time went on, others, including Franklin Graham, added their voices to mine. Now Dr. Jerry Falwell has spoken out about the true nature of Islam. On October 6th on CBS Sixty Minutes, Dr. Falwell finally said that Mohammed was indeed a "man of war" and a "terrorist." Falwell made the comments when pushed into comparing the acts of Mohammed with those of modern terrorists. If a terrorist is one who kills innocent civilians, then indeed Mohammed was a terrorist.

I was not surprised by the media attacks following Dr. Falwell’s comments on 60 Minutes; however, the rather bizarre attack by the National Council of Churches (NCC) was surprising. The NCC claims to represent 50,000,000 Americans in thirty-six denominations. This is of course a lie. In reality the NCC has shrunk to become a small far left-wing political organization that is forced to borrow money on future dues to survive. Its politics are out of sync with most of the Christians it claims to represent.

Still the attack on Falwell by the NCC was not only vicious but strange. The resolution of their board released on October 15th said that Falwell’s words were, "not Christian and shockingly uninformed" and his words would "...create ideal conditions for breeding terrorism...."

Let me sum it up. The NCC said that Islam is a religion of peace but that if you say bad things about it, Islam’s adherents will kill Christians. Indeed the NCC said, that Falwell’s "... inflammatory words put at increased risk the lives of thousands of Christian missionaries."

This bizarre document can be found online at I urge you to read the full story and the resolution of their board at their Internet site. At one point in the story they actually blame Falwell for an attack on a Christian hospital in Pakistan by Islamic forces.

If your church or denomination is affiliated with the National Council of Churches, this is what part of your tithe is financing. You may want to talk to your pastor about the continued support of the NCC by your church.


Did the National Council of Churches’ harsh condemnation of Dr. Falwell cause a death decree to be issued against him by Iranian clerics? Death warrants have now been issued by Iranian Islamic leaders against Dr. Falwell, Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham. The "Fatwa " has apparently been issued by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as relayed by his spokesman Hohsen Mojtahed Shabestari who said, "The death of these men is a religious duty."

The National Council of Churches leadership can see no difference between Christianity and Islam. Indeed the NCC spends most of its time and resources condemning fellow Christians. The NCC has made no comment against the recent terrorist acts by Muslims in Bali, in Russia or even the sniper shootings in the United States. Apparently the NCC leadership believes that the censorship of Jerry Falwell is far more important than the lives of Christians in a Moscow theater.


Even while the Muslim snipers in the Washington, DC were being brought to justice, a theater in Moscow, Russia was being taken over by Islamic terrorists. More than 800 people were held hostage for three days. Every few hours a few civilians were shot. One woman had her fingers broken one at a time before she was shot.

ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC referred to the terrorists as "Chechnyan rebels." Not once on any major network during the three day ordeal in Moscow did the media refer to the terrorists as Muslims. Video clips showed some of the "rebels" were Muslim women draped in Islamic burkas and with explosives attached to their bodies, but the words "Muslim" or "Islamic" were never used. Why?

The Muslim terrorists set dawn on the third day as the deadline for the Russian government to give in to their demand for a separate Islamic state in Russia. At dawn they said they would begin killing the rest of the 800 captives. When shots were heard just before dawn the Russian special forces used gas to knock out the terrorists. The gas was used so the terrorists could not explode the bombs they were carrying. About fifty terrorists were killed, but more than 100 of the hostages died from the gas used by the Russian special forces.

The major media outlets in the United States and Europe immediately began to blame Russia for the deaths and question why the Russian government will not just allow an independent Muslim state to break away. Good question ... and why don’t the United States and France and Germany just set aside large sections of their territory for independent Islamic states?

When India set aside over one third of its national territory to establish the Islamic state known as Pakistan, did the terrorism stop? No. This year Pakistani Islamic terrorists attacked the democratically elected Parliament of India.

Also, Islamic terrorists in the Philippines killed more innocent civilians with bombs during the weeks the Islamic sniper was killing people here. The Islamic terrorists say they will stop bombing markets in the Philippines when they receive an "independent" Islamic state made up of many of the southern islands in the Philippines. The Australian newspaper, The Age, reports that Al Qaeda documents have been seized by police that show a plan to forge a major Islamic region in the Pacific that includes of all things parts of Northern Australia! What of the Christians, Jews and others who live in those lands now? They can move, say the Muslims. Do we see a pattern here?

"Saudi Finances Terror"

Just after the Jihad attack against us on 9-11, I was really alone in my criticism of Saudi Arabia. Many recall that I had to buy advertisements in the Washington Times and other newspapers to get the point across that Saudi Arabia was and is the financier of Islamic terror in the world.

No one in government has come forward to agree with me until now. Former vice presidential candidate Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CN) took the plunge into truth on Fox News Sunday to make the charge that Saudi Arabia is the main culprit. He said that the Saudi support of our enemies "...not only is unacceptable, it’s outrageous."

What he said next shocked the news media and was not repeated by any network other than Fox or by the print media. Senator Lieberman said, "In my 14 years in the Senate, I have never seen such bipartisan anger toward the Saudis and the willingness to really alter this relationship as I see today."

With that statement Senator Lieberman admitted that virtually the entire Senate agreed with me that Saudi Arabia is the kernel of evil and also, because of political correctness run amuck in the nation, no one in the Senate will publicly say what they believe on this issue.


If Senators Kennedy and Clinton pass their "hate crimes" law, virtually everything I have said so far in this newsletter would be banned speech. My references to "racism" and "Islam" could be construed by the authorities as "creating a climate of hate" for which I could be jailed. The real question about "hate crimes is, who gets to decide what speech is "hate" and what is not?

Can someone be fired for "hate speech"? The Kodak Corporation thinks so. Kodak fired a 23-year veteran employee because he asked not to be sent e-mails promoting homosexual behavior. Kodak had sent all employees an e-mail about a homosexual "coming out day." Mr. Rolf Szabo, a millwright, responded, "Please do not send this type of information to me anymore, as I find it disgusting and offensive. Thank you." He was fired on the spot the same day, because his boss did not believe he was in line with "Kodak values." Keep in mind that it was determined that Mr. Szabo was guilty of "hate" and had to be terminated even though all he did was request that material about homosexuality not be sent to him.

I personally will not be buying any more Kodak products.

Christians In Peril

Why has there been such a great exodus of Christians from the Middle East, with some two million fleeing in the past 20 years alone? Why has not the media reported on this great migration of fleeing Christians from Islamic nations?

One of the most important aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has been overlooked is the plight of Christians in the Holy Land. Christians in the Palestinian territories have dropped from 15 percent of the Arab population in 1950 to just two percent today. This Christian exodus is a result of many factors, including the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians, the related decline of the economy, but perhaps most significantly, the religious persecution these Christians encounter from their Muslim neighbors.

English-speaking French journalist Pierre Rehov addresses this alarming trend in his new film, The Holy Land: Christians in Peril. The film is a documentary containing interviews with Christians as well as exclusive footage showing how dangerous their situation is under Islamic rule.

This is a brand new film the editing of which has just been completed digitally on computer.  Because of close connection between the producer and the Religious Freedom Coalition, the VHS is available for just $19.95 including postage and handling. The DVD is just $5.00 more! Order your copy of Christians In Peril today.  Order at the RFC online store!

Religious Freedom Coalition, P.O. Box 77511, Washington, DC 20013



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