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January 2003 Newsletter
Religious Freedom Coalition
January 9, 2003 1:34PM EST


The response to Holy Land Terror has been terrific. This video documentary I produced from clips of my last trip to the Holy Land and the West Bank territory controlled by Yassar Arafat has received much comment. Hundreds of orders for Holy Land Terror were received by our office in Washington, DC before we even had them available for shipping.

In the documentary I examine the conditions of Christians in the West Bank. I have included scenes of destroyed Christian homes and the new mansions being constructed for Yassar Arafatís Islamic henchmen.

The main goal of my last trip to the West Bank was to find Christian families in need and provide for them as best we could. I soon learned that the greatest need was in helping the Christian schools in the West Bank. In Holy land Terror I show clips from Yassar Arafatís state controlled TV showing how kids in his public schools are taught to hate Jews and Americans and how jihad and suicide bombing are glorified.

If Christian parents in the West Bank cannot send their kids to private Christian schools, the kids must attend Arafatís schools that promote a culture of death.

Several weeks ago I also introduced the video documentary Holy Land: Christians In Peril when only the DVD was available. We received hundreds of letters and e-mails from people saying they wanted the documentary but did not have a DVD player. Since that time the producer has made available to us VHS copies of Holy Land: Christians in Peril by Pierre Rehov.

I went to the Holy Land in July of this year and I can attest that the situation for Christians in the West Bank under Yassar Arafat is as reported in Holy Land: Christians in Peril. There is constant fear and constant oppression. The Religious Freedom Coalition sponsors private Christian schools in the West Bank, schools that do not teach a culture of hatred and death as is taught in the schools run by Arafatís thugs. Any "profit" we make from the sale of Holy Land: Christians in Peril will be sent to help oppressed Christians under the rule of Yassar Arafat.

SERIOUS REQUEST: The Saudi government is sponsoring a multi-million dollar campaign to place in Americaís libraries books and videos depicting the hateful, murderous version of Islam they call Wahibbism as a "peaceful religion." Once you have viewed these videos and shown them to your Sunday School class, please place them in a library in your home town. This will help counter the propaganda campaign paid for by the Saudi government. If you want to keep the videos, then I suggest you buy extra copies for your local library.

Although the videos mentioned above are normally made available for $20.00 individually, I am offering them as a set this month for just $35.00 including shipping for the purpose of placing them in libraries. Click here for information.


The problems caused by Senator Trent Lottís comment at the 100th birthday party of Senator Thurmond are not going to go away even though he has resigned as Majority Leader, because a great social divide in our nationís politics was exposed. The nation is more divided along social issues than in any other way. The race issue, the abortion issue and religious issues are the real core problems for Americans, before economic or even defense issues.

Let me address the race issue first. Like most whites in America, I do not think in terms of race. I never think about being white. I do not vote based on race. I vote for the social conservative candidates regardless of race or gender. I am the chairman of a political action committee called Government is Not God (because I believe government is not God and should not try to be). In the last election cycle my PAC backed eleven House candidates. Of those eleven, three were black, one was Hispanic, and one was Jewish. Five of the eleven, or almost 50% of the social conservative candidates I gave money to, were minority candidates who believe in the same values I believe in.

When Trent Lott first made his comment that Thurmond would have made a good President back in 1948, I did not even think of it in racial terms. In 1948 I was two years old and Trent Lott was seven years old. I only knew Strom Thurmond as a Republican who stood for a strong defense and a balanced budget. The Strom Thurmond I knew had a multiracial staff that included blacks. I never knew or even read about the Strom Thurmond who was a racist Democrat who would have barred blacks from colleges and even restaurants back in 1948. During the time I was growing up Thurmond changed, as did many in the South, both black and white.

That is my view, the white view. On the other hand according to polls, most blacks think in terms of race in virtually everything political. It is generally accepted that 80% of blacks vote primarily on the issue of race. In the Thursday, December 19, 2002, edition of the Wall Street Journal, John Harwood and Shailagh Murray wrote, "Race is the social issue burned most deeply in the American psyche, as the beleaguered Mr. Lott can testify. And the partisan divides over race are the accumulation of decades of political posturing and legislative votes by both parties - with many leading Democrats consistently advancing causes embraced by blacks, and many leading Republicans opposing them."

The Wall Street Journal front page story went on to say that what began as a minor gaffe by Lott could well "...undercut George W. Bushís agenda only weeks after the Republicansí mid-term election triumph." The Journal pointed out that in the last presidential election, while Bush received only 54% of the white vote, Gore received 90% of the black vote. Again a clear indicator that whites do not vote along racial lines, while most blacks do.

A final note on the Senate: Many black leaders including Jesse Jackson stated that a "racist" such as Trent Lott should not be number three in line for the Presidency in time of war. Actually, the Majority Leader of the Senate is not in line for the Presidency should there be a disaster that would cause the death of the President, the vice-president and the Speaker of the House. The President pro-tem of the Senate is third in line. Who is that? It is Democrat Senator Byrd of West Virginia, the only member of the Senate who was actually a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Senator Lott finally became aware of what others of us realized at the early stages of the media uproar over his comments and announced that he would not seek to be reelected as Majority Leader. He came to the realization that the racial wound he had opened unintentionally would make it impossible to lead the Senate majority. Moreover, he realized that he did not have the support of conservatives inside the beltway who saw him as too timid in dealing with the gutter politics of Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy.


Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) was elected Senate Majority Leader by unanimous consent during a telephone conference call before the first of the year. I campaigned in Tennessee for Dr. Frist when he first ran for the Senate in 1994. That year there was a Republican sweep of Al Goreís ancestral state. Most recently Senator Frist was the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. In that post he engineered the Senate Republican victory of last November. Had it not been for dead people voting in Louisiana and the 200% turnout at some Indian reservations in South Dakota, he would have added an additional two seats to the Senate as well.

It takes quite a bit of intelligence and an analytical nature to become a doctor, and Senator Frist has those qualities. His undergraduate degree was from Princeton and he received his medical degree from Harvard. Although many doctors come out of Harvard liberal and pro-abortion, Bill Frist did not. He has consistently voted against pro-abortion legislation and has supported the partial-birth abortion ban.

Concerns have been raised by some in the social conservative community about his ownership of thousands of shares of HCA (Hospital Corporation of America.) HCA does allow abortions to be performed at many of its hospitals. The initial ownership was not his decision, however. The stock was given to him by his father at the time of his graduation from medical school. It will be interesting to see if he keeps or sells the stock, if there is much criticism about it. Overall he is a social conservative who as Majority Leader will work with organizations such as the Religious Freedom Coalition.


As I mentioned above, Majority Leader Frist is no political hack. Both of his degrees are from Ivy League universities. He is a brilliant man. The photo of Bill Frist and me which appears in this newsletter was taken inside the main event hall of the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC in November of 2002. I was there for a major fund raising event for Suzie Terrell, the Republican candidate for Senate in Louisiana.

Bill Frist took over the failing National Republican Senatorial Committee just two years ago and turned it into a campaign machine it had never been before. During the two years he was chairman of the NRSC he raised $124 million. He also gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates himself.

In the last election cycle he raised $58 million in "hard" money for candidates and $66 million in soft money to run "issue" advertising and pay operational expenses. This was the most money ever raised by the NRSC. He gave $232,000 from his own political action committee accounts to help elect conservatives.

Although many around the nation had never heard of Senator Frist prior to the Trent Lott controversy in December, he has been steadily moving up the ranks of the GOP and making many allies, much as did George H.W. Bush before becoming the vice-presidential candidate on the ticket with Ronald Reagan in 1980. Donít be surprised if Bill Fristís name appears on the 2008 national GOP ticket.


Our Staff At White House Event

In December, members of the staff of the Religious Freedom Coalition including myself were invited to the Roosevelt Room of the White House to witness President George W. Bush sign the "Dot Kids Implementation and Enforcement Act of 2002." (HR- 3833)

The bill was originally sponsored and guided through the House by Congressman John Shimkus. This bill sets up a new Internet domain for kids only ( Under the bill, the new domain will have sites screened for violence and sexual content before they are allowed up. No chat rooms, instant messaging or hyper links will be allowed on sites at dot kids unless it is proven they can be done safely.

"This legislation establishes an Internet domain ( as a kids-friendly area on the World Wide Web," Congressman Shimkus said. "My intent is simple, to have a section of the Internet safe for my children and all children.

The legislation was passed much earlier by the House but only passed the Senate on the very last day of the session. Like most family friendly legislation passed by the House, it was held up in the Senate by Democrats who did not want to offend their ultra-radical, anti-family, anti-Christian base.

Nicknamed the "Dot Kids" bill, it is one of the many pro-family bills the Religious Freedom Coalition supported in the 107th Congress which just adjourned.

On signing the bill President Bush said, "Dot Kids will be a part of the U.S. Country domain on the Internet. It will function much like the childrenís section of the Library, where parents feel comfortable allowing their children to browse. It will be a safe place for children to go." He continued, "Every site designated Dot Kids will be a safe zone for children."


Just after inviting Congressman Skimkus and a few other Members who had supported the bill forward to witness his signature, the President turned the event into a news conference. This was totally unexpected by everyone. In fact the President said to our group, "Youíre stuck in a mini-press conference here," and then laughed.

A newsman behind me immediately asked the President about Iraq, inferring that Iraq was cooperating and that nothing had been found. The President responded sharply ".... we've just started the process. And one of the things that I want to continue to remind Americans, this is not a game that we're playing of hide and seek. This is our attempt to work with the world community to create peace. And the best way for peace is for Mr. Saddam Hussein to disarm. It's up to him to make his decision."

When asked if Kofi Annan was correct in saying that Iraq was cooperating, the President became sterner, stating, "We've been at this -- what -- five days. This is after 11 years of deceit and defiance. And the issue, again, is not hide and seek; the issue is whether or not Saddam Hussein will disarm..."

The strangest question came from a reporter I could not identify. The question was stated in such a pro-Palestinian manner that I have repeated below the entire question and the Presidentís response.

Question by reporter named Terry: "A 95-year-old woman was killed on the West Bank yesterday, and aid groups say that malnutrition among Palestinian children is reaching crisis proportions. What are you doing to alleviate that suffering? And are you concerned that the desperation of the Palestinian community is driving them into the arms of al Qaeda?"

THE PRESIDENT: "I am concerned that terrorists have disrupted the ability for peace-loving people to move a process forward. I am concerned about that. And our country will continue to fight terror and join our allies in fighting terror wherever it exists. And so I fully understand the Israeli government's attempt to stamp out terror, because we'll never have peace so long as terrorists are able to disrupt. I'm also concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people. I'm concerned about suffering that has taken place as a result of the activities of terrorists.

We're working with the Sharon government to allow for tax receipts to be redistributed amongst the Palestinian people. And there are a lot of non-governmental organizations doing work within the Palestinian Territory to make sure that people don't starve.

But the net effect of terrorism is to not only stop the peace process, but is to cause suffering amongst all the people of the region. And that's why our war against terror must -- must remain steadfast and strong, wherever terror exists."

Yes, Terry. Oh, you just asked a question.

Q I'll ask another one --

THE PRESIDENT: No, that's fine, that's plenty. (Laughter.) You did a wonderful job. It was such a great question, I already forgot it. Next. (Laughter.)


The grand mufti of an Islamic state is appointed by the government. President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, our ally in the war against terror, appointed Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tayyeb to the post of grand mufti in 2002. The only equivalent we would have of this in the United States is the Senate chaplain.

The grand mufti has some interesting views as detailed in an interview with him published by Insight Magazine. In the interview he said that Dr. Jerry Falwell was a terrorist because of his words and that suicide bombers were not terrorists.

The grand mufti stated about Falwell, "If he insults another religion that is believed by 1 billion, 300 million persons what can you call this? Yes, this is a terrorist." At the same time the grand mufti stated that Muslim Palestinians have a right to kill civilians "...because they are defending their land and have no other weapons at their disposal."

The official Egyptian government press continues to state that the 9-11 jihad attack on the Untied States was conducted by Israeli forces to trick the United States into attacking Islamic states such as Afghanistan. The grand mufti is quoted frequently as the spiritual leader of Egypt


The level of anti-Semitism and anti-Christian feeling in Europe, particularly in France , is alarming. In France, Muslim clerics call for "jihad" against Christians. Islamic newspapers in France and other parts of Europe claim the 9-11 jihad attack on the United States was justified and place Osama Bin-Laden on their pages as a hero. Meanwhile the Pierre Rehov documentary, Holy Land: Christians In Peril has been banned by French television. The French government continues to support Yassar Arafat despite clear evidence that he himself has financially supported suicide bombing operations. The French government is openly hostile toward Israel, Jews and any Christians who proclaim the Bible as anything but an outdated history book.

Now we see this same sick anti-Semitic, anti-Christian fanaticism raising its ugly head in Canada as well. Canada has the fifth largest Jewish community outside of Israel. There are 360,000 Jews in Canada. In 2002 there were over 300 anti-Semitic incidents, or almost one per day, including bomb threats at Jewish kindergartens. Synagogues have been burned to the ground and an Orthodox Jew was murdered outside a kosher restaurant in Toronto simply because he was a Jew.

The hatred of Jews and Christians seems to come from the top. Canadian authorities tried to take away the tax-exempt status of Magen David Adom, which is the Jewish equivalent of the Red Cross, because ambulances it owns had transported Jews injured in terror attacks from Jewish settlements. (In the view of Canada any Jew who bought land in the West Bank and lives there should not be allowed transport in an ambulance if injured or sick.)

To show his contempt for his Jewish citizens, Prime Minister Jean Chretien attended a conference in Lebanon with Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Hasrallah. Despite continued killings and bombings of civilians, Chretien refused to list Hizbullah as a terrorist organization and allowed it to continue to raise funds in Canada. A Jewish organization, Bínai Bírith, had to sue the Chretien administration in December of last year to force them to add Hizbullah to a list of terrorist organizations.

Literature from the United States including a newsletter by the Ayn Rand Institute with a lead article entitled "In Moral Defense of Israel" was confiscated by Canadian Customs as "hate propaganda." Oddly though, books from Saudi Arabia shipped to mosques and Islamic schools which call for the death of Christians and Jews are never targeted for confiscation by Canadian Customs.

We must ask the question: Are Canadaís leaders nuts? The answer is no. The liberal government simply follows liberal logic: "If we appease the terrorists they will not harm us." This was the logic of the Democrats when Ronald Reagan wanted to build up the nationís defenses to defend us against the Soviet threat. It was the logic of the liberals when the first George Bush wanted to send our army to liberate Kuwait. It was the same logic of those who said of 9-11 "What did we do to cause the Muslims to do this?" We did nothing to "cause" the attack. Liberals always try to appease an enemy rather than to face the reality of self defense.

It is not just Jews who are under attack in Canada. Graduates of Christian colleges cannot obtain teaching certificates to teach in public schools. Christians who insult Islam are arrested for "hate crimes" and then sentenced to work for Islamic organizations.

But when Christians or Jews are attacked, the Canadian "hate crimes" laws donít seem to apply. In December of last year when Saskatchewan Indian leader David Ahenakew referred to Jews as a "disease" and then said Hitler was right when he "fried 6 million of those guys...," the authorities saw no hate in his remarks at all.

As of the writing of this issue of the William J. Murray Report, the Canadian authorities are reviewing whether to issue an arrest warrant for Dr. Jerry Falwell on a complaint filed by Muslims groups. It seems they think he should be jailed for stating that Mohammed was a terrorist who killed innocent men, women and children. Mohammed did order the deaths of innocent people. The truth does not seem to matter when it comes to "hate crimes" in Canada.


The homosexuals in the Untied States have pushed hard to add sexual behavior to existing hate crimes legislation. Yet, there is no real proof that there are any real "hate crimesí against homosexuals. In a recent FBI report about crime totals for 2001, it was revealed that only 10 of 16,000 murders were classified as "hate crimes." Of those "hate crime" murders, only one victim was a homosexual. Do we need special legislation to "protect" homosexuals? What punishment will the murderer get in addition to that for the actual murder because of his thoughts?

Most violent "hate crimes" in the United States are against white Christians and Jews, not against homosexuals or blacks. So why do the homosexuals want the "hate crimes" legislation presented by Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton to go on the books as law?

My good friend, Matt Staver the president of Liberty Counsel, sums up the real reason the homosexuals want the "hate crimes" laws on the books: "I think the agenda ... is to elevate sexual behavior to the point where any speech to the contrary is considered a hate crime."


As our President and his advisors try to prepare the nation for war, whatís lacking is a clear statement of who the enemy is and why the enemy is determined to attack us. We hear that the nation is supposed to mobilize against something called "terror," (which is really a tactic, not an enemy). Newsmen tell us that some largely unnamed terrorists hate us for unfathomable reasons --because we are free, prosperous and part of the "West." Liberals such as Patty Murray (D-WA) tell students and others that we are targets because of our own actions. The Senator stated that Osama Bin Laden was a "better" neighbor to Islamic states that the United States.

One newspaper gave a list of possible reasons for the murders of innocent men and women by the two Washington, DC area snipers without once mentioning that they were Muslims. The reasons given where such things as marital and financial problems or bad childhoods.

The reality is rather simple. For decades hatred of the United States, Christians and Jews has been taught in mosques and Islamic schools around the world which are financed by the Saudi government and the Saudi royal families. Anyone who disagrees with the Islamic doctrine of violence is marked for violence and even death. Because the Religious Freedom Coalition has been truthful about the Saudi backing of Islamic terrorists we have received specific threats by phone at our offices in Washington, DC.

Violence is central to Islamic teachings. Terror is not the enemy it is a tactic of Islamic aggression.


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