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March 2002 Newsletter
Religious Freedom Coalition
March 3, 2002 4:30PM EST


Great news came out of the White House the week of January the 28th. Secretary Tommy Thompson of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that he would seek to change policy to allow State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to cover unborn children.  This would for the first time since Roe vs. Wade give a fetus the standing of a human being under law.

Abortion activist Kate Michelman of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League immediately attacked the change saying it is a "...commitment to the strategy to undermine a woman’s right to choose by ascribing legal rights to embryos." In other words, to the pro-abortion fanatics their own agenda is much more important than giving poor women the chance to get pre natal care.

The same liberals who would deny prenatal medical care to poor women in the inner city lobby the Congress to spend millions of dollars to protect "endangered" frogs. The same liberals who promote abortion will burn down a ski lodge to "protect" wolves who might get in the way of a downhill skier. These folks are nuts.

We salute the President and his team for moving toward recognizing an unborn child as a human being. This is an area in which Secretary Thompson and the President deserve our support. There are pro-abortionists in Congress who will move to stop the President and Secretary Thompson from implementing this policy.

Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) has presented a sense of the Senate resolution (S.R. 209) supporting the right to prenatal care for unborn babies under the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. In the resolution he points out that there are over ten million women of child bearing age in the United States with no medical insurance and he calls for Congress to support Secretary Thompson in his efforts to provide prenatal care to them. Democrat Senator Daschle of South Dakota controls the Senate floor and will probably block any vote on the resolution because he knows it would win. Daschle is an extremist in the area of abortion. Most of his campaign money comes from outside of South Dakota and much of that from pro-abortion extremists like himself.

Senator Daschle is widely expected to run for President in 2004.


Conservatives fought it and liberals championed it. Many said it was needed to stop "corruption" of the political process and others said it limited free speech. What does the "campaign reform" bill passed by the House really do?

First, the bill weakens the national parties which are now barred from accepting contributions from companies, wealthy individuals and unions. State parties may still accept this type of funds without restriction unless the money will be used in a federal election. If so, there is a cap of $10,000. This erodes the impact of the two national parties and increases the influence of state parties and other organizations.

Second, the bill allows individuals to give more "hard money" directly to candidates, parties and other organizations. Individuals may now give $2,000 to a candidate in a primary and $2,000 in a general election. This is twice the old limit. Individuals have a cap of $47,500 per year in "hard money" gifts to candidates under this legislation, up from $25,000 previously.

Both of these provisions hurt the Democrats. The Wall Street Journal said, "If the bill passes, Democrats, who have leaned on the large donations from a few individuals and unions to compensate for their narrow donor base, will need to find a lot more donors to help pay for television ads and get-out-the-vote activities."

Third, corporations and unions are barred from using their own funds to finance radio or TV ads that mention federal candidates within 60 days of a general and 30 days of a primary election. This rule also applies to non-profit advocacy organizations such as the Religious Freedom Coalition. This provision is a violation of the free speech provision of the Constitution, and I seriously doubt it can withstand a planned lawsuit by the National Rifle Association.

The bill does not prohibit political action committees from purchasing radio and TV ads before an election because their funds come from individuals, not unions or corporations. While the Religious Freedom Coalition may no longer buy an advertisement stating that a certain candidate is against school prayer, the political action committee which I also chair, GOVERNMENT IS NOT GOD- PAC, can purchase the ad.

Fourth, the Senate version of the bill requires radio and TV stations to sell time to candidates at a huge discount. This is meant to bring down the cost of campaigning, but it is blatantly un-Constitutional. It forces radio and TV stations to sell their valuable assets to politicians for less than to any other advertisers. If radio and TV stations file suit, this provision will probably fall in court.

What is the long term effect? More rules and regulations for politicians to follow. More paperwork with more bureaucrats to watch reports for math errors, but not much more. Businesses and unions will now work with individual candidates and state parties instead of giving lump sums to the national parties. Not much else will change.

For all the fire and smoke, the changes are all really being done with mirrors


How can we stop the ACLU and their destructive practices? One way is to shut down one of their many extortion rackets. We can force the ACLU to pay their own legal fees instead of forcing school districts and others to finance their racket..

Congressman Jim DeMint of South Carolina has introduced the Student Freedom of Religious Expression Act. Under Congressman DeMint’s legislation, the ACLU would no longer be able to extort funds from public school systems. Instead of the ACLU forcing the school to pay their legal expenses, the ACLU would have to pay their own!

Oddly, under current law, if the school wins, the ACLU does not pay the school’s legal fees, but if the ACLU wins, the school has to pay the legal expenses of the ACLU. Is this fair?

Let’s say a student wants to mention God in a valedictory address. Right now his school may refuse to allow him to mention God because of fear of an ACLU lawsuit. This fear would not exist if the law were changed to require the ACLU to pay their own legal expenses regardless of the outcome of a lawsuit.

As of the end of January only ten congressmen had co-sponsored the bill, almost all of them from the Southern states. To get the attention of the leadership of the House, the bill needs more congressional sponsors. If you have any interest in seeing the ACLU pay its own bills in these kind of frivolous and threatening lawsuits, please call your congressman about the "Student Freedom of Religious Expression Act" (H.R. 3319).

The ACLU is a criminal enterprise and its principle funding is through blackmail. If this passes both houses of Congress it will limit the amount of blackmail the ACLU will be able to perform.


Attorney General John Ashcroft, a born again Christian, said that "The guarding of freedom that God grants us is a noble charge of the Department of Justice." While speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville in February, he stated that freedom is "God’s gift" to America and that it is our duty to defend that gift against terror.

Speaking in Providence, Rhode Island that same month at Brown University, Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, said that those who conducted the 9-11 Jihad attack on the United States were "...brave men." He then stated that, "The reason that the World Trade Center got hit is because there are a lot of people living in abject poverty out there who don’t have any hope for a better life."

To me this proves beyond doubt what I have always thought. Ted Turner is nuts. Almost all of those who were involved in the 9-11 Jihad against America were citizens of one of the richest nations in the world. Many of them had their college educations paid for by their wealthy nation. There is virtually no unemployment in that nation, which is Saudi Arabia. So what is Ted Turner talking about? Most of the knowledge Ted Turner has comes from the bottom of a Bourbon bottle and all his statements have to be examined in that context.

The "Rev." Louis Farrakhan went one step beyond Ted Turner. In a two and a half hour speech to his followers in Los Angeles last month, he called for ".. A Nuremberg trial for American presidents ...," including President George W. Bush. He said that President Bush was "provoking" Muslims and that this would lead to bringing the "...whole Muslim world against the West."

Other participants in the conference put on by Farrakhan’s organization, the Nation of Islam, included California Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters, basketball player Magic Johnson and the "Rev." Al Sharpton of Brooklyn, NY.

Neither Waters nor Sharpton made any effort to distance themselves from Farrakhan’s statements.

In the past Farrakhan has called white people "subhuman" and referred to the faith of the Jews as a "gutter religion."


What A Surprise!

The Netherlands has instituted an investigation of Islamic schools. The Dutch intelligence agency has concluded that the schools are funded by an "intolerant Islamic foundation in Saudi Arabia" and that the schools have ties to the terror organization HAMAS.

Up to now the Dutch have been very proud of their "diversity." The Dutch government encouraged Muslim immigration and there are now 800,000 Muslims living in the tiny nation with a population of only 16,000,000. Five percent of the Dutch population is now Muslim. The average Muslim woman has four or five children, whereas the average Dutch couple has only one child. If the rates remain static within the next two generations, the Netherlands will become a Muslim nation.

The report by Dutch intelligence concluded that some of the schools had shown videos prepared by the terrorist organization HAMAS to children and that the content supported killing Jews and others. The report concluded with some statements about those funding the schools, "It has become evident that the objectives of the World Islamic Call Society, the Al-Wagf al-Islam foundation and the Diyanet are damaging the Dutch democratic order."

The Dutch can consider themselves lucky for the time being. The child in the photo above is just four years old. His headband reads "Friends of the Martyrs". The child was participating in an anti-American, anti-Jewish rally in the Gaza Strip.


The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI bugged a meeting of several Middle Eastern men in a Courtyard Marriott in Philadelphia on October 1, 1993. The men were there to discuss "Samah." Samah is the backward spelling of HAMAS, the loathsome terrorist organization responsible for the murders of thousands of people worldwide.

Those present discussed how the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development was raising funds to help HAMAS. Although there were clear violations of U.S. law, not only by these men but by the Texas based "charity," the FBI did nothing.

In the year 2000 this Islamic "charity" raised more than $13,000,000. After HAMAS was declared a terrorist organization by Bill Clinton in 1995, the Treasury Department proposed freezing the foundation’s assets. Then Attorney General Janet Reno blocked the proposal even after a connection between the foundation and Osama Bin Laden was revealed, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Numerous ties were also established by the FBI between the Foundation and the bombings of two U.S. embassies in 1998 that killed more than 250 people. Still, Janet Reno’s Justice Department did nothing.

The liberal Democrats in the Senate stalled the nomination of Senator John Ashcroft to be Attorney General for months. Democrat liberals such as Senators Daschle, Kennedy and Clinton tried to block Ashcroft, whom they called a "religious bigot" because he publicly professed to be a born-again Christian.

By the time Ashcroft took the helm of the Justice Department which controls the FBI, so much damage had been done by Janet Reno that there was no way to stop the 9-11 Jihad attack on the United States. Shortly after the 9-11 attack, Ashcroft ordered the FBI to seize the offices of InfoCom located in the complex of the Holy Land Foundation. With the information on hand from this seizure, the FBI was able to shut down and seize the funds of the Foundation on December 6, 2001. Could the 9-11 attack have been averted had Janet Reno allowed the FBI to do its job and get its hands on the information the Foundation had earlier? We will never know.

What is truly interesting is that Janet Reno is running for governor in Florida, a state with a very large Jewish population. Interestingly enough, most Jews in Florida are Democrats and will probably support this woman for governor, even though she allowed funds to move from the United States to HAMAS to be used to kill Jews in Israel.


An Islamic democracy has never yet succeeded.

In 1991 there was a free and open election in Algeria after three decades of one party rule. It was the Islamic world’s first real try at a true democratic state. It didn’t work. The Islamic Salvation Front, the ISF, won the first round of voting. Since the platform of the ISF was the establishment of an "Islamic" state without free elections, and in which women could neither vote nor work, the army canceled the second round of voting.

More than once the same thing has happened in both Turkey and Pakistan. The military has been forced to move in to stop the election of Islamic nationalists who would end democracy should they be elected during a free election. That is how powerful the ancient "religion" of Islam is. The Mullahs tell the people to vote away their rights and they do it!

The military leader of Algeria is going to try the whole thing again, this time in May. He believes that the people now understand the value of a "secular" government and that the Islamists will not win the election.

As mentioned in this newsletter before, young Sheik Hamad, who just declared himself king in Bahrain, has also scheduled free elections. The much larger Saudi nation just next door is watching these developments intently. If democracy does work in Bahrain, will the desire for freedom spread to Saudi Arabia which is perhaps the most intolerant, sadistic and repressive nation in the world? If the desire for freedom does spread from Bahrain, will the Saudi princes be willing to use the sophisticated arms they have received form the United States to invade and destroy the small island nation? We will see.


Is there such a thing as a guardian angel?

As many of my readers know, I am an avid runner. I have run several marathons (26.2 miles) including the famous Marine Marathon in Washington, DC. Although my wife and other family members run with me, only my youngest daughter Katie has managed to keep up with me during competitions. While Katie has run many races with me, she had never competed in a half-marathon, which is 13.1 miles.

Katie, who is a sophomore at a Christian high school, has an interest in the College of William and Mary, the second oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, founded in 1693. The college is located in Williamsburg, Virginia about a ninety minute drive from our home. The College athletic department holds a half-marathon every year in February, and Katie wanted to sign up for the run and have an opportunity to see the school.

Katie has asthma. Even though she runs more than twenty miles each week she does not have 100% use of her lungs, but she tries hard and even received second place in her age group for an 8K run (4 miles). We trained together and had a good plan for her to finish the race in less than the allotted time of two hours and thirty minutes.

I thought the race course ran though the college and then historic old Williamsburg, one of the first settlements in North America. It didn’t. Eleven miles of the race were on trails in the deep woods surrounding the college. Katie had not taken her asthma inhaler with her, which she normally only needs when she faces allergy problems.

the warmth. Katie said she was OK. We were on track to finish the race in under two hours, running better than ten minute miles the entire time.

At mile nine Katie had a severe asthma attack. She could not breath; she stopped running and had to hold on to me to stand up. She could not breath at all. We were miles from a road and miles from help.

Suddenly one of the runners who had been behind us stopped and asked if Katie was having an asthma attack. I told him yes. He reached in the fanny pack he was wearing and produced an asthma inhaler, one that was the same prescription as Katie’s, and asked her if she wanted to use it. Within seconds of using the inhaler Katie was breathing normally.

Although we had to walk for a while, Katie got her strength back up from the ordeal and we finished the race together at two hours and twenty minutes, a little past our goal, but we did finish the race.

What would have happened had this man not appeared with the inhaler? There is a good possibility that instead of finishing a race, we would have been racing to a hospital.

There were 1,500 runners in the race. Of those, perhaps only a few had asthma, and fewer still would have carried an inhaler. What was the chance of one of those few people being just yards from us when the asthma attack happened in the course of a race more than 13 miles long? And what are the chances that he would have exactly the right prescription?

We never saw this man again. Did Katie meet her guardian angel?

Christianity and the Constitution

Former Presidential candidate and broadcaster, Patrick Buchanan, says that Europe is "fading away." He is right, and America is fading away as well. The values and traditions of Western civilization are vanishing.

There are now more Muslims in Europe than Jews. In England there are more mosques than churches. The secular societies of the West for years have worked hard at the destruction of Christianity, not being aware that the void they created would be filled with violent Islam.

There are not even many mass produced books about the European heritage of the United States. Even the founding fathers of this nation are vanishing from high school and college text books. For that reason I have done my best to find books that do reflect the truth about our nation’s beginnings. I have offered these to my readers hoping that they would place them in local school libraries.

This month I have an exciting book to offer that really details the Christian influence on our Constitution. Christianity and the Constitution does not reflect the views of Ted Turner or Louis Farrakhan as outlined in this month’s edition of the William J. Murray Report. Rather, the author, Dr. John Eidsmoe sets the record of the Christian influence on the Constitution straight. He brings to life the exciting times during which the greatest governmental document ever created by man was being written. The book normally retails for $24.95 plus shipping. I am so excited about getting Christianity and the Constitution into the hands of readers that I am offering it this month for just $25.00 including postage and handling. In other words the ministry is charging just a nickle to pack it up and ship it to you.

For faster delivery of Christianity and the Constitution you can call my office during regular business hours at 1 (800) 650-7664 and use your American Express, Discover, Master Card or Visa card to order.



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