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  • Palestinian Children: What are they being Taught?

    Jews, Israel, and Peace in the Palestinian Authority Textbooks

    Teach Kids Peace

    Junior Jihadists

    Sowing Seeds of Hatred: Islamic Textbooks Scapegoat Jews, Christians

    The Building Blocks of Hate [pdf]


    An Easter Greeting from a Christian School the Religious Freedom Coalition supports in the West Bank

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    Why Does Robert Novak reprint liberal lies?
    February 16, 2006 – Washington, DC

    In his February 16, 2006 column, “Menaced Holy Land Christians” Robert Novak falls in with the anti-Israeli liberals like Al Sharpton who blame Israel for the problems of Christians in the Holy Land. His “proof” is the tiny village of Aboud which stands in the way of Israel’s security fence.

    Meanwhile Novak had no time to interview Professor Justus Weiner who was in Washington, DC that same week to publicize his new book, Human Rights of Christians in the Palestinian Society. The book culminates eight years of research by Justus Weiner, who is a scholar in residence at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and a human rights attorney. In his book Justus Weiner details how Christians have been persecuted by the Muslim majority in the birthplace of Christ.

    More than once the Religious Freedom Coalition has provided to Mr. Novak’s office, and to the entire establishment news media as well, materials describing the plight of the dwindling number of Christians in Bethlehem.

    Meanwhile, the Christian population of Israel has more than doubled in the last decade and a good number of the men and women who serve in the Israeli Defense forces take their oath on the New Testament. Mr. Novak does not understand the complicated relationship of evangelicals with Israel because he has never felt the need to spend any time with those of us who actually work in that area of the world.

    As chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition I would be willing to discuss the real situation of Christians in the Holy Land with Mr. Novak on air, any time, in any venue. I would also be happy to arrange interviews for Mr. Novak with numerous persecuted Christians in Bethlehem who do not blame Israel for their plight. Indeed, I will pay for the phone calls!

    Above is the statement of William J. Murray, chairman of the Washington, DC based Religious Freedom Coalition concerning the Novak column mentioned above. Mr. Murray is available for media.

    Media contact: Peggy Birchfield 202-543-0300

    Muslim grinches steal Bethlehem Christmas - World leaders, media blame Israel for fleeing Christians
    By Aaron Klein (WorldNetDaily.com)

    BETHLEHEM With Christmas services here drawing far fewer tourists than in the 1990s and the town's Christian population now at an all-time low, many world leaders and hundreds of major media outlets this week blamed Israel for Bethlehem's decline often citing false information while a simple talk with the town's residents reveals a drastically different picture. They say Muslim persecution has been keeping Christians away.

    Read more here.

    Palestinian National Authority Recognizes Removal of Patriarch Irineos
    by Arieh Cohen (Asia News)

    The President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, signed a presidential decree recognising the removal of Irineos from the office of Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, a press report said yesterday. Jordan had already earlier recognised the decision of the Synod of the Patriarchate to remove Irineos from office. Only Israel has not yet taken notice of the decision of the Synod, which has been ratified by the Patriarch of Constantinople and the great majority of the Orthodox Churches throughout the world.

    Read more here.

    Love in the Land of Enmity
    by Deann Alford (Christianity Today)

    Hurrying through an alley in Gaza's infamously violent Jabaliya refugee camp, Hanna Massad, pastor of Gaza Baptist Church and the only evangelical Gazan with a doctoral degree, lugs groceries to a needy Muslim family on a chilly weekday morning. Twenty feet away, a 20-year-old Palestinian carefully wraps his semiautomatic weapon in a prayer rug, puts it into his bicycle's milk-crate basket, and rides off. But Massad doesn't flinch. Concealed weapons in the Gaza Strip are not rare. Love of neighbor is.

    Read more here.