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  • Palestinian Children: What are they being Taught?

    Jews, Israel, and Peace in the Palestinian Authority Textbooks

    Teach Kids Peace

    Junior Jihadists

    Sowing Seeds of Hatred: Islamic Textbooks Scapegoat Jews, Christians

    The Building Blocks of Hate [pdf]

    Vacation Bible School
    in the Holy Land

    On June 5, 2006 a team of volunteers will leave the United States to set up a Vacation Bible school in the Palestinian Authority controlled area of the West Bank. They are leaving the safety of their homes to take the Good News to the children of the Bethlehem area. Bethlehem and other Christian areas of the Holy Land were surrendered to the Palestinian Authority under an agreement forced on Israel by President Bill Clinton. Now it is a war torn area with frequent gun battles between various gangs of Islamic thugs. Just a few days ago the assistant to the Jordanian Ambassador was gunned down in the street.

    Bethlehem is a dangerous place and it is NOT under the protection of Israel as many Americans believe. Our volunteers are going at great risk.

    The VBS volunteers will bring hope to the beleaguered Christians in and around Bethlehem. The actual VBS will be held at Hope Christian School in Beit Jala which is a village touching the north side of Bethlehem. Christian schools are under great pressure and during the normal school year are required to use Palestinian Authority text books that contain Koranic verses. The volunteers will bring their own material with them to share the reality of Jesus Christ.

    For several years the Religious Freedom Coalition has sponsored the Vacation Bible School. The VBS will run from June 6 through 25 with many children offered various opportunities. While the team is there, scholarship funds will be given to unemployed Christian families so that their children can attend Christian schools beginning with the fall semester. Without the funds the children would be forced to attend the Palestinian Authority run schools where Kindergarten kids are dressed up as suicide bombers.

    With just two weeks to go before the departure of the team we are many thousands of dollars short of our goal for the VBS and for scholarships funds. Funds are urgently needed for the Christian children facing persecution in the land where the Savior was born. Help is urgently needed.

    Please make a secure tax deductible gift today at http://www.rfcnet.org/donate.html

    Or mail a gift to The Bethlehem Project, PO Box 77511, Washington, DC 20013

    An Easter Greeting from a Christian School the Religious Freedom Coalition supports in the West Bank

    Easter, 2006

    Al Masih Qam ! المسيح قام

    In my language, the good news is the same. CHRIST IS RISEN! Those three short words, first spoken millennia ago, still inspire joy and hope today.

    Thank you for your continuing prayers for peace in the region, and for hope school. We know our risen Savior, and because he was victorious over death, no difficulty is so great.

    All of us at Hope School join in wishing you a very Happy Easter, and joy in the knowledge that our God reigns.

    Solomon Nour
    Hope School


    Why Does Robert Novak reprint liberal lies?
    February 16, 2006 – Washington, DC

    In his February 16, 2006 column, “Menaced Holy Land Christians” Robert Novak falls in with the anti-Israeli liberals like Al Sharpton who blame Israel for the problems of Christians in the Holy Land. His “proof” is the tiny village of Aboud which stands in the way of Israel’s security fence.

    Read more here.


    Thank you for visiting the website of The Bethlehem Project, a mission of the Religious Freedom Coalition.

    We are an organization based in Washington, DC, with a focus of sustaining the indigenous Christian population in greater Bethlehem – the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

    While there are different approaches, we raise scholarship funds to provide Christian children with the opportunity to learn in a Christian environment free of religious discrimination, anti-Israeli textbooks, and Islamic propaganda. We also directly support several Christian schools in the area.

    If you would be interested in donating, please click here. If you would be interested in job creation in Bethlehem, please contact us.

    A pluralistic society and a vibrant Christian community are the best hope for the future of Bethlehem and the Palestinian Territories.

    For more information on The Bethlehem Project, please see our Powerpoint presentation here. We hope you find our website informative. Suggestions and constructive comments are appreciated.