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Week Ending December 15, 2006 - Washington, DC
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Senator Johnson (D-SD) is in critical condition after suffering a stoke. If he is unable to return to the Senate the Republican governor of South Dekota will about a replacement placing the Senate back in the hands of the GOP. (Click here for story)



Most of our staff is outside of the United States this week and as a result the weekly update does not contain much new material. Our office hours will be speratic this week. If you call and no one is available please leave a message. Our Internet store is open and shipments will be made as they are received.


While we continue to fight for the religious freedom of Christians in the United States we cannot forget those who are persecuted throughout the world, particularly in Islamic nations. What is happening to Christians in places like Indonesia and Pakistan should raise alarms for all Christians, but the condition of Christians in the birthplace of Jesus should make us cry.

Click here for larger image For a decade I have been traveling to and supporting Christian schools in Bethlehem. Now that Bethlehem is out of the control of Israel and directly administered by the Palestinian Authority, the condition of Christians there has deteriorated greatly. Hundreds of Christian businesses have been closed and most of the stands selling Nativity scenes and crosses around the Church of the Nativity are now operated by Muslims. Christian children have been murdered in the public schools. We must do our best to keep what Christian children remain in Bethlehem, in Christian schools where they are not forced to study Islam.

Although we have not had the funds we need for all our programs, The Bethlehem Project continues. There is a wonderful powerpoint program at our Bethlehem Project site and if you have never viewed it I urge you to do so. We have just received about 30 hand made Nativity scenes made by Christians in the Holy town of Bethlehem. You can help Christian families, many of whom are unemployed, by purchasing one of these cute little Nativity sets. Last year we offered these for $24.95, but because we received the shipment late this year I want to sell them all this weekend so I have lowered the price to $19.95. The full amount promised to the Christian families will be sent regardless of the amount we sell these for. Click here or on image for details. (Note: Other Jeruselem stone items at our store are fabricated in the United States.) (NOTE: THESE ARE NOW SOLD OUT)


Click here for larger imageSome of the custom made Religious Freedom Coalition Christmas ornament featuring "under God" 3 dimensionally imposed over the American flag still remain. This is a beautiful 3" high ornament that can be purchased nowhere else! The ornament symbolizes our work to protect the words "under God" in the Pledge to our flag. These ornaments are almost sold out, we have only about 25 left!!! When they are gone they are gone. Click here or on the image for ornament information. Proceeds from sales at our Internet store assist us in our work both in the United States and internationally. AND:  My autobiography, My Life Without God, which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, is once again available at the RFC Internet store. For an added contribution to our work I will autograph for you or your friends any of the books I have written. AND: We still have some Christian men's ties in stock. We can still get them to you for Christmas! Our store is located at


We have two Internet stores: Find one of a kind items such as those above at our private online store and thousands of Christian books, CD's, DVD's and gifts at our affiliate store! There are literally tens of thousands of Christian themed items available at the affiliate store including jewelry from the Holy Land. It is a great place to shop for Christmas. The store is located at Please help us with our various projects on Capitol Hill and in the Holy Land by shopping at our affiliate Christian Superstore .

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