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Week Ending December 6, 2002
Religious Freedom Coalition
December 6, 2002 2:56PM EST

The bill was originally sponsored and guided through the House by Congressman John Shimkus. This bill sets up a new Internet domain for kids only ( Under the bill the new domain will have sites screened for violence and sexual content before they are allowed up. No chat rooms, instant messaging or hyper links will be allowed on sites at dot kids unless it is proven they can be done safely.

"This legislation establishes an Internet domain ( as a kids-friendly area on the World Wide Web," Congressman Shimkus said. "My intent is simple, to have a section of the Internet safe for my children and all children.

The legislation was passed much earlier by the House but only passed the Senate on the very last day of the session. Like most family friendly legislation passed by the House, it was held up in the Senate by Democrats who did not want to offend their ultra-radical, anti-family, anti-Christian base.

Nicknamed the "Dot Kids" bill, it is one of the many pro-family bills the Religious Freedom Coalition supported in the 107th Congress which just adjourned.

On signing the bill President Bush said, "Dot Kids will be a part of the U.S. Country domain on the Internet. It will function much like the childrenís section of the Library, where parents feel comfortable allowing their children to browse. It will be a safe place for children to go." He continued, "Every site designated Dot Kids will be a safe zone for children."


Just after inviting Congressman Skimkus and a few other Members who had supported the bill forward to witness his signature, the President turned the event into a news conference. This was totally unexpected by everyone. In fact the President said to our group, "Youíre stuck in a mini-press conference here," and then laughed.

A newsman behind me immediately asked the President about Iraq, inferring that Iraq was cooperating and that nothing had been found. The President responded sharply ".... we've just started the process. And one of the things that I want to continue to remind Americans, this is not a game that we're playing of hide and seek. This is our attempt to work with the world community to create peace. And the best way for peace is for Mr. Saddam Hussein to disarm. It's up to him to make his decision."

When asked if Kofi Annan was correct in saying that Iraq was cooperating, the President became sterner, stating, "We've been at this -- what -- five days. This is after 11 years of deceit and defiance. And the issue, again, is not hide and seek; the issue is whether or not Saddam Hussein will disarm..."

The strangest question came from a reporter I could not identify. The question was stated in such a pro-Palestinian manner that I have repeated below the entire question and the Presidentís response.

 Question by reporter named Terry: "A 95-year-old woman was killed on the West Bank yesterday, and aid groups say that malnutrition among Palestinian children is reaching crisis proportions. What are you doing to alleviate that suffering? And are you concerned that the desperation of the Palestinian community is driving them into the arms of al Qaeda?"

THE PRESIDENT: "I am concerned that terrorists have disrupted the ability for peace-loving people to move a process forward. I am concerned about that. And our country will continue to fight terror and join our allies in fighting terror wherever it exists. And so I fully understand the Israeli government's attempt to stamp out terror, because we'll never have peace so long as terrorists are able to disrupt. I'm also concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people. I'm concerned about suffering that has taken place as a result of the activities of terrorists.

We're working with the Sharon government to allow for tax receipts to be redistributed amongst the Palestinian people. And there are a lot of non-governmental organizations doing work within the Palestinian Territory to make sure that people don't starve.

But the net effect of terrorism is to not only stop the peace process, but is to cause suffering amongst all the people of the region. And that's why our war against terror must -- must remain steadfast and strong, wherever terror exists."

Yes, Terry. Oh, you just asked a question.

Q I'll ask another one --

THE PRESIDENT: No, that's fine, that's plenty. (Laughter.) You did a wonderful job. It was such a great question, I already forgot it. Next. (Laughter.)



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