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January 2002 Newsletter
Religious Freedom Coalition
January 1, 2002 11:49AM EST


I am a big fan of the way in which President George W. Bush has prosecuted the war on terrorism since the Islamic Jihad attack against the United States on September 11th. Our Washington, DC office has worked to help the President get legislation through Congress to assist him in that war. Indeed I have backed the military tribunals the President has set up to try foreign terrorists. I do not believe that any Islamic terrorist should be tried in an American criminal court with the government paying millions of dollars to lawyers such as Johnny Cochran to defend them.

I also backed the stimulus package President Bush attempted to pass through Congress to get the American economy rolling again after the 9-11 Jihad attacks. Senator Dashle, who is planning to run for President in 2004, did not allow a vote on the stimulus legislation even though a majority of Senators, both Republican and Democrat, favored it. Senator Daschle does not want an economic recovery. He believes that leaving the nation in recession will help the Democrats capture the House in November, giving him a shot at the White House in 2004.

Actually there is virtually nothing that I disagree with President Bush on. However, I am involved in a great contest of wills with some of his political advisors.

First I must explain that the White House has both executive and political offices. The executive side runs the government and the political side works to make sure the President is reelected and that Republicans control Congress. Unlike the Congress, the White House can employ those working the political side. There is actually a "Political Affairs Office" at the White House.

The political and the executve offices of the White House are divided between two camps when it comes to Islam and Israel. One camp believes that American Muslims were responsible for the election of George W. Bush last November and will go to any extent required to keep American Muslims in the President’s corner for the next election. It is this camp of advisors in the White House who arranged an all male Ramadan dinner for the President to attend, a dinner at which the First Lady was excluded. This group of advisors has brought individuals into the White House and into the Oval Office to meet the President who have in the past called for a Jihad against America and who have supported terrorists groups such as HAMAS.

This pro-Muslim camp in the White House truly believes there are 6,000,000 to 7,000,000 Muslims in the United States, about as many as there are Jews. They have received those figures from Muslim leaders and from libertarian activist Grover Norquist. Norquist is the cofounder of the Islamic Institute. His companies have received funding directly from Islamic organizations. He has stated more than once in public that the only reason George Bush is the President of the United States is because of the Muslim vote in the year 2000.

The second camp of political advisors in the White House is pro-Israel. They believe that both Biblically and historically America must stand with that nation and cannot forsake it in order to court Muslim votes. In addition this second group has a reliable count that there are only about 1,100,000 Muslims in America, about one sixth of that claimed by Muslims leaders. They say that it was Arab-American Christians who helped elect President Bush, not the Muslims. This group believes that through the War on Terrorism the traditional Democratic vote of Jewish Americans can be moved to the Republican party.

The pro-Israel faction points out that the Luntz Research Companies December 3, 2001 poll shows that 42% of Jews would vote for Bush if the election were held today versus the 23% who voted for Bush in 2000. Only 39% say they would vote for Gore if the election were held today. Some 48% of Jews say they will consider voting for Bush in 2004 verus 38% who say they will not consider voting for Bush. Indeed 50% of Jewish voters say that "Terrorism/Security/Safety" is the most important issue facing America.

Of the pro-Islam and pro-Israel camps in the White House who is winning? Early on, the pro-Islam camp was way out ahead because they simply lied to President Bush about the number of Muslims in the United States and their political strength. The President and his staff made so many comments about Islam being a "religion of peace" that conservatives nationwide bought into it. Here are the startling numbers:  favorable view of Muslims. In addition, most Americans believe the Jihad attack on the United States was motivated by politics (49%); only 30% can see a religious motivation. The poll was done by the Pew Research Center.

Using the inflated numbers given them by Grover Norquist and other pro-Islamic conservatives the pro-Muslim camp in the White House early on convinced the President to call for a Palestinian State. The existence of such a state would of course eventually lead to a new territorial war in Israel since Muslims would not honor any border. They view all of Israel as part of their territory.

The almost daily suicide bombing attacks in Israel against women and children during Ramadan at the end of 2001 moved President Bush back toward the pro-Israel group. In addition, the political numbers given to the President just did not work and in my opinion he started to become aware of the fact that he was being lied to.

Meanwhile the two factions inside the White House continue to fight it out, but most of the battle goes on in newspapers and in newsletters such as mine. I was informed of the all-male Ramadan dinner and prayers at the White House before it appeared on the President’s schedule for him to see. Immediately I began to work against Muslim leaders being allowed to touch their foreheads to the floor of the White House as a means of claiming the Executive Mansion for Islam. I lost that battle.

Republican Jewish leaders released the Luntz report and other polls to show that the pro-Islam faction in the White House did not have their facts straight.

Where are we today? Politically in the White House the situation is about where it was prior to 9-11. The President has restated his support of Israel and has added HAMAS and Hezbolla to the list of terrorist organizations and ordered their assets frozen. This was a huge victory for the pro-Israeli side. After 9-11 the pro-Muslim group in the White House had convinced the President to allow HAMAS and Hezbolla to continue operating in the United States despite their record of murdering hundreds of innocent civilians not only in Israel but in other nations as well. These groups even bombed a Jewish Center in Argentina, killing hundreds of women and children.

Why do I side with the pro-Israeli camp inside the White House? My reasons are primarily Biblical. I believe the Bible to be the Word of God just as it says it is. The Bible states specifically that the Jews are His chosen people and that those who curse Israel will be cursed by God. (Gen 12:3).

I also have social and political reasons to side with the pro-Israel group. I do not want my daughters and granddaughters to be slaves in an Islamic world. I do not want to see the end of democracy in the West. Let’s face some facts ... there is not a single Islamic nation that has a true democracy. There is not a single Islamic state where there is true religious freedom or even freedom of speech or press. On the other hand Israel is a western style democracy. We are the greatest democracy in the world, a free republic. The United States should not side with those who would destroy human rights and who seek to destroy a western democracy such as Israel.

I continue to have good relationships within the White House, but obviously not with everyone. The White House is not the only place where conservatives are split into pro-Muslim and pro-Israel groups. The entire Republican Party and conservative movement is split as well. Conservative Leaders such as Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foudation, Ken Connor of the Family Research Council and many others are decidedly pro Israel.

But many conservative business leaders inside the Republican Party are very pro-Muslim. These business groups see Israel as standing in the way of their making money in oil rich Muslim nations. Many in the big business lobby would simply sell off Israel to make big bucks. Indeed, there are those in the conservative movement in Washington who do not believe murdering and enslaving Christians in the Sudan is an issue either. Neither do they care about the thousands of Christians slaughtered in Muslim Indonesia this past Christmas. What they care about is the oil in the Sudan and Indonesia. The rights of human beings mean little to these libertarian Republicans.

I will not walk away from this battle that is going on inside the conservative movement and inside the White House itself. There must be those of us, at the risk of our lives, who take a stand for freedom, justice and the cause of Christ. Not only can we win this battle for the soul of the conservative movement, we must win for the sake of generations to come.


Are there more than 6,000,000 Muslims in America? This figure was obtained by a polling company hired by Islamic organizations. Every mosque in the United States was contacted and asked for the total number of members. This produced the estimate of 6 million to 7 million Muslims in America, the press's most-cited figure. The project surveyed individual mosques, finding that 340 adults and children participated at the average mosque and that another 1,629 were "associated in any way" with the average mosque's activities, yielding a figure of 2 million Muslims. The authors then adjusted the estimate to 6 million to 7 million overall to take into account family members and unaffiliated Muslims. (One Virginia mosque that reported 500 members has space for less than 100 worshippers.) The 2001 American Religious Identification Survey by City University of New York estimates the actual Muslim population in the United States at about 1,100,000. Why was it so important for Islamic leaders to say there were more than 6,000,000 Muslims in the United States when this figure is obviously inflated? Because the official census puts the number of Jews in the United States as 6,061,000 as of July 1999. Muslim leaders wanted to "prove" they had more political clout than the Jews. There is no official "religious" census conducted by the government and as a result we must rely on independent surveys.



"Attacks Spur Fear in Jews" was a Washington Times headline on December 23, 2001. The story was about the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe and particularly in France. In France alone there were 350 attacks against Jews since the beginning of the "infitada" in Israel in October, 2000. Joseph Sitrul, the grand rabbi of France says the attacks intensified after 9-11. There are only 600,000 Jews in France, while there are more than 4,000,000 Muslim immigrants from North Africa.

Many synagogues have been burned and cemeteries desecrated by French Muslims. "The national media are openly pro-Palestinian. They portray the Palestinians as victims and the Jews as torturers," said the editor of the French Jewish Tribune.

Many Jewish leaders have said the Muslim assaults continue because of "Christian indifference." Actually this is not true at all. There are probably not as many Christian believers in France as there are Muslims. The church in France is a hollow shell. If there were very many Christians in France they probably would step forward to stop the Muslim abuse of Jews. The French government is purely secular. Indeed the French Ambassador to the United Kingdom was recently quoted as calling Israel "That sh...... little country."


France’s highest court recently ruled that children with Down’s Syndrome have a legal "right" never to have been born and may sue doctors who "allowed them to be born." In other words a doctor who does not kill a "defective" infant is liable for 100% of his or her care.

France, like the rest of the European Union, is opposed to the death penalty. They are so adamantly against the death penalty that they have in the past refused to extradite confessed kidnappers, murderers and child rapists to the United States because they could receive the death penalty here. Killing a newborn, however, does not seem to be a problem in France.

France does not have a Christian soul or a Christian nature. It is as pure a secular nation as one can find in the world today. Purely secular people have no firm basis for belief in right and wrong. What is right is what the society believes is "right" at a given moment. There is no greater truth than public opinion, and one result is the current belief that newborns have the "right" to be murdered if they are "defective".

I was born at the end of World War II and thus my early education was filled with war time stories. We were taught over and over again that America had fought the Nazis because they were inhuman. We were taught about how the Nazis experimented on human life and even manipulated life to create a "super human" race and how wrong that was. One of the great sins of the Nazis, we were told as youths, is that they would kill those they deemed "defective". Our fathers and grandfathers fought and died in the fields of France so that nation would not have such evils forced upon it. Today the French engage in these evils of their own volition, not because of the Nazis.


In Vermont this past December, school children were prohibited from saying "Merry Christmas." They were told to say ‘Happy Holidays" instead.

Some California schools prohibited drawings of Santa, and in Arizona the state banned Santa, nativity scenes, decorated trees and the Star of David from public property.

In New York City, nativity scenes were prohibited from all public schools because they were deemed too "religious". However, menorahs and the Muslim star and crescent were allowed because they were declared "secular" by the chancellor of schools. This was the same guy who wanted to allow Muslims to be excused from class daily to pray during Ramadan. He reversed the order when he learned he would be forced to allow Christians to pray as well.

And here are more outrages, some of which I can’t even figure out:

Two middle school students in Rochester, Minnesota were disciplined for wearing red and green scarves in a Christmas skit in drama class and saying, "We hope you have a merry Christmas." In Plymouth, Illinois a teacher was prohibited from reading to second graders a Christmas book that was actually in the school’s library. The Covington, Georgia school board removed the word "Christmas" from its school calendar.

However, in San Antonio, Texas a ten-year-old Muslim student was allowed to make a presentation to her class about her religion. As part of the presentation she showed what was basically a recruitment video for Islam. Would a Catholic or Baptist student be allowed to show a video made by their church about their faith in the same school? Probably not.


This brings us to the issue of Congressman Istook and the new school prayer Amendment he plans to introduce before Congress this January. In his impassioned letter to me for help passing the School Prayer Amendment, Congressman Istook stated:

"... The events of September 11th have brought Americans everywhere to our knees in prayer. But prayer is still suppressed in our schools. Thus, we need this amendment now more than ever. Students should be able to post ‘God Bless America" signs without fear; they ought to be able to pray before a football game or a graduation ceremony; and the Ten Commandments deserve recognition alongside the great laws of our country..."

"It is my hope that we will have your assistance to win the necessary support to bring the School Prayer Amendment to the House floor and secure the votes for passage...."

We can win this battle to restore the right of our kids to pray in school with a champion in Congress such as Mr. Istook. The Religious Freedom Coalition has already begun to help win passage of the School Prayer Amendment. Just days before this issue of the William J. Murray Report was printed, thousands of new school prayer petitions were mailed nationwide. The petitions are addressed to the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert. The petition simply asks the leader to allow a vote. We must show the Speaker that there is nationwide support for this Amendment, and tens of thousands of petitions must be delivered to him. If you have not already done so please send a signed copy of the petition to our Washington, DC office.

Some will say, won’t this allow pagans and Muslims to pray in the schools as well? Please read some of the stories above. Paganism, the occult, and religions such as Islam already are allowed in the schools under the guise of "diversity". The School Prayer Amendment will simply allow Christian kids to honor God.

Terrorists Among Us: Jihad in America

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This amazing PBS video was made and shown on national television in the 1990’s, well before the September 11th attack. So why didn’t our government pay attention? The creator is Steve Emerson, now regularly featured on MSNBC news as a recognized Islamic expert. Emerson devoted years of his life to working with ex CIA and FBI anti-terrorism experts. He infiltrated Muslim conferences and mosques with hidden cameras to bring back revealing footage.

There are also candid interviews with terrorists themselves, detailing their hatred and violent intentions agains Americans, Christians, moderate Muslims and Jews in the United States. Emerson tried desperately to get American leaders to listen; he testified before Congress about his findings. Now you can see this startling video for youself. Terrorists Among Us: Jihad in America video is just $20.00 including postage and handling! Order today at our online store.

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