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Week Ending November 29th
Religious Freedom Coalition
December 2, 2002 10:36AM EST


On Thanksgiving day we all could give special thanks that the Senate was finally forced to pass the Homeland Security Act. President George W. Bush signed the bill into law and nominated Gov. Tom Ridge to be the head of the new department. This is the greatest reorganization of government in fifty years and moves more than 100 different agencies into one department. The first two agencies to move will be the INS and the Coast Guard. It will take at least eighteen months to bring the rest of the agencies responsible for the security of the nation under one Cabinet level department. 

Little noticed were the other appointments that went along with that of Tom Ridge. Secretary of the Navy Gordon England was named as Deputy Secretary of the new agency. My old friend former Congressman Asa Hutchinson who now serves as the Administrator of the DEA will take over as Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security. With Tom Ridge at the top this will make for one great team to protect the borders of this nation. These are tough guys! 


In September of 2001, shortly after the Jihad attack of 9-11, I ran ads in newspapers around the nation, including in Washington, stating that Saudi Arabia was no different than the Afghanistan Taliban. I was promptly dropped off a lot of Washington, DC invitation lists. For the last fourteen months I have pounded away in Op-eds as well as radio and TV shows that the Saudi empire was the kernel of evil financing terror around the world. The Saudi government gives money to the families of suicide bombers who attack Israeli children and finances the virulent madrasses, or Islamic schools, not only in Pakistan but in the United States as well, that teach hatred of Jews and Americans. 

NOW, more than one year later the Congress is going to investigate whether the Saudis give money to terrorists. Why now? A news magazine uncovered the fact that money went from the Saudi embassy in Washington, DC to some of the 9-11 hijackers. The FBI knew this. The CIA knew this. Unfortunately it was not politically correct to tell the truth about the Saudis or Islam in Washington, DC. The establishment wants to pretend Islam is a “religion of peace.” 

Ever notice how the stories on Islamic violence are spread into different sections of the news? The Islamic attack in India this week was on page one. The Islamic attack in Israel was on page four and the attack in Nigeria was on page ten, etc. Why not one big section every day entitled, “Islamic Terror Attacks of the Day,” that lists the attacks along with graphic photos of the carnage? That would not put Islam in a good light, so it is not done. 

The slaughter in Nigeria over the Miss World contest was headlined as “riots between Muslims and Christians.” But that is not what happened. Muslims streamed from the mosques after the Friday sermons and attacked secular and Christians areas, hacking more than 200 people to death with machetes. There were no Christian “rioters.” 

I am currently working to finish my own documentary from my last trip to the West Bank that details the culture of death in the Palestinian Islamic society. I will let you know when it is done. In the meantime the Religious Freedom Coalition has in stock a great documentary by French film maker Pierre Rehov on the Islamization of Christians under Palestinian authority. The documentary, Holy Land: Christians In Peril, is only available in DVD. 

The normal price is $25.00 plus shipping. As a Thanksgiving special the Religious Freedom Coalition is offering free standard shipping! This documentary is not available on in the USA.

Holy Land: Christians In Peril truly depicts the plight of the 175,000 Christians trapped under the rule of madman Yassar Arafat. ORDER NOW.

Once you have viewed this documentary PLEASE PLACE IT IN YOUR PUBLIC LIBRARY. The Saudi government is financing a massive propaganda campaign to make Wahibbism appear to be peaceful. Tens of thousands of books and videos that are out and out propaganda and full of lies are being placed in America’s schools and libraries, all paid for by the Saudi government. You can help undo the damage by placing books and videos that tell the truth in your local libraries. 

I pray that God richly blessed you on Thanksgiving Day and that you will continue to receive His blessing as we approach the day of celebration of the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Congress will be adjourned until January. The November issue of the William J Murray Report is available online at The November issue has information about the sniper shootings you will not see anywhere else.

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