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September 11, 2010 - Ground Zero, New York
September 11, 2010 8:53PM EST

REPORTING FROM GROUND ZERO - The rally against the Ground Zero mosque / Geert Wilders speaks at Ground Zero rally / A day at Ground Zero / Obama reaffirms Ground Zero mosque / Obama: "Sweetest sound I ever heard" / New evangelical center at Ground Zero planned / More Ramadan violence / Congress - Just 11 days in session?

I was driving past the Pentagon on 9-11 as Islamic fanatics crashed flight 77 into it. Each year I publish my personal remembrance of that fateful day. Click here to read.


SEE NO EVIL - As Ramadan ended on September 11th the number of dead bodies hit a record high. In just 30 "holy days" there were 226 terror attacks on civilians killing 1028 and wounding thousands more. Although for the most part Muslims killed other Muslims during their "holy month," Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others were murdered as well. The attacks were spread all over the world and included Nigeria, Thailand. Pakistan, Yemen, Mali, India, Tajikistan, Dagestan, China, Egypt, Indonesia and Ethiopia. President Obama calls the sunset call to Muslim prayer, "The sweetest sound I have ever heard." There seems to be a disconnect with President Obama and the reality of Islamic terror 

OBAMA REAFFIRMS GROUND ZERO MOSQUE - The day before the 9th anniversary of the 911 jihad attack against the United States President Barack Obama reaffirmed his support for a Ground Zero mosque, saying, "This country stands for the proposition that all men and women are created equal; that they have certain inalienable rights. One of those inalienable rights is to practice their religion freely. And what that means, is that if you could build a church on a site, if you could build a synagogue on a site, if you could build a Hindu temple on a site, then you should be able to build a mosque on the site." The President's statement came just one day after Imam Faisal Rauf told CNN that there would be worldwide violence if he were not allowed to build a mega mosque at Ground Zero.


BUT THEY JUST GOT BACK - The House just returned from an extra long summer recess on Tuesday and was to remain in session until Oct. 8th. However, with the majority party in real trouble, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated she may break early on October 1st to allow her minions to campaign for the November general election. This would mean there would be only 10 or 11 more days in session before the elections.


THE GROUND ZERO RALLY - At 3:00 PM thousands of people rallied at Park and Broadway to protest the building of a huge Islamic center at Ground Zero. For hours before the rally city officials set up a dramatic police presence that included more than 100 police cars, hundreds of officers and several buses for transporting arrested protesters. Rally planner Pamela Geller had planned on 1,000 participants, but as many as three times that showed up. People stood shoulder to shoulder, filling up three full blocks of Broadway.

GEERT WILDERS AT GROUND ZERO RALLY - The key note speaker at the no mosque rally at Ground Zero was Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who is perhaps the most protected politician in the world after President Barack Obama because of his outspoken opposition to the Islamization of Europe. He has numerous death threats posted against him by Islamic groups as well as arrest warrants from Muslim nations accusing him of "blasphemy." Wilders said, "A tolerant society is not a suicidal society. It must defend itself against the powers of darkness, the force of hatred and the blight of ignorance. It cannot tolerate the intolerant - and survive." Video and transcript versions of Geert Wilders address.
AT GROUND ZERO - This update was delayed one day because I am in New York for the anniversary of the 911 jihad attack on the United States and I wanted to be able to report on the day's activities including the rally agaisnt the Ground Zero mosque. New York is a huge city and one in which life goes on regardless of anything, and today was a typical example. The area set aside for the public sat across Broadway from Zuccotti Park where the families gathered. Broadway was not closed and cars, taxis, trucks and city buses passed by in front of those who gathered from all over the world to remember the events of the 911 jihad attack. The setting was designed by Mayor Bloomberg to discourage public participation which reminds all of us of the Islamic terror attack on this city.
GROUND ZERO SUNDAY SERVICES - On Sunday morning, the 12th, my wife Nancy and I attended a newly established church service at the Marriott Hotel directly next to Ground Zero. The service is organized by evangelist Bill Keller and is a precurser to establishing an evangelical, Gospel preaching church presence at Ground Zero


NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The September 8th edition of my Chairman's Report is now available online in a PDF version. This issue contains new material on the background of those who plan on constructing a mega mosque at Ground Zero as well as insight into President Barack Hussein Obama's support of the Islamic insult to the victims of the 911 jihad attack on the United States. Read full Chairman's Report  

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