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August 28, 2010 - Washington, DC
August 29, 2010 12:04PM EST

August 28, 2010 - Washington, DC

Obama Administration spent $6 million to repair Islamic sites / Obama Administration tells UN that US is a rights violator / Congress in recess until September 14th - maybe / Washington Post admits huge numbers at Beck rally in DC / Palin and Beck call to restore America not change it / Islamic terror attacks escalate during Ramadan / More Christian aid workers murdered in Pakistan - media and US Embassy hide the deaths

NEW AUGUST 18, 2010 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT NOW ONLINE- The August 18, 2010 Chairman's Report is now available online. This issue contains: Complete information on the planned mega-mosque at Ground Zero. The real reasons for the mosque's construction are examined.

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OBAMA SPENDS $6 MILLION TO REPAIR MOSQUES - So far this year the Obama administration has spent nearly $6 million to repair or restore 63 mosques, minarets, and other Islamic sites in 55 countries. Among the expenditures was $76,135 for the 16th century Grand Mosque in Tongxin, China. Muslims set off a truck bomb in China on August 18th killing 7 and wounding 14. Another $67,500 went to the 18th century Golden Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan near were pastors were murdered while in handcuffs in a courthouse. There was also $50,437 for the Sundarwala Burj, a 16th century Islamic Monument in New Delhi, India where virtually every year Muslims massacre Hindus. And of course $15,450 to restore an 18th century minaret in Katsina, Nigeria near where a large number of Christians were murdered this year. While the funds are supposed to be used for historic sites, virtually none go to churches in need of repair.

OBAMA REPORT SAYS USA VIOLATES HUMAN RIGHTS - This is no joke. There is no religious freedom at all in Saudi Arabia, and only one political party is allowed in China, yet the Obama Administration files a report with the United Nations criticizing our own nation as a "human rights" violator! And how do we "violate" human rights in the USA? According to Obama, "High unemployment rates, hate crime, poverty, poor housing, lack of access to health care and discriminatory hiring practices." Among those listed as discriminated against were black, Latinos, gays and lesbians. Jews were not mentioned despite the fact that two out of every three "religiously motivated" crimes in the USA are against Jews. Wonder who commits religiously motivated crimes against Jews? Could it be the religion that refers to them as "descendants of pigs?"

CONGRESS IN RECESS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 14th? - Because of a fairly unusual occurrence of Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah falling in the same week, Congress will not reconvene until late on Tuesday, September 14th. BUT ... I have a question mark after the headline because radical left Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has already called the House back once during this recess period to spend yet another $26 billion.

William J Murray at Glenn Beck 828 Rally THE GLENN BECK RALLY - I delayed issuing this update because of the two events held in Washington, DC by Glenn Beck, one on Friday night and the other on Saturday. My wife Nancy and I attended both events. The Friday evening event was held at the Kennedy Center Theater and attended by about 5,000 people, mostly pastors, other Christian leaders and their wives. The event was co-hosted by Mr. Beck and David Barton of Wallbuilders who is probably the most knowledgeable individual on American history today. A solid presentation was given about the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United States, from speakers that included Rabbi Lapin, Chuck Norris and veterans' advocate Dave Rouver.

GLENN BECK PART 2 - The crowds at Glenn Beck's Saturday event in the Mall were staggering. The Washington, DC metro system had up to three hour waits at some stations, and large groups were still arriving at the rally's halfway point. Even the Washington Post admitted the magnitude of the size of the event writing, "Throngs of people crowded shoulder to shoulder for six city blocks, from the Lincoln Memorial past the reflecting pool to the World War II Memorial. From there, the ralliers spread out as they spilled onto the grounds of the Washington Monument."

GLENN BECK PART 3 - Sarah Palin spoke in the first hour of the massive Restoring Honor to America rally, saying that rather than "fundamentally changing America," that "We must restore America and restore her honor." Glenn Beck spoke later saying that, "America today begins to turn back to God. For too long, this country has wandered in darkness." Toward his conclusion he said, "Faith is in short supply. To restore America, we must restore ourselves." There was no partisan political message delivered at the rally by any speaker, as critics had claimed would happen. The rally stayed focused on our troops, particularly the children of those lost, and the restoration of our nation's honor.

RAMADAN ATTACKS CONTINUE - By the end of the 16th day of the Muslim "holy month" of Ramadan, there had been 112 Islamic terror attacks against civilians, killing 503 and wounding many more. Although for the most part Muslims killed other Muslims during their "holy month," Christians, Buddhists and others were murdered as well. the attacks were spread all over the world and included Nigeria, Thailand. Pakistan, Yemen, Mali, India, Tajikistan, Dagestan, China, Egypt, Indonesia and Ethiopia. In one attack at a market place in Basra, Iraq, 43 civilians were killed and 185 wounded, including women and children. We are waiting for Mayor Bloomberg of New York to cite these murders as yet another reason to build a mosque at Ground Zero to celebrate the "religion of peace."

MORE CHRISTIAN AID WORKERS MURDERED IN PAKISTAN - Although the US Embassy refuses to confirm it, we have learned that three more Christian aid workers helping flood victims were kidnapped and killed by Islamic terrorists. The bodies were found on August 25th and brought to the United States embassy. The embassy refuses to release the names of the dead or the name of the organization involved for fear of "creating panic" among aid groups that are helping those in need during the deadly flooding there.

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