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August 20, 2010 - Washington, DC
August 20, 2010 9:19PM EST

August 20, 2010 - Washington, DC

Obama, Ramadan, and the Ground Zero Mosque / My response to Obama's support of the Ground Zero mosque / Muslims pray in Pentagon's 9-11 Memorial Chapel / Congress in recess, but not Nancy Pelosi's mouth / Pelosi wants nearly 7% of population "investigated" / NYC says destroyed 9-11 church can't rebuild / Ground Zero mosque organizers will accept money from Iran / Moderate Indonesia shuts down church / The Muslim massacre of children at Beslan / Terrorist honored in West Bank funeral / Our new site is open at

NEW AUGUST 18, 2010 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT NOW ONLINE- The August 18, 2010 Chairman's Report is now available online. This issue contains: Complete information on the planned mega-mosque at Ground Zero. The real reasons for the mosque's construction are examined.

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OBAMA, RAMADAN AND THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE- President Obama endorsed the mega-mosque at Ground Zero on August 13th, the first day of Ramadan. Since his endorsement of the "religion of peace" monument near Ground Zero, 199 people have died in more than 50 terror attacks by Muslims during their "holy month." The murders in the name of the "religion of peace" during Ramadan have occurred worldwide and include seven killed by a truck bomb in Xinjiang, China and murders in Thailand, Gaza, India and other nations. See list

MY RESPONSE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA - I have prepared a video response to President Barack Obama's endorsement of a mega mosque near Ground Zero that can be viewed at Youtube.

MUSLIMS "PRAY" IN PENTAGON 911 CHAPEL - Rev. Franklin Graham, whose son is serving in Iraq, was not allowed to pray at the Pentagon because his presence would "offend" Muslims. But, Muslim imams use the 9-11 memorial chapel at the Pentagon to pray for Sharia Law to replace our Constitution. No women are allowed in the chapel when Muslim men are present to pray. The Muslim prayers, in Arabic only, are very often contrary to the goals of our military according to Arabic speaking informants who have been there.

CONGRESS IN RECESS - NANCY PELOSI'S MOUTH KEEPS RUNNING - Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called for an "investigation" of all those who are opposed to construction of a mega mosque near Ground Zero. Hmmm. Depending upon which poll your believe, between 62% and 68% of the American people are against the mosque's construction including most Democrats. Only Muslims who want to establish Sharia law in the United States and far left elitist liberals such as Pelosi and Obama support the Ground Zero mosque. More on this at

NYC TURNS BACK ON CHURCH DESTROYED ON 9-11 - Only one church was destroyed at Ground Zero. It was St. Nicholas, an Orthodox church built decades ago by people who had fled Islamic domination. It is nearly ten years later and New York City has refused to allow the congregation to build a new church. New York didn't like the size of the new church (about 1/10 the size of the mega mosque that was approved) or the typical Orthodox domes. It appears city officials thought it was too big a church for the area. But, a fifteen story mosque is OK? Nearly ten years after their church was destroyed by Muslim fanatics the congregation still has no church. The Bloomberg administration is blocking the construction of the church while fast tracking the Ground Zero mega mosque. Indeed, New York officials did not even tell church officials they had stopped all plans to allow them to build. Fox News had to inform church officials of the news.

MOSQUE ORGANIZERS WILL ACCEPT FUNDS FROM IRAN - It is against the law to do business with certain nations listed as sponsors of terrorism including the Sudan and Iran. A former congressman found that out the hard way and has been convicted of doing just that. A spokesman for the Ground Zero mega mosque, Oz Sultan has now stated that they would in fact accept funds from Iran, a sponsor of terror. it gets worse. The front man for the mosque, Imam Rauf, who is on the payroll of the U.S. State Department, has a direct connection to those who claim 9-11 was an attack by Jews. It was his father who raised the funds for a radical mosque in New York City, a mosque for which the younger Rauf sits as a member of its board of directors. Read the astonishing story in the New York Post

ATHEISTS WIN CASE AGAINST CROSSES IN UTAH - Utah, a majority Mormon state, has allowed crosses to be put up by private groups at sites where state troopers have been killed. American Atheists said the markers of respect for the dead officers violated "separation of church and state" and a federal court, of course has agreed." Oddly, the atheists never complain about Sharia finance or Sharia law creeping into American society. Luke Goodrich of the Beckett Fund said, "The Constitution does not require stripping government property of all religious symbols-especially when those symbols are privately owned, privately funded, and privately maintained." Read more at Beckett Fund.

BESLAN ANNIVERSARY APPROACHING - September 1st is the anniversary of the 2004 take over of a Russian school by Muslim gang rapist murderers. During the siege young girls were repeatedly raped, sometimes with gun barrels by members of the religion of peace. The mass murder of children that occurred at Beslan is rarely referred to in the Western media for fear of offending Muslims with the images of Muslims murdering nearly every child in a school.

MODERATE INDONESIA FORCES CHURCH TO CLOSE - According to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Indonesia is a "moderate" Islamic nation. But, on July 30th police backed by a Muslim mob closed down a church in North Sumatra Province. Rev. Leritio Panjaitan, pastor of the of the Binanga Huria Kristen Batak Protestant Church said government officials and the mob threatened to burn their church unless they closed.

TERRORIST HONORED IN WEST BANK - Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas presided over a military funeral of one of the planners of the attack on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. Twelve died including 11 athletes and a policeman. The funeral for Amin Al-Hindi's was held at the presidential compound in Ramallah. Secretary Hillary Clinton and President Obama heap praise on Mahmound Abbas for being a "moderate" who can negotiate with Israel.

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