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August 6, 2010 - Washington, DC
August 6, 2010 5:30PM EST

August 6, 2010

August 6, 2010 - Washington, DC

Kagan confirmed as 112th Justice / Obama Care meets the "show me" state / Obama's Navy to promote "diverse" officers / Pelosi calls House back to Washington to vote on "emergency aid" for teachers unions / Activist judge backs same sex marriage / Ground Zero mosque now to be 15 stories / What a UK atheist has to say about Islam / Hate crimes laws target white Christians in UK / More attacks against Christians in Indonesia

NEW JULY 28, 2010 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT NOW ONLINE- The July 9, 2010 Chairman's Report is now available online. This issue contains: William Murray's remarks at Capitol human rights gathering on Chinese abuses of religious freedom / Efforts to save woman from stoning death in Iran / What meaning is in name of planned Ground Zero mega mosque? / Secretary Clinton visits Pakistan, ignores murders of Christians.

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KAGAN IS NUMBER 112 - President Barack Obama won again with his second appointment of a radical judicial activist to the Supreme Court. When working for the Clinton Administration it was Kagan who actually altered documents to fight against the partial birth abortion ban. She was confirmed by a vote of 63 to 37 to become the first Supreme Court Justice in nearly 40 years with no experience as a judge. All but one Democrat and five Republicans voted for Kagan. The Republicans were Senators Graham, Collins, Snowe, Lugar, and Gregg.

OBAMA MEETS THE SHOW ME STATE - This week was the very first time Americans had the opportunity to vote at the ballot box directly on the issue of socialized medicine otherwise known as ObamaCare. In Missouri 71% of the voters, including tens of thousands of Democrats, voted to block any provision that forced them to buy health insurance. Democrat elected officials in Missouri who had suported ObamaCare almost immediately started to back away from it.

NAVY TO PROMOTE "DIVERSITY" FASTER - Under the Obama Administration the Navy was ordered to compile lists of "diverse" young officers for fast track promotion. White males cannot be added to the list. The Navy under Obama wants to "fast track" blacks and other "diverse" young officers to higher ranks. Perhaps the Navy is seeking more men like Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan who killed 13 fellow soldiers while screaming Allah Akbar. In any event the Navy under Obama has made it very clear that they do not want the best available people for senior jobs, only those whom they view as the proper color, religion, or both. Read more

SENATE ADJOURNS, HOUSE TO RETURN - The Senate adjourned for the August recess after confirming Elena Kagan as the 112th justice of the Supreme Court. BUT, the House is already on its way back to Washington. Ever on the lookout for a way to spend the taxpayers' money, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to call the House back into session to pass a $26 billion expenditure to buy teachers' union votes. Some congressmen are in Iraq and Afghanistan visiting the troops. Others are on fact finding missions to Africa and other places, and many are on hard earned vacations with their families. All 435 must now drop all their plans and come back to Washington next week because Nancy Pelosi wants to spend another $26 billion which we don't have and will have to borrow from the Chinese or the Saudis.

SENATOR KERRY WANTS MORE MUSLIMS IN USA - As he introduced a bill to bring more Muslim "professionals" to the United States, Senator John Kerry said, "This legislation is designed to help build professional capacity, strengthen civil society, and improve ties between the US and Muslim-majority countries through a two-way exchange of professional fellows." Under his proposal teachers and other "professionals" would be exchanged with majority Muslim nations. Oddly not a single American news outlet reported this and I had to pick it up from a newspaper in India. In Kerry's liberal mind, Muslims and Baptists are essentially the same. And while stoning people to death in the USA may be wrong, it is OK in Muslim nations.

ACTIVIST JUDGE BACKS SAME SEX MARRIAGE - This week, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that California Proposition 8, which defined marriage as the union of one woman and one man, was unconstitutional under the United States Constitution. Every other court has rejected the argument of a"right" to same-sex marriage under the U.S. Constitution. In November 2008, voters in California overwhelmingly changed the state constitution to include a traditional definition of marriage, even while they elected Barack Obama. This shows that even Democrats favored traditional marriage. The case now goes to the ultra-radical judicial activists of the 9th Circuit Court, also known as the Nutty Ninth, and from there to the Supreme Court. In his daily update Gary Bauer said, "The thrust of Judge Vaughn Walker's opinion is that centuries of normal marriage were nothing more than homophobia."

GROUND ZERO MOSQUE NOW 15 STORIES - The older buildings and land for the super mosque to be built on Ground Zero reportedly cost $150 million. The transaction was in cash and neither the state of New York nor the IRS is checking to find out where the money came from. The Religious Freedom Coalition, this organization, pays attorney's fees of thousands of dollars a year to comply with state regulations of charitable organizations. We have to file audited financial statements not only with the state of New York, but with New York City as well. Are Muslim organizations above the law? Meanwhile it is reported that the "mosque" will now be 15 stories and have dorm rooms for young Muslim men to "visit" Ground Zero from around the world.

WHAT A UK ATHEIST SAYS ABOUT ISLAM - Pat Condell, a well known British atheist, has taken to task his fellow atheists for their political correctness when it comes to Islam. He points out that atheists are critical of Christianity yet say nothing against the hatred and violence of Islam. Hmmm ... sounds much like the mainstream media in the U.S. which condemns conservative candidates like Sharron Angle for mentioning God and then ignores Muslim "honor killings" of women. Pat Condell's video is worth watching.

REPORTED IN THE OFFICIAL SAUDI PRESS - Senator John Kerry's desire to bring Muslim "professionals" to the USA on an exchange program must be taken in light of the comments of Anas Zahed, a columnist for the Saudi government daily Al-Madina. Zahed was critical of Arab and Muslim intellectuals who say jihad is a personal, spiritual struggle and said it is a call to war as well. In his column he says, "There is no Islam without Jihad."

LAWS TARGET WHITE CHRISTIANS IN UK - A Muslim man sprayed the words "Islam will dominate the world - Osama is on his way" on a war memorial in London and was charged with criminal damage, "... that is neither a racially nor a religiously aggravated offense". Meanwhile, a white Christian couple were arrested for a "hate crime" because they were chatting with a Muslim man about religion in a hotel lobby. A report by the think tank Civitis argues that prosecutors and police are unfairly singling out white Christians, while at the same time ignoring hate crimes by Muslims and other "minorities." Read more

ATTACKS ON CHRISTIANS IN INDONESIA - An Indonesian church that was forced outdoors by authorities is now facing persecution by large groups of Muslims as they attempt to hold services in a park. Hate crimes against Christians in Indonesia, a supposedly "moderate" Muslim nation, are common. A few years ago, Muslim youth decapitated some young Christian girls on their way to school. After earthquakes and a huge tidal wave in 2004, Christian groups and denominations gave Muslims literally billions of dollars in aid to show Christian love. That love is being repaid with church burnings, mob violence and murder by those same Muslims.

HOW MANY DID RELIGION OF PEACE KILL THIS WEEK? - From time to time I provide a link to so you can keep up with the body count of innocent civilians killed by Muslims. The count so far in July is well over 300. WARNING: Some of the images at this site are graphic.

MIDDLE EAST MISSION REPORT - This issue of the Chairman's Report contains information on the Religious Freedom Coalition's June mission trip to the Middle East. Click here to read.

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