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June 25, 2010 - Washington, DC
June 25, 2010 12:00AM EST

June 25, 2010 - Washington, DC

Report on RFC mission to the Middle East / The other Barack - Elena Kagan's hero / Freedom of worship to replace freedom of religion? / Kagan Senate hearings and Sharia / Israel space launch

NEW JUNE 23, 2010 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT NOW ONLINE- The June 23, 2010 Chairman's Report is now available online. This issue contains: a full report on the June mission trip to the Middle East organized by the Religious Freedom Coalition. Features include visits to the Ortiz family ministry in Ariel, Samaria and their bombed apartment; Visits to school and ministry supported in the "West Bank;" the ministries and summer camp supported in Jordan, and other important updates. Click here for PDF version

MISSION REPORT - For those following my recent mission to the Middle East, a full report is available in PDF version. Click here

THE OTHER BARACK - Several months ago President Barack Obama appointed Elena Kagan to serve as a Justice of the Supreme Court. At that time he said she had "openness to a broad array of viewpoints." It turns out that "broad array of viewpoints" includes a view that appointed judges should be able to change the laws written by elected officials. A new video has surfaced of Kagan calling an Israeli extremist judge, Ahron Barak, her "judicial hero." Judge Barak admits his views may not work in "some democracies." Watch video of Kagan's astonishing endorsement.

FREEDOM OF WORSHIP? - Freedom of worship is not the same as freedom of religion. Christians in Morocco and Jordan have freedom of worship, but they do not have freedom of religion. While they can attend their church and worship, they may not promote their faith openly, and converts from Islam to Christianity can be severely punished. In Saudi Arabia "apostasy" carries the death penalty. Now President Barack Obama and his Administration have abandoned the phrase "freedom of religion" and replaced it with "freedom to worship." Is this yet another surrender to Sharia? Read comments at Christianity Today.

KAGAN SENATE HEARINGS - From a State Department document: "Under Shariah, as interpreted in [Saudi Arabia], sexual activity between two persons of the same gender is punishable by death or flogging." Yet, Frank Gaffney of Family Security Matters wrote: "Ms. Kagan was perfectly willing to obstruct the military, which has liberated countless Muslims from the hate and tyranny of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, but it seems she was willing to sit on the sidelines as Harvard created a center funded by - and dedicated to - foreign leaders presiding over a legal system that would violate what would appear to be her position." In other words while she promoted homosexual behavior in the military, she accepted funds from a nation that hangs homosexuals. Why? Kagan is for anything which is anti-Christian, even Sharia law. Read Gaffney's expose.

ISRAELI SPACE LAUNCH - During the time I was in Israel, that nation launched a spy satellite from its Palmachim air force base located south of Tel Aviv. The Ofek 9 spy satellite joins other satellites that are used to watch the nuclear and other military preparations of Iran. Israel has a population of about seven million, but has a huge technological advantage over backward Islamic nations who repress freedom of thought and democracy. Freedom works, Sharia does not.

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