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June 18, 2010 - Washington, DC and Amman, Jordan
June 18, 2010 3:07PM EST

June 18, 2010 - Washington, DC

Moderate Muslims chastise Obama / Conversion in Jordan still against the law / Our Jordan mission details - sort of / Ambassador nominee Cook "is a total joke" / Left wing media hits Obama on oil spill / Congressional hearings on Morocco / Congressmen defend Israel / Caliphate gathering in Chicago to destroy democracy / Homeland Security to deport anti-terror hero

NEW May 27, 2010 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT NOW ONLINE- The May 27, 2010 Chairman's Report is now available online. This issue contains: Obama's Morocco problem / Frank Wolf demands action as Christians deported from Morocco / Can anyone in the Obama Administration read? / Democrat congressmen stand and applaud foreign president who attacks a US state / Parental rights laws to be handed down by UN? / ACLU hate speech and the Mojave cross desecration View PDF Version

MODERATE ISLAM CHASTISES OBAMA- This week I am in Jordan, one of the more "moderate" Islamic nations. Poll results on global opinion were released here today showing Barack Obama with a 26% approval rating in Jordan. Only 15% of Jordanians support his international policies. The vast majority of Jordanians, 81%, believe that NATO troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan. On the subject of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, 34% had a positive view and 20% view suicide bombings as justifiable -- which is actually down from ten years ago. NOTE: In neighboring Lebanon, Obama had a 35 percent approval rating, and an astounding 39 percent support suicide bombings. Maybe Barack Obama should give another "Cairo speech" endorsing Islam to boost his ratings here.

CONVERSION STILL AGAINST THE LAW - Here in Jordan converting from Islam to any other religion is still against the law. Those who aid or "proselytize" converting from Islam to Christianity can face long prison sentences. Birth certificates indicate if a child is born into a Christian or Muslim home and while the national ID card can be changed from Christian to Muslim, it cannot be changed from Muslim to Christian.

REALLY CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT - The Religious Freedom Coalition is here in Jordan to inspect and assist ministries we support in Jordan. Unfortunately I cannot go into many details or show photos on the Internet. I can say that the new water system in the camp facility we installed for the summer is working well and that we participated in a large Christian Youth gathering. We also inspected relief operations for Iraqi Christian refugees.

IRF APPOINTEE A TOTAL JOKE - That is what one congressional staff member e-mailed me when the "reverend" Susan Johnson Cook was appointed as the Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom. Cook is a typical "whites, Jews and the establishment hold down the black people" preacher from Brooklyn, New York. While her rhetoric is not as harsh at that of Jeremiah Wright, they believe the same garbage. As a female ordained minister she will not be accepted by most Christians in the nations where repression against them is the worst. Muslims will have as much respect for her as they do for Hillary Clinton, which is no respect at all. Cook has no international experience and has no concept at all of the persecution facing Christians. In her new role, I will bet just about any amount of money that in her first major speech she attacks Israel. So why was she picked by Obama? Hillary Clinton demanded that Cook be the nominee. Cook was a major fund raiser and supporter of Hillary Clinton's when she ran for Senate and then for President. Cook was also a member of President Bill Clinton's Domestic Policy Council. In short the office of Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom is now a dead zone.

THE OIL SPILL - Although in the Middle East, I have been watching in just total awe as President Obama fumbles the oil spill in the Gulf. From day one Obama has used his bully pulpit to attack and cast blame for the spill rather than to take action. While he may think that stopping all drilling in the Gulf is action, the people realize it does nothing to clean up the current mess. The problem is Obama's total lack of executive job experience. His background is all academic in nature, where the job is to analyze and blame, not to take action. Even the liberals attacked his latest speech this week, The left leaning Los Angeles Times wrote about Obama's speech, "There's a pipe spewing a gazillion gobs of oil into the gulf, so let's build more windmills," and far left Keith Olbermann on MSNBC said, "It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days". Obama just doesn't get it. As the chief executive it is his job to fix problems not cast blame at others.

CONGRESS AND MOROCCO - On June 17th, Congressional hearings were held on the continuing persecution and expulsion of Christians from the "moderate Islamic" nation of Morocco. I wanted to be there, but I had commitments in the Middle East and just could not return to Washington. I have written in several updates about the sudden shift of policy against Christians in Morocco. Three of my best friends in Congress, Senator Inhofe and Congressmen Frank Wolf and Trent Franks, testified at the hearings. They hit hard at Morocco, and Senator Inhofe displayed letters he had written to the King on the repression and the expulsions. The King responded to the Senator saying that Morocco had "religious freedom," but that the more than 120 Christians expelled were "criminals" because they sought to convert the "vulnerable" from Islam.

Three Christian "leaders" who have personal interests and special privileges in Morocco, held a news conference trying to spread the tale that yes, those who operate orphanages are criminals and Morocco is a great place for foreign Christians. These "leaders" were: Rev. Rob Schenck, president, the National Clergy Council; Rev. Kenneth Barney, senior pastor, New Antioch Baptist Church, Randallstown, Maryland; and "Rev." Harry Thomas, president, Come Alive Ministries International and producer of Friendship Fest, Marrakech, Morocco.

CONGRESSMEN DEFEND ISRAEL - The Congressional Israel Allies Caucus held a press conference on June 16th to respond to those, including the Obama Administration, that are calling for investigations and sanctions against Israel. The caucus was represented by co-chairmen, Congressmen Elliot Engel (D-NY) and Mike Pence (R-IN) who were joined by Congressmen Ted Poe (R-TX), Minority Whip Eric Cantor (VA), Shelley Berkley (D-NV) and Pete King (R-NY). About 40 members of the media were in attendance. Republican Whip Eric Cantor said, "Any reports that I have heard over the last 24 hours that indicate that our administration is somehow complicit in an effort to push out a UN resolution calling for and international investigation of the flotilla headed for Gaza is an outrage. We're here not only to urge this administration to veto any such resolution but to stand up, speak out in opposition to such right now." See Cantor statement.

REPLACING THE CONSTITUTION WITH A CALIPHATE - Hizb ut-Tahrir America, a radical Islamist group with links to the Muslim Brotherhood and perhaps Al Qaeda, will hold its second annual anti-American recruiting event in Chicago on July 11, 2010. Their first conference in 2009 was called "Fall of Capitalism & Rise of Islam" and had over 500 in attendance. This year's conference is titled, "Emerging World Order: How the Khilafah Will Shape the World." The event will be held in the Chicago Marriott Oak Brook. Obama has the FBI working to track down Christian "militias" so probably the FBI has no interest in a group that openly recruits people to replace our Constitution with a dictatorship of one man called a Caliph.

NY BOMBER OK BUT HERO TO BE DEPORTED - Masab Hassan Yousef, the son of a leader in the terrorist HAMAS, who became a Christian, is facing a deportation hearing on June 30th. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security views him as "a threat to America's national security," even though he worked as an operative for Israeli intelligence to stop terrorist attacks on Israel and the United States. Yousef, 32, wrote Son of HAMAS a book about his life and conversion to Christianity. The book details how he worked as a secret agent for the Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet for over a decade to halt terrorist attacks. Meanwhile, Homeland Security saw no problem with would be Times Square car bomber Faisal Shahzad whose education was paid for by taxpayers. While obtaining US citizenship he was planning to kill American civilians. Each week dozens of Muslims are put in the front of the line ahead of Christians, Hindus and others for immigration to the United States so President Obama can prove to the world that American is not "Islamophobic."

OUR JUNE MISSION TO JORDAN - I am currently in the Middle East as part of a Religious Freedom Coalition mission to Iraqi Christian refugees. Funds are still needed for the medical portion of our mission as additional drugs are being shipped next Wednesday to this area. ALL FUNDS RECEIVED AT THIS INTERNET SITE THIS WEEK WILL BE USED FOR THE JUNE MISSION. DONATE HERE

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