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June 11, 2010 - Washington, DC
June 11, 2010 5:55PM EST

June 11, 2010 - Washington, DC

Worshiping Moloch - Killing the innocent to be prosperous / How can dead children pay our bills? / Congressman Pence asks Turkey, "Whose side are you on?" / A changing Israel / Palestinian Authority brutality / Moderate Jordan sends terrorist to Russia / Afghan crackdown on Christians

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Moloch sacrificial stone WORSHIPING MOLOCH - Currently I am in Samaria, my first stop on a mission trip to the Middle East. The Western media and leaders call this area the".West Bank," while tens of thousands of Israelis call it home. I am staying in the home of a Messianic Jewish couple whose son was severely injured in a bombing at their Ariel apartment in 2008. A few miles away, there is a newly found sacrificial alter to the god Moloch which was carved from rock about the time Solomon became involved with pagan gods.

Moloch was one of the gods worshiped by means of human sacrifice. Pagans who worshiped Moloch often sacrificed one of their own children, who was ritually murdered and then placed in an alter of fire. Some followed the Canaanite practice of placing the bones that remained under the front doorstep of the family as a blessing to provide prosperity. In short, a child was murdered for the financial reward and convenience of the the family. Sounds barbaric, until it is realized that since the Roe v Wade decision, 40 million babies have been murdered legally in the United States for the convenience or prosperity of the mothers and other family members. There are some differences. one being that the pagans actually buried their dead children whereas in the United States, bodies are flushed down toilets, tossed in dumpsters or used in medical experiments.

President Barack Obama, who is half black, has stated publicly that abortion has helped black American women raise themselves out of poverty.

MOLOCH AND THE DEBT - As I looked at the four horned sacrificial alter where children were murdered to make the family "prosperous" I thought of the four gilded edges of the bonds issued by the US Treasury. At a rate of $1.2 million per minute our government borrows money which our children and grandchildren will have to pay back "someday." At the same time children are being aborted for the sake of family prosperity, the government is borrowing money it expects today's children to pay back in the future. Killing those who we assume will pay back our loans for us does not sound like smart economic policy. The last five Administrations, both Democrat and Republican, have raised the national debt from less than $1 trillion to over $13 trillion. Barack Obama, in just his first year in office, accounted for $3 trillion. Who pays the bill, kids that will never be born?

MIKE PENCE: TURKEY MUST DECIDE - This week Congressman Mike Pence, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, gave a passionate floor speech telling the nation of Turkey that it must decide about its future relations with the United States. His strong words came after Turkey assisted in launching the "relief" flotilla to Gaza which resulted in the deaths of nine people. Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan is an Islamist who has turned the nation away from a secular path and who has now threatened to send the Turkish navy to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. See Mike Pence statement at Youtube. Oddly, if war erupted between Israel and Turkey, the United States is bound by the NATO agreement to defend Turkey. The solution is simple: As Turkey has abandoned a secular path and is now an Islamist nation akin to Iran it should be kicked out of NATO.

A CHANGING ISRAEL - Hundreds of thousands of Americans have immigrated to Israel. Often men and women killed in terror attacks here hold both an Israeli and a U.S. passport. In addition there are thousands of gentiles who love Israel who have unofficially immigrated to Israel, many of whom live in and around Jerusalem. Unable to become citizens they rent and sometimes even own homes, but are forced to leave the nation every six months to have their "tourist" status renewed. Many are retired and their purpose is to share Jesus with those who live in or visit Jerusalem.

On the other hand, the day I arrived in Israel there was a "gay pride" parade in Tel Aviv. Homosexuals from around the world traveled to Israel to march in weird costumes or semi-nude in the sweltering heat.Their leaders proclaimed that they want Jerusalem to be the gay capital of the world. I wonder how this will sell in "Arab East Jerusalem" and with the Mullahs there that teach that homosexuals should be hung in public.

AN UNCHANGING P.A. - On our second night in Samaria a Messianic Jewish friend and I sat in a car outside a Palestinian village waiting for a believer to sneak out of the village to join us. He came for prayer because this Sunday the Palestinian Authority will formally charge him with leaving Islam unless he denies his faith in Jesus. If charged, he will be jailed. He was told by Palestinian policemen that he would be convicted of something, even other criminal offenses, unless he returned to Islam. He sat in our car crying as he told us that he had told his wife not to wait for his return. I have met other Palestinian believers in the past who were hung by their arms from the walls of Palestinian jails for weeks to force them to denounce the Lord. Note: Palestinian police can be paid to ignore the order of a judge, but in this believer's case he was told "no exceptions," (meaning no bribes would work). Please pray for this young man. After we prayed for him we watched him walk back to his village to face certain imprisonment for publicly proclaiming Christ.

This is the government of "President Abbas," the man trusted by Barack Obama, the man to whom Obama just recently gave $400 million dollars to support police and other activities. The Palestinian Muslim community is as corrupt as ever. Since taking over authority over parts of the West Bank from Israel, the corruption has gotten worse and the persecution of Christians has just continued.

MODERATE JORDANIAN TERRORIST - The Jordanian Islamist newspaper Al-Sabil reported last week on the death of Anaa Al-Khadr, a Jordanian citizen who had joined the mujahideen in Chechnya. According to his obituary, Al-Khadr, was interested in a number of Jihadist battle grounds, but decided to fight the Russians rather than the Americans ... Note to Russia's PM Vladimir Putin: Are you sure you want to sell nuclear reactors and missiles to Iran? While the West paints the governments of Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan as "moderate," the mullahs in those nations continue to teach hatred and Jihad against the West.

AFGHAN CRACKDOWN ON CHRISTIANS - Just before leaving for the Middle East, I received a call from a representative of an aid group that works in Afghanistan. He was seeking help because of my connections to congressmen and Senators on Capitol Hill. The contact told me of a new crackdown on Christians and Christian aid groups in Afghanistan promoted by President Karzai. I already knew that the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and the U.S. based Church World Service (CWS) had been accused of "proselytism" which under the Afghan constitution that the US approved under President Bush, carries the death penalty. Individual Christians and church groups are also being purged by the Afghan government. While news of these events has appeared in the European and even Asian press, there has been virtually no mention in the American media.

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