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June 4, 2010 - Washington, DC
June 4, 2010 4:32PM EST

June 4, 2010 - Washington, DC

Obama and Israel / Obama and the "relief flotilla" / We can't defend Israel / House and Senate in recess / Comedy Central's new attack on Jesus / Video of pastor arrested for calling a sin a sin / International - the Muslim view of the flotilla "mujahideen"

NEW May 27, 2010 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT NOW ONLINE- The May 27, 2010 Chairman's Report is now available online. This issue contains: Obama's Morocco problem / Frank Wolf demands action as Christians deported from Morocco / Can anyone in the Obama Administration read? / Democrat congressmen stand and applaud foreign president who attacks a US state / Parental rights laws to be handed down by UN? / ACLU hate speech and the Mojave cross desecration View PDF Version

OBAMA AND ISRAEL - President Barack Obama has no understanding of the Biblical importance of Israel. Indeed, he has very little understanding of the Bible at all. He did not attend church while at Harvard, and only joined a church in Chicago for political reasons. The pastor of that church, Jeremiah Wright, was an anti-Semite who blamed the Jews for the problems of blacks from the pulpit --- that is, when he wasn't firing off racist hate against whites. Obama is also under pressure from the far left to "free" the Palestinians, which is code for the destruction of Israel. The far left today, particularly media outlets such as the Huffington Post, are anti-Semitic. They want someone to blame for the problems of the world, and the capitalists and the Jews are handy targets for the left to hate.

OBAMA AND THE RELIEF FLOTILLA - The boats of the so called "relief flotilla" which were boarded by Israeli Commandos this week as the boats were attempting to enter Gaza, carried hundreds of "activists," some of whom were associated with Al-qaeda, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. The US voted in the UN right along with nations that support terror, to condemn Israel for the raid on the ships. Remember that the UN never comdemned HAMAS for firing over 2,000 rockets from Gaza at civilian targets in Israel. During the attacks on Israeli civilian targets, world leaders demanded that Israel "respond with restraint."

NO DEFENSE FOR ISRAEL - If Obama wanted to defend Israel, which he doesn't, the Arab nations would stop him cold. How? The United States is a deadbeat debtor nation. We can't pay back the loans we have and we have to borrow money from Muslim nations and the Chinese, just to pay the interest we owe them on loans we already have. If we made "too much" of an effort to defend Israel, the Muslim nations could stop lending us money -- or even worse -- call the debt we already owe them. Deadbeat, broke nations can't give many orders to anyone. This is the reality the American people need to understand. Sacrifices must be made to restore American leadership in the world. We must pay back our loans, and that means giving up entitlements.

HOUSE AND SENATE IN RECESS - Both Houses are in recess and no votes are scheduled in the House until after 6:30 PM on Tuesday, June the 8th, although some members will return on June 7th for committee meetings. As a result, the nation is safe from further moral decay and excessive spending until next week.

COMEDY CENTRAL ATTACK ON JESUS - Mohammad is off limits to any criticism on American TV. Comedy Central learned quickly that even a covered image of "the Prophet" could mean not laughs, but death to the producers. Jesus Christ, however, can safely be mocked and vilified in the American media. Comedy Central has announced a new show called "JC." This is a half-hour "adult cartoon" show about Jesus living in New York City to escape his "apathetic father." In the show God ingores His son while playing video games. American pulpits are so far oddly silent about this blasphemy. (See MRC story) A coalition of organizations, including the Religious Freedom Coalition, has drafted a letter to be sent to companies that plan to advertise on JC. (See letter). As it gets closer to the premier of the show we will post the names of the sponsors for you to contact as well.

PASTOR ARRESTED FOR CALLING A SIN A "SIN" - I will not elaborate ... the video of a a pastor being arrested in England for publicly stating that homosexuality is a sin speaks for itself. Freedom of speech is gone in most of Europe. What can still be said in the Untied States can get you arrested in Europe and Canada. The speech restrictions have begun in the United States and will continue to get worse. Eventually only those who hate God will have freedom of speech. See Youtube Clip

MUSLIM VIEW OF THE RELIEF FLOTILLA - Let's start with a mullah on Youtube who says: "I salute those mujahideen, who met their death in support of the Palestinian people. I wish that I could have been among them. I wish I were among their martyrs today. See clip

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