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April 30, 2010 - Washington, DC
April 30, 2010 4:37PM EST

April 30, 2010
April 30, 2010 - Washington, DC

Obama promises "sovereign" Palestinian state within two years / Obama to "investigate" Arizona? / Obama ad recruits "African Americans, Latinos and women" to vote in November / Muslims block Franklin Graham from Pentagon / National Day of Prayer at Capitol / Silent Surrender to Sharia / Mojave Cross stays / Virginia chaplains can now say "Jesus" / Not a joke: UN recruits Iran to protect women's rights / More Christians murdered in Nigeria

Have you read the April 14th edition of the Chairman's Report that features the Utopian philosophy that is destroying the United States and the rest of the West? Drawing on my own past experience growing up in a Marxist home, and exploring the literary example of Thomas More's Of the republic's best state and the island of Utopia I seek to explain why liberals are in such denial of reality. I urge you to print out copies of this edition of the Chairman's Report and to share it with others. Click here to read or print PDF.

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OBAMA PROMISES PALESTINIAN STATE IN TWO YEARS - The last time Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was at the White House, President Obama refused to have his picture taken with him and walked out of the meeting to have a hamburger. This week, however, Palestinian "President" Mahmoud Abbas received the royal treatment from Obama with photographers allowed to follow them around the White House. The Egyptian press is reporting from Palestinian sources inside the meetings that Obama committed to forcing the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state within two years. Abbas has no authority over the Gaza strip which is controlled by HAMAS, a terrorist organization. What exactly will he be president of?

OBAMA AGAINST THE RULE OF LAW? - President Barack Obama has leveled criticism of Arizona's new law that allows police to arrest those in the United States who cannot identify themselves as legal residents. Also, he has ordered the Justice Department headed by radical leftist Eric Holder to "investigate" whether or not Arizona is violating the "civil rights" of the illegal aliens. Keeping this in mind, below is the actual Federal statute regarding alien ID:

"Every alien, eighteen years of age and over, shall at all times carry with him and have in his personal possession any certificate of alien registration or alien registration receipt card issued to him pursuant to subsection (d) of this section. Any alien who fails to comply with the provisions of this subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor _"

It is a Federal crime for an alien in the US not to have proper identification proving status. It is also a crime to enter the United States illegally. President Obama, who is supposed to uphold the law of the land, appears to believe that certain groups have the right to violate federal law.

WHAT KIND OF VOTERS? - In a video commercial for the Democratic Party distributed on the Internet, President Obama said he needs "young people, African Americans, Latinos and women" to help keep Congress in the hands of the Democrats in the November elections. Conspicuously absent from his comments were men, and those on Social Security. The "mainstream" media sees no bias in his call to action. Can you imagine the outrage if Gov. Sarah Palin put out a video commercial calling for "older white guys driving pickups" to vote for Republicans this November? What a striking double standard. Read more

MUSLIMS BLOCK CHRISTIAN LEADERS FROM MILITARY - Invitations for Franklin Graham to speak at the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer event, and also one to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council to speak at Andrew's Air Force base, have been rescinded for fear some Muslim somewhere would be offended by their presence. Apparently the military is refusing to allow any Christian leader to speak at a base if they have been critical of Islam in anyway. Oddly the military finds no problem with imams who refer to democracy as an "apostate religion" that must be destroyed. Congressman Trent Franks is circulating a letter to other House Members for signatures to send to Secretary of Defense Gates asking him what standards he is using to refuse Christian religious leaders the right to speak on base. Trent Franks' news release

NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER - This year, Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, is the honorary chair of the National Day of Prayer Task Force. The idea for the law establishing a National Day of Prayer came from a six week Billy Graham revival in Washington, 1952. For the fist time there will be a National Day of Prayer observance on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. By law the date is set for the first Thursday in May which is May 6th this year. More information

SILENT SURRENDER TO SHARIA - Woodrow Wilson said, "Never murder a man who is committing suicide." As radical Islam stands to the side directing, the West is committing suicide. In the UK, Belgium, France, Canada and even the United States, institutions and governments are surrendering to Islam. It is reminiscent of the post Wolrd War II era when the media saw Communism as inevitable. Today it is Islamic domination that is accepted as inevitable by the media, the corporate world and apparently by Barack Obama. The latest example is the vulgar cartoon series South Park which has in the past vulgarized Jesus Christ and the church in general. But when the South Park creators were warned by a radical Muslim group not to satirize Mohammad, they quickly backed off. The Muslim death threat said: "We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show. This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them." Not a threat? Theo Van Gogh was the Dutch TV producer who was murdered for satirizing Mohammad. A really compelling commentary on the South Park surrender to Islam was written by Nina Shea of the Hudson Institute.

THE CROSS STAYS - the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that a cross serving as a Memorial to WWI veterans in the Mojave Desert can stand! The cross was first erected by the VFW in 1934, and the ACLU began lawsuits to remove it 1999. In 2002 Congress passed legislation designating the cross as a national memorial and stating that no federal funds may be used to remove the cross. Congress then passed legislation transferrnng the land the cross was on to the VFW. Still Federal Courts tried to remove the cross, despite its being transferred to private land. What is amazing is that four Supreme Court Justices felt compelled to vote to remove a memorial to veterans who died in combat. The ACLU's ultimate goal, of course, is to have all religious symbols chiseled off the graves of the dead at Arlington National Cemetery.

VIRGINA CHAPLAINS CAN SAY "JESUS" - Virginia state police chaplains can again refer to Jesus Christ in public prayers thanks to a restriction removed by newly elected Republican Gov. Robert F. McDonnell. The previous Democratic Governor, Tim Kaine, had restricted the practice in 2008, causing six of the then seventeen chaplains to resign in protest. Kaine is a close friend of President Barack Obama.

IRAN, THE U.N. PROTECTOR OF WOMEN'S RIGHTS? - Is this a total joke? The same week that Iran declared that women who have sun tans will be arrested for dress code violations the United Nations elected the rogue nation to the Commission on the Status of Women. The UN gave a four-year seat on this "human rights body" to a government that stones women to death for adultery and where lashings are used on women judged "immodest." Under Iran's standards a woman with a tan would be lashed. The United States provides most of the funding for the United Nations. Maybe it is time that stopped.

MUSLIMS MURDER MORE CHRISTIANS IN NIGERIA - Nathan Sheleph Dabak and Sunday Gyang Bwede, both of whom worked for "The Light Bearer" Newspaper, a Church of Christ publication, were murdered in Jos by Muslims this week. The killers also stole their belongings and taunted the two mens' relatives using the victims' cell phones. The same church had two other members murdered by Muslims in the past week. Hundreds of Christians in the Jos area have been murdered this year with little or no action from the Nigerian government. Read more.

PETITION TO HILLARY CLINTON ON IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Read and sign the Internet petition to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The petition urges Clinton to direct our embassies to assist Christians who have fled Islamic terror in Iraq. The petition is located at

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