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February 26, 2010 - Washington, DC
February 26, 2010 4:08PM EST

February 26, 2010
February 26, 2010 - Washington, DC

Obama's official Muslim envoy / What is the Organization of the Islamic Conference? / Health care summit was a road show / House resolution supports Iraqi Christians / Chairman Rangle in ethics trouble again / The House is in chaos says Politico / May Day in America / Christians attacked in Pakistan / Geert Wilders to be Prime Minister?

FEBRUARY CHAIRMAN'S REPORT NOW ONLINE- The February 10, 2010 Chairman's Report is now available online in PDF format. This issue highlights the deportation of Iraqi Christians from Sweden and the continued efforts of the government of the Netherlands to eliminate free speech in the name of political correctness. The leader of the second largest political party in the European Union may go to jail for "insulting Islam" Click here to read PDF 

OBAMA'S OFFICIAL MUSLIM ENVOY - On February 13, President Obama announced the appointment of Rashad Hussain, deputy associate White House counsel, as U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). This is an organization that represents a group of nations promoting a specific religious agenda. Appointing an American envoy gives that organization some legitimacy. The OIC has a structure that is highly discriminatory, and it promotes a reactionary, anti-Israel agenda. It also attacks free speech and free exercise of religion in Western nations.

It gets worse. Rashad Hussain publicly defended a terrorism sympathizer in 2004. When he was appointed he lied about defending the terrorism sympathizer and even had references to his comments removed from a magazine., however, found an audio tape of his comments. Faced with the truth he "remembered" his comments. Obama says he has "faith" in Hussain even though he was caught in a bald faced lie and a cover-up. This says a lot about the character of the current occupants of the White House.

JUST A GREAT SHOW - I just loved the show -- I mean Health Care Summit -- held at Blair House with President Barack Obama as mediator between Nancy Pelosi and the far left on one side and the Republicans on the other side. The President had planned this to be an ambush of Republicans, to show the American people it is just the "party of no." A headline in the Washington Post said simply, The Democrats' health-care ambush failed. Health care in America does need to be fixed, but outrageous spending by both Democrats and Republicans has left the nation broke and dependent on handouts from China to even keep the government going. A slow incremental approach is needed to fix health care problems without causing the government to default on its loans to the Chinese, Japanese and Arab royalty.

RESOLUTION SUPPORTS IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Wednesday the House passed by a vote of 415-3, Congressman Frank Wolf's H.Res. 944. The Resolution supports religious minorities in Iraq and its language details how Christians and other religious minorities have been brutalized in Iraq since 2003. Read more at Congressman Wolf's site!

HARRY REID SAYS UNEMPLOYED MEN BEAT THEIR WIVES - "Men when they're out of work tend to become abusive," according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Majority Leader, who is up for reelection this year, is running behind in the polls and this should hurt his popularity among men. One columnist wondered if Reid would beat his wife if he lost the election and became unemployed. Not only did he say that unemployed men were abusive, he said that unemployed women were not. REALITY: The comments of Harry Reid were elitist. Like most liberals he groups people by sex, race, religion and ethnic background and uses broad statements to classify them. Liberals just don't see people as individuals; they see them as serfs who are beneath them.Read more

RANGEL IN TROUBLE -- AGAIN - The House ethics committee found that Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel violated House gift rules by accepting corporate-funded trips to the Caribbean through an organization called the Carib News. Rangel has a long history with the Caribbean. He owns rental property in Jamaica which he did not report income on for years. He also uses a rent controlled apartment meant for the poor as his office in New York. This is the guy that Nancy Pelosi chose to run the most powerful committee in the House. Read more

A HOUSE IN CHAOS - Thursday, February 25th may go down as one of the weirdest days the House has ever seen. Under Nancy Pelosi, the House is usually in at least a mild state of chaos, but termed the day a House in chaos. Besides dealing with the Rangel affair and the bungled Health Care summit, the House also, by accident we are told, passed a law that protecs terrorists and allows the criminal prosecution of our intelligence agents. It was a wild day!


MAYDAY IN AMERICA - The Religious Freedom Coalition is a sponsor of May Day 2010. On May 1st of this year, Christian leaders of all denominations who love God will humble themselves and pray at the Lincoln memorial in Washington, DC for our nation and its leaders. This event is not to impress the media or those in Washington, but to reach the heart of God. Thousands of people will join in Washington with leaders to pray for our nation. There are buses scheduled from many states including New York, Florida, Texas and Missouri. Please be a part of this great prayer movement if you can join us. Learn more

NEW FEBRUARY CHAIRMAN'S REPORT NOW ONLINE- The February 10, 2010 Chairman's Report is now available online in PDF format. This issue highlights the deportation of Iraqi Christians from Sweden and the continued efforts of the government of the Netherlands to eliminate free speech in the name of political correctness. The leader of the second largest political party in the European Union may go to jail for "insulting Islam" Click here to read PDF

MORE CHRISTIANS ATTACKED IN PAKISTAN - The United States sells advanced weapons including the F-16 fighter to Pakistan, a nation with hundreds of madrassas that teach jihad. Not a critical word is ever said by our government about the abuse of Christians in Pakistan. This week, hundreds of Muslims attacked a Christian colony in the port city of Karachi, because a Christian was involved in a petty dispute with a Muslim fruit vendor there. Islam preaches "collective punishment," meaning that all Christians must be punished for any wrong done by one Christian toward a Muslim, even if the accusation is untrue. Read more

GEERT WILDERS TO BECOME PRIME MINISTER? - The trial of Geert Wilders continues in the Netherlands. Prosecutors want to put this Member of Parliament in jail for being critical of Islam, but his popularity is building. Currently his populist PVV (Party for Freedom) only has nine seats in the Parliament, but polls show that increasing to 24 just behind the largest party. Because it is a multi-party system outcome is hazy. Meanwhile the Labor Party released posters and campaign literature in Arabic which is sure to infuriate the real Dutch population further.

WESTERN CIVILIZATION ON TRIAL - The trial of Member of Parliament Geert Wilders is not an issue for just the Netherlands. It is not just Geert Wilders that is on trial; it is Western civilization. If Muslims in Western nations can have people put in jail for "insulting" their religion, it is a statement of surrender of not only Christianity, but the secular West. More at NRO

IRAQI REFUGEES NEED HELP - Please help Iraqi Christian refugees with a tax deductible gift in 2010. All contributions posted online this week will go to assist Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan and Syria. Please contribute at or at the Iraqi Refugee Project page at Face book.

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