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January 8, 2010 - From Washington, DC
Religious Freedom Coalition
January 9, 2010 12:23PM EST

January 8, 2010
January 8, 2010 - Washington, DC

Terrorist attacks are "Man caused disasters" / Sometimes blaming George Bush is appropriate / Killer doctor: My heart burns for Jihad / Obama's transgender appointee / Mayo Clinic can't afford to take Medicare clients / Islamberg - Where are the young men? / NYC's heroin for dummies comic book / More Christians murdered in Egypt / Iraqi Christian refugees.

FINAL 2009 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new December 31, 2009 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. This issue examines the condition of the Christian churches, during this Christmas season, in Muslim nations such as Pakistan, Iraq and Iran. Click here to review.

MAN CAUSED DISASTERS? - In an interview with a German magazine, Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano said, "... I did not use the word 'terrorism,' I referred to 'man-caused disasters'." And she continued, "That is perhaps only a nuance, but it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur." Napolitano may be in way over her head and not intellectually capable of handling her job, but in this absurd statement she is not demonstrating just her own opinions. She is reflecting the views of her boss, President Barack Obama. The school yard bully is a good observer. He does not beat up the strong and take their lunch money; no, he targets the weak. Obama and his failed security chief are sending a message to the bullies, which in this case are Islamic terrorists. Meanwhile, Michael Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, stayed on the ski slopes during the attempted Christmas Day jihad attack in Detroit. He stayed on vacation and did not return to Washington until several days after the attempted bombing of the aircraft.

SOMETIMES BLAMING BUSH IS APPROPRIATE - As bad as Obama may be in dealing with the threats against our nation, the politically correct approach to Islamic jihad began with George W. Bush. His constant references to Islam as a religion of peace, and the fact that he allowed hundreds of thousands of Muslims to legally enter the United States even as he turned his back on Christian refugees from Iraq and other Muslim nations, set the stage for domestic attacks. Nadir Hasan, the Ft. Hood jihadist, was educated and promoted by the US Army under the watch of George W. Bush. While Obama's weakness has triggered more terror, some of the seeds were planted on our soil by Bush.

MY HEART BURNS FOR JIHAD - "My heart burns to ashes because of my love for jihad." Those are the words of the medical doctor who blew himself up and killed seven CIA employees and injured even more in Afghanistan this month. Dr. Abu Dajana Al-Khorasani was a Jordanian whom the CIA believed they had recruited to work for them. Did they not read his wife's books on Jihad? Did they not know that his wife had translated an anti-Western book written by Saddam Hussein? Why was this man not even searched as he entered a US military base? The answer of course is the poison of political correctness, from the White House through the CIA all the way to the graveyard. Had Al-Khorasani been an Iraqi Christian refugee, he would have been strip searched. The dead doctor is now a Jihadist hero whose posthumous article on his love of Jihad and hatred for America is appearing throughout the "Islamic world." Read the killer doctor's article.

OBAMA'S FIRST TRANSGENDER APPOINTEE? - Presidential appointee Amanda Simpson began working this week as senior technical adviser in the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security. Known as "Mitch" before a sex change operation, Simpson worked at Raytheon's missile division. He/she also won the Democratic primary for a congressional seat in Arizona in 2004 but lost in the general election. Although it is believed that this is Obama's first "transgender" appointee, no one can be really sure.

HOUSE AND SENATE IN RECESS - The House and Senate have been in recess for Christmas and New Year's Day. The House will reconvene on Tuesday, January 12th. The Senate will not reconvene until Tuesday the 19th which is the day after Martin Luther King Day.

SECRETLY MEETING EVEN IN RECESS - Even though the House and Senate are officially in recess, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are holding secret meetings on Capitol Hill to reconcile the House and Senate versions of Obama's "Health care reform" bill. Although rules call for a "conference committee" to reconcile differences in House and Senate bills, that will not happen in this case because Republicans would have to be a part of the negotiations. The meetings are at secret times, at secret locations and even the negotiators' names are not being released. Watch the video of Barack Obama claiming that his "health care" bill would be "transparent" and that all negotiations would be on CPSAN.

MAYO CLINIC SAYS NO TO MEDICARE - Barack Obama has pointed out the Mayo Clinic as an example of how medical care in the United States should be. In reality, Congress has voted such low reimbursement for Medicare that the Mayo Clinic has had to limit Medicare patients. Last year Mayo Clinic lost $830 million on Medicare. BUT ... Senator Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have stripped another half a trillion dollars from Medicare and will lower reimbursement about 21% from what it is now. Read more in the Wall Street Journal

HEROIN USE FOR DUMMIES - New York City has produced a comic book for free distribution with instructions on how to properly and "safely" inject heroin. The city spent $32,000 to print 72,000 of the "guides." The distribution program has been criticized by virtually all authorities on drug use, but Mayor Bloomberg continues to defend the expense to taxpayers.

Oddly, Osama Bin Laden uses examples in our society such as heroin use as reasons for jidhad. He and other jihadists proclaim that the United States is a godless Satan that must be destroyed.

ISLAMBERG A GHOST TOWN? - Dr. Paul L. Williams reported in Jihad Watch that Islamberg, New York has become a near ghost town. The young men who once studied Jihad and weapons training at Islamberg and other Muslim only villages in the United States have vanished. The town's underground bunkers and underground firing ranges seem to be going unused. Have the jihadists gone to Afghanistan or Yemen for advanced weapons training, or are they still in the United States? No one is sure and authorities, fearful of accusations of "profiling," make it clear they do not monitor the activities in Muslim only towns. Read more

FINAL 2009 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new December 31, 2009 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. This issue examines the condition of the Christian churches, during this Christmas season, in Muslim nations such as Pakistan, Iraq and Iran. Click here to review.

MORE CHRISTIANS KILLED IN EGYPT - Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas on January, 7th. Muslims chose that day to open fire on Christians as they left Christmas services in Nagaa Hammadi. Six Christians were killed and seven others wounded, two severely. The killings came after a film was shown on international TV exposing the rapes of young Christians girls by adult Muslim men. In reprisal the Christians were murdered for a rumored rape of a Muslim that was never reported to police. Read more

IRAQI REFUGEES NEED HELP - Please help Iraqi Christian refugees with a tax deductible gift in 2010. All contributions posted online this week will go to assist Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan and Syria. Please contribute at or at the Iraqi Refugee Project page at Facebook.

PETITION TO HILLARY CLINTON ON IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Read and sign the Internet petition to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The petition urges Clinton to direct our embassies to assist Christians who have fled Islamic terror in Iraq. The petition is located at

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