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Week ending November 20, 2009 - Washington, DC
November 20, 2009 4:16PM EST

November 20, 2009
November 20, 2009 - Washington, DC

Obama's "Tinkerbell world" / The politically correct general / Stimulus money goes to AARP / Unlimited abortions for $12 a year? / Another attack on "In God We Trust" / Iran releases Christian women in surprise move / More on Iraqi Christian refugees

NEW NOVEMBER CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new November 18, 2009 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. This issue centers on the family of evangelist David Ortiz and his wife Leah in Ariel, Israel since the bombing of their home. Click here to review.

OBAMA'S TINKERBELL WORLD - Would you be willing to die to make Europeans think better of America? Apparently Barack Obama thinks the opinion Europeans, Asians and Africans have about him is more important than the security of our nation. In a recent CNN interview he said, "... before my election, less than half the people -- maybe less than 40 percent of the people -- thought that you could count on America to do to the right thing. Now it's up to 75 percent." What does "the right thing" mean? To despotic leaders it means Barack Obama is more interested in his international image than in the security of his nation and they will take advantage of that weakness.

OBAMA'S POLITICALLY CORRECT GENERAL, PART TWO- As I mentioned last week, Army Chief of Staff George Casey, Jr. said about Ft. Hood that it would be a "greater tragedy" than the 14 murders if Army 'diversity' was negatively affected. My good friend and syndicated columnist Don Feder had a great suggestion for General Casey: "Casey should demonstrate his commitment to diversity by offering to lead a squad of randomly picked Muslim GIs on a mission in Afghanistan - all of whom are behind him with loaded weapons." Sounds like a fair test to me. Read Don's full article on political correctness and Islam. There is still no word from the Army as to why in its quest for 'diversity,' the 51st Translation Interpreter Company at Fort Lewis became 100% Muslim. More than 85% of Arabic speakers in the USA are Christians.

STIMULUS MONEY TO AARP - The AARP is using a lot of money to promote Obama Care. Where is that money coming from? AARP received $18,176,224 in "Stimulus" funds from the Obama Administration, yet reports that it created NO jobs with the funds. What was the money used for? When pushed, AARP claims the funds were used to "train" people to get jobs, but can't tell when or where the classes were held. Hmmm. Sounds like a payoff to me. Meanwhile, Congressman John Boehner of Ohio says that millions of dollars of Stimulus funds went to ten congressional districts in his state that DO NOT EXIST. See list. La Raza, (English translation "The Race") which is in actuality a rather racist organization, has also received Stimulus funds. Some of the more outrageous Stimulus expenditures can be found at

UNLIMITED ABORTIONS FOR $12 A YEAR - Under the heading of "prohibiting abortion funding" the Senate bill sets out rules that require insurance companies to provide unlimited abortions for poor women, and then on page 123 states that insurance companies "... may not estimate such a cost at less than $1 per enrollee, per month." Since the coverage is not "free" the "public" insurance isn't paying for the abortions, according to Democrat lawmakers. National Right to Life has a different opinion and calls the Senate bill "unacceptable."

OBAMA CARE'S REAL COST - Both the House and the Senate versions of Obama Care will have a ten year cost of over $2 trillion dollars and will pay for abortions. The bill will also still leave about 24 million Americans with no medical insurance. Read more

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD - If you have an opinion on Obama Care, there is a site that allows you to express that opinion to your congressman and Senators. The service is free of charge and is located at:

ATTACK ON "IN GOD WE TRUST" - For months I reported on the efforts of Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) to place the national motto, "In God We Trust" in the new Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) beneath the Capitol Building. The CVC was designed to be politically correct and have no mention of the religious heritage of our nation. Congressman Forbes won the legislative battle and the motto was engraved in the CVC. But what Congress and the people want does not really count in America any more, and the radical left is well aware of it. The Freedom from Religion Foundation has filed a lawsuit to have our national motto removed from the CVC. Read more

NEW NOVEMBER CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new November 18, 2009 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. This issue centers on the family of evangelist David Ortiz in Ariel, Israel since the bombing of their apartment. Help your Sunday School class understand these issues better. Click here to review.

IRAN RELEASES CHRISTIAN WOMEN - On November 18th, Iran released Maryam Rostampour, 27, and Marzieh Amirizadeh, 30, from the infamous Evin prison in which many dissidents have died. They have been held since March 5th when they were arrested without charges being filed. A month later they were accused of "blasphemy" because of their Christian faith. On several occasions they were brought before a judge who offered to release them if they would renounce Jesus, which they refused to do. International pressure has been intense and no reason was given by Iran for releasing the two young women. The release was "conditional," meaning that they could be re-arrested at any time

IRAQI CHRISTIAN REFUGEES - The persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ who fled Iraq has gotten worse since our troops left the cities. Rather than Christians returning to Iraq, more are making their way to Jordan and Syria. Our ministry is barred from operating in Syria, but our feeding and medical program continues in Jordan. A third shipment of medical supplies has been delivered and a fourth is planned for December. the RFC has also fully funded our feeding program in Amman for another three months. Your help is still needed.

PETITION TO HILLARY CLINTON ON IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Read and sign the Internet petition to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The petition urges Clinton to direct our embassies to assist Christians who have fled Islamic terror in Iraq. The petition is located at

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