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Week Ending October 23, 2009
October 23, 2009 11:45AM EST

October 23, 2009
October 23, 2009 - Washington, DC

The "Chavez gene" in Obama / White House censorship of Fox News backfires / Thought crimes passes both House and Senate ... Obama to host big gay event for signing / Senator wants no illegals counted in census / The Prayer Caucus / Liberals review a conservative book that has not even been released / How the left loves to censor / Gays want names of marriage supporters in order to attack them / An "Honor Hit and Run" in Arizona / More on Iraqi Christian refugees

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THE CHAVEZ IN OBAMA - Venezuela had a free press until just a few years ago. At first Hugo Chavez, the far left Fidel Castro-loving president of Venezuela, criticized the media that opposed him. Then his supporters arranged advertising boycotts. Then the news studios were invaded by Chavez sympathizers. Then Chavez shut down radio stations that "lied" about him. Then entire TV and radio stations had their broadcast licenses revoked. MEANWHILE: In the USA President Obama and other White House officials have been critical of Fox News and have refused to appear on any Fox News programs. Leftist supporters of Obama have called for advertising boycotts against Fox News programs such as the Glenn Beck Show. It follows a pattern, a pattern of the left which always moves to censor what it does not want the public to hear. Read more For more censorship by the left see Culture and Religion section below

FOX CENSORSHIP BACKFIRES - I really wish I could have seen the expression on Barack Obama's face when he got the news that the liberal media would not go along with his censorship attempt against Fox News. On Thursday "pay czar" Kenneth Feinberg was made available for interviews to the White House media pool (except for Fox News). Stunned by the blatant attempt at media manipulation, the Washington bureau chiefs of the five TV networks decided that no one would participate in the Feinberg interview unless Fox News was also allowed to participate. The Obama Administration was forced to relent and include Fox News. Read more

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THOUGHT CRIMES PASSES HOUSE - A total of 131 Republicans voted against the Department of Defense Authorization bill because of the far left social agenda legislation in this bill, including "hate crimes" legislation. Democrats will now use the vote to claim Republicans voted against "funding the troops." We need to stand by the brave men and women who held onto their convictions and voted against a radical social agenda even though they placed themselves at political risk. Click here to view the full list of House Members who voted against the so called "hate Crimes" legislation in the DOD authorization. (HR-2647) GOP names in italics. Some Democrats voted against HR-2647 because they hate the military, not because they object to the "hate crimes" legislation. Congressman Forbes (R-VA) comments.

THOUGHT CRIMES PASSES SENATE - Senate Democrats followed radical House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in adding "Thought Crimes" legislation to the must-pass military spending bill. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said, "The inclusion of the controversial language of the hate crimes legislation, which is unrelated to our national defense, is deeply troubling." And Senator Jim DeMint, (R-SC) said the bill would "serve as a warning to people not to speak out too loudly about their religious views." If signed into law by Obama it will be tested by thousands of religious leaders in the United States who will preach a message that homosexuality is immoral. Let's see how many of us Obama can jail!

SENATOR SAYS NO TO COUNTING ILLEGALS - Do you want your state to lose congressmen to southern California because several million illegals live there? Senator Vitter (R-LA) has presented an amendment to a spending bill for the Census that would allow only those legally in the country to be counted. Without his Amendment, his state and several others will lose congressmen to areas with large illegal populations that don't even have the legal right to vote. Read more. WHAT CAN'T BE STOPPED: Many pro-illegal groups want the census to DOUBLE the count of Hispanics so those who "hide" will be counted. What if every legal citizen in the USA added just one non-existant" person to their census form? Would that make up for all the illegals being counted? Just a thought.

THE PRAYER CAUCUS -Congressman Randy Forbes and the Prayer Caucus consistently fight for the religious heritage of our nation. The group, led by Forbes, successfully had "One Nation Under God" placed in the new Congressional Visitor Center and has filed briefs in the Supreme Court to defend religious sites in the nation. Lean more about the Prayer Caucus.

LIBERALS GIVE BAD REVIEWS OF BOOK BEFORE IT'S RELEASED - Check out "The Right Hook: From the Ring to the Culture War" by my friend Matt Barber at and you will see all sorts of negative reviews written by left-wingers. Only one problem: the conservative pro-family book has not been released yet, and those writing these reviews could not possibly have read it! Many of the attacks on the book are actually personal attacks on Barber, which figures, because liberals are incapable of debating ideas and concepts. Read more

THE LEFT LOVES TO CENSOR - I have reported on conservative Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders and his film Fitna, which reveals the dark side of Islamic violence. He was refused entry into Great Britain because of the "hate" he exhibited by quoting verses from the Koran. (He won that case and entered the UK last month.) Liberals who support radical Islam showed up at Temple University this week to shout down and boo him. His greatest sin, as seen by liberals, was saying that "our Western culture is far better than the Islamic culture and we should defend it." Often liberals will show up at campus events for the sole purpose of censoring conservative speakers, many times with violence. Read more See related story about BBC

GAYS WANT NAMES AND ADDRESSES IN ORDER TO ATTACK PEOPLE - Homosexuals have demanded the names and addresses of those who are supporting traditional marriage in the state of Washington. They want the names to launch personal attacks and start boycotts of businesses as they did in California. This week the Supreme Court in an 8-1 vote, issued an order preventing the release of the names and personal information of over 138,000 signers of a pro-marriage referendum petition. The order will prevent homosexual hate groups from posting the information online and calling for violent acts against the signers. Read more

OCTOBER 8, 2009 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new October 8, 2009 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. This issue contains more information about our work on Capitol Hill with the 111th Congress, and also about our work on international issues. Help your Sunday School class understand these issues better. Print out and distribute the Chairman's Report to your class or fellowship this Sunday! Click here to review.

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NOT IRAQI ENOUGH? - Not wanting to admit that Iraqi Christians were persecuted, the Bush Administration gave immigration status to ten times as many Iraqi Muslims as Christians. While Christians lived in fear and poverty in Iraq, Jordan and Syria, Muslim Iraqis were given an entrance to America. THE RESULT: A Muslim Iraqi father ran down his daughter in Arizona because of her "Western values." The media in Arizona refused to refer to Islam and instead said the act was because she wasn't acting "Iraqi" enough. Hmmm. Christian Iraqis moving to the USA don't seem to have problems like this. When will the government recognize what has happened and help those who need help -- the Iraqi Christians? See story

IRAQI CHRISTIAN REFUGEES - The persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ who fled Iraq has gotten worse since our troops left the cities. Rather than Christians returning to Iraq, more are making their way to Jordan and Syria. Our ministry is barred from operating in Syria, but our feeding and medical program continues in Jordan. A third shipment of medical supplies has been delivered, and last week we funded our feeding program in Amman for another three months. Your help is still needed.

SPECIAL IRAQI UPDATE - Our ministry partner from Jordan will be in Washington, DC in November, and arrangements have been made to visit several congressional offices. We will also prepare a large shipment of medical supplies to be sent back to the clinic we support in Jordan, enough to last through November and December. Please help financially with these projects.

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