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Week Ending September 4, 2009 - Washington, DC
September 4, 2009 4:15PM EST

September 4, 2009
September 4, 2009 - Washington, DC

Presidential pandering to Islam / Obama in the classroom / US will not honor democratic election in Honduras / Obama to control Internet? / Hollywood "servants" of Obama / Teen spared from Sharia / Eco-nuts morn loss of tree / Obama's FATAH buddies still pledge violence / Christians jailed in China for helping refugees from North Korea 

PANDERING TO ISLAM - The manner in which George W. Bush pandered to Islam was disturbing. The manner in which Barack Obama panders to Islam is disgusting. In his address to a Ramadan dinner at the White House, Obama said that "the contributions of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country." Well, I imagine the number of our service men killed by Muslims would be too long to list or for him to recite, as would the list of 9-11 victims. And Islam does have a long history with the United States. Thomas Jefferson ordered our infant Navy and Marines to what is now Libya, to stop the Muslim pirates from raiding our merchant ships and enslaving our citizens. Virtually every mosque in the United States teaches that democracy is an apostate religion that must be destroyed. These are the characteristics of Islam President Obama holds so dear and of which he speaks so kindly. Read Washington Times Editorial See my video comments at Youtube

OBAMA IN THE CLASSROOM - It was the intent of the Obama Administration and the Department of Education to have elementary school children write letters promising to "help," (promote) the agenda of the president. When the Department of Education sent out the materials for use in classrooms during next week's talk to the students by Obama, an assumption was made. The authors thought all teachers were left-wing nuts like themselves, and thought they would carry out the orders without hesitation. An inside source at FoxNews tells me that hundreds of copies of the documents were sent to Fox. Oops! having been caught in a Hugo Chavez style indoctrination in the schools, the White House was forced to back off some of the agenda for the classrooms but still some parents may keep their kids home.

CLINTON: USA WILL NOT HONOR FREE ELECTION - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated this week that the United States will not honor the free and democratic presidential election to be held in Honduras in November. Instead, she has demanded that the man who was ousted by the Supreme Court of that nation for attempting to alter the Constitution be reinstated. Secretary Hillary Clinton is following the orders of her boss, Barack Obama, who favors left-wing dictators such as Venezuela's Hugo Chavez instead of the democratic process.

CONTROL OF INTERNET BY OBAMA? - It just sounds unbelievable. Imagine the outrage in the liberal media if President George W. Bush had asked for emergency powers to take over and control the Internet! Fast forward to the Obama presidency in which leftwing loon Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid intend to give this extraordinary power to Barack Obama. What little mention there is of the bill in the mainstream media is about how it is needed in case of an "emergency" which, by the way, is not defined by the legislation. It is up to Barack Obama to decide what emergency would require him to take over communications in the United States. Read more

THE AUGUST RECESS - Both the House and Senate are still in the August recess and will not return until after Labor Day, which falls on September 7th this year.

TEEN SPARED FROM SHARIA -- FOR NOW - Christian teenager Rifqa Bary, age 17, is safe in Florida for the time being from her Muslim father who has threatened to kill her for converting from Islam. This week a Florida judge allowed her to remain there and not be sent back to almost certain death in Ohio. Meanwhile the Muslim father and Islamic leaders claim there is no such thing as an "honor killing" in Islam, which is just laughable. Rifqa's parents attend the Noor Islamic Center in Dublin, Ohio which is reported to have ties with terrorist groups. Read more

ECO-NUTS MOURN TREE - The question of our times is deep and saddening: how many extremist nuts are there in America? Just when you think you have seen it all, a YouTube video shows Eco-nuts screaming and crying over the death of a tree and proclaiming the life of a rock. At first you may think this video clip is a joke, but then the level of derangement in this group of Eco-nuts becomes all too apparent. View clip

AUGUST 26, 2009 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new August 26, 2009 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. This issue contains more information about our work on Capitol Hill with the 111th Congress, and also about our work on international issues. Help your Sunday School class understand these issues better. Print out and distribute the Chairman's Report to your class or fellowship this Sunday! Click here to review.

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THIS IS SCARY - A large group of Hollywood stars, on video, stated: "I pledge to be a servant of our president." The pledge of the group comes at the end of the video. To get there you have to listen to the word "change" being used so many times it is sort of sickening and you just want to turn it off. I have seen lots of soviet communist and Nazi propaganda films, and this falls right into that category. See Youtube Clip

OBAMA'S PALESTINIAN ALLY FOR "PEACE" - President Barack Obama plans to sit down and meet with the prime minister of Israel and the current head of Yassar Arafat's FATAH movement which controls the West Bank. He believes that if Israel will just give up more land and surrender tens of thousands of homes and billions of dollars in factories to FATAH, that then there will be peace. But did the FATAH organization proclaim at its last conference that even this much surrender would bring peace? Far from it! FATAH declared the right to armed struggle and the eventual return of all "Palestine" to their control. Read more

CHRISTIANS JAILED FOR HELPING REFUGEES - Li Mingshun and Zhang Yonghu were sentenced to ten years in a prison camp at a trial held August 17, 2009 in the Erlianhaote City People's Court. Their crime was giving food and water to refugees from North Korea who had crossed over into China. The refugees crossed the Chinese border only to make their way safely to South Korea. But China has made it a crime to help North Koreans escaping to South Korea. Read more

PETITION TO HILLARY CLINTON ON IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Read and sign the Internet petition to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The petition urges Clinton to direct our embassies to assist Christians who have fled Islamic terror in Iraq. The petition is located at

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