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Week Ending May 29, 2009 - Washington, DC
May 29, 2009 11:04AM EST

May 29, 2009
May 29, 2009 - Washington, DC

Obama - More extreme than we thought / A Supreme Court justice who relies on personal experience rather than law? / State Department to fund homosexual partners of employees / Americans were safe this week - Congress was in recess / California ban on homosexual marriage stands / Christian graves desecrated /Iraqi Christian cause on Facebook

PETITION TO HILLARY CLINTON ON IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Read and sign the Internet petition to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The petition urges Clinton to direct our embassies to assist Christians who have fled Islamic terror in Iraq. The petition is located at

MORE EXTREME THAN WE THOUGHT? - We are not even half way through the first year of the Obama Administration, and President Barack Obama has been far more radical in his approach to social issues than many of us thought he would be. Many social conservatives in Washington thought Obama would try to appear as a centrist until he consolidated his power. We were wrong. Obama has appointed radical pro-abortionists to key positions, such as Kathleen Sebelius whom he put in charge of Health and Human Services (HHS). There she will have the power to give financial grants to pro-abortion groups.

To show his love for the homosexual agenda, Obama appointed a bitter homosexual activist to his "Faith Based Advisory Council." This appointee, Harry Knox, called the Catholic Knights of Columbus, 'foot soldiers of a discredited army of oppression." He also said that Catholic bishops and the Pope were "discredited leaders" because they would not recognize homosexual marriage. Knox is even more critical of evangelicals.

Now President Obama has nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court to replace Justice David Souter. Oddly enough, Sotomayor and Souter, both liberals, were judicial appointees of Republican George H. W. Bush. Sotomayer has made it clear that "her experiences" and not the Constitution shall determine how she decides cases before her. In 2001 she said, "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion [as a judge] than a white male who hasn't lived that life." In other words she thinks her gender and race make her a better judge. Hmmm.

STATE DEPARTMENT FUNDS FOR SAME-SEX PARTNERS - There goes Hillary! When she is not busy selling US bonds to the Chinese and the Saudis, she is finding new ways to help Obama spend money we don't have. Her latest idea: Give full federal benefits to homosexual partners of State Department employees, the same as the benefits for normal married folks. See Story. Because of my work in the Middle East I have been exposed to a lot of State Department officials, and the number of homosexuals is appalling. In one embassy the Ambassador wanted me to pose for a photo with him in front of a "rainbow" flag, the symbol of homosexuality. Besides humiliating our nation, the cost in actual dollars for Hillary's plan will be great.

CONGRESS IN RECESS -The people of the United States can feel safer and more secure this week, since our Congress has taken the week off from "law making" in honor of our fallen heroes. Unfortunately radical Speaker Nancy Pelosi will fly back in from San Francisco next week, with even more ideas on how to destroy the traditional family, abort more babies and open our borders to illegal aliens. (The American babies that are aborted have to be replaced somehow, because we need the workers. So Pelosi and crew apparently want to bring in illiterate illegals from all over the world to replace them.)

CALIFORNIA UPHOLDS REAL MARRIAGES - This week the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8 by a vote of 6-1. This decision affirmed the state constitutional amendment passed in November, which defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Unfortunately, the Court unanimously refused to invalidate the same-sex "marriage" licenses issued before the amendment passed in November. Already homosexuals have taken to the streets to threaten violence against those who believe in traditional marriage.

Ask any cop in any big city about the violence in the homosexual community. Virtually all "gay violence" is gay on gay. In areas where homosexuals are just 5% of the population, cops tell me that they represent over 50% of the domestic violence calls. Of course, there are no "official" records kept because the real facts would destroy the "gayness" surrounding homosexuality.

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ALL NEW MAY 14th CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new May 14th, 2009 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. This issue contains more information about our work on Capitol Hill with the new 111th Congress, and also about our work on international issues. THIS IS A NEW CR SINCE LAST WEEK! Help your Sunday School class understand these issues better. Print out and distribute to your class or fellowship this Sunday! Click here to view!

CHRISTIAN GRAVES DESECRATED - This week, 70 Christian graves in the Gaza town of Jisna were vandalized. Crosses marking graves were broken. Jisna was a Christian village, but like West Bank towns such as Beit Jala and Bethlehem Muslims have been moving in and taking over. Christians are monogamous and tend to have fewer but better cared for children. The Palestinian Muslims tend to have large families they can barely afford to feed, much less educate. The situation for Christians in areas controlled by Hamas and the PLO is becoming worse every day. Read more.

IRAQI CHRISTIANS NEED HELP - The Religious Freedom Coalition is receiving virtually no funds for our Iraqi Christian Refugee Project from Internet sources. Just a few hundred dollars have been generated at our Facebook page. Virtually no funds are being received from the publication of this email update, even though thousands of people subscribe. Your help is genuinely needed. Please help. Donation link

FACEBOOK FOR IRAQI CHRISTIANS - The Religious Freedom Coalition has a new Facebook page to expose the crisis faced by Iraqi Christians. If you have a Facebook account, please become our friend at this link. You can help Iraqi Christians directly by making a donation at the Facebook cause page! Learn more here!

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