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February 27, 2009 - Washington, DC
February 28, 2009 1:23PM EST

February 27, 2009

February 27, 2009 - Washington, DC

Obama: Force doctors to do abortions / Obama: Give more tax dollars to other nations / What does this stimulate? / Senate stops "fairness doctrine" for now / Hillary Clinton and the Congress / Hillary says human rights abuse OK in China / Congressmen move to protect pro-life "riders" / Geert Wilders is a hero of free speech / Wilders speaks to Senators / Jordan wants to try Wilders / Why so much worry about Wilders? / Does the UN hate freedom?

FORCE DOCTORS TO DO ABORTIONS - President Barack Obama will revoke a Bush administration rule that shielded health care workers who refuse to participate in abortions because of their pro-life beliefs. The rule, issued by Bush health chief Michael Leavitt, prohibited groups that take U.S. money from firing, denying professional certification to or otherwise discriminating against medical providers who refuse to perform or assist in abortions, or give referral information. At first glace this seems like a reversal of policy; however, the Bush rule only took effect a few hours before Barack Obama was sworn into office. Why did Bush wait eight years to implement this rule? Had Bush issued the rule the first year of his Administration, it would have been very difficult for Obama to rescind it.Read more

THIS IS A STIMULUS? - Under the $787 billion Stimulus Bill, you can write off the state sales tax on a new car you buy this year. How it works: If the tax on the car is say, $750 you can deduct it from your adjusted gross income. If you are in the 25% tax bracket you would then pay $187.50 less in income tax. WOW ... just spend $25,000 on a new car and the government pays $187.50 of the cost!

MORE MONEY TO OTHER NATIONS - As bad as things are in the United States, most people would think that President Obama's new budget should focus on America. Well, it doesn't. The State Department budget, including USAID funds and other overseas aid programs, was increased by 40.9% to $51.7 billion. The Health and Human Services budget that includes Medicaid for the poor was actually reduced by President Obama by 1.7%. The Justice Department, which includes the FBI, will receive 6.3% less at a time it must investigate massive financial fraud. However, the Commerce Budget to will increase by 48.4% as a result of refocusing the department on "climate change." See graph at

FAIRNESS DOCTRINE - Last week I reported that President Obama claimed he was against the return of censorship in the form of the "Fairness Doctrine." That did not stop a Democrat, Senator Durbin, from trying to add language to the DC Voting Rights Act to allow the FCC to once again censor radio. However, Senator DeMint (R-SC) introduced a competing amendment that would bar the FCC from censorship, titled the Broadcaster Freedom Act. The DeMint bill passed 87 to 11. At this point it is unknown if this will survive the House vote. Read more

HILLARY CLINTON AND THE CONGRESS - Members of Congress were appalled when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it clear to the Chinese and others that the Obama Administration would look away from human rights abuses in order to borrow money to fund US deficit spending.

"In a shocking display of pandering, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it clear in Beijing, that the Obama Administration has chosen to peddle U.S. debt to the largest dictatorship in the world and is willing to ignore the torture, forced abortion, forced labor, religious persecution, human sex trafficking, gendercide, and genocide," Congressman Chris Smith said. "Secretary Clinton said concern for the protection of human rights of the Chinese people can't 'interfere' with the economic crisis, climate change, and security - as if human rights were somehow disconnected and irrelevant to those issues." Read more

Congressman Wolf of Virginia, who is an outspoken supporter of religious freedom, also wrote Secretary Clinton a blistering letter. Read PDF version here

The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. Prov. 22:7. America is the borrower. China and Saudi Arabia are the lenders.

CONGRESSMEN MOVE TO PROTECT PRO-LIFE RIDERS - Representatives Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Heath Shuler (D-NC) have obtained 180 signatures form Members of the House to the Appropriations Committee asking for protection of pro-life provisions traditionally included in the annual appropriations bills. These are contained in various appropriations bills and must be retained every year to remain in place. The provisions deal with issues such as funding for abortion, conscience protection for health care providers and embryo research. Removing any of these provisions would represent an erosion of current pro-life law. Read PDF of Jim Jordan authored letter here.

NEW FEBRUARY CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new February 12, 2009 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. This issue contains more information about our work on Capitol Hill with the new 111th Congress, and also about work on international issues. Print out and distribute to your Sunday School class. Click here to view February 12, 2009 edition!

Geert Wilders and William J Murray GEERT WILDERS IS A TRUE HERO - This week I met with Geert Wilders, a Member of the Dutch Parliament who is threatened with jail time for telling the truth about Islam and the Koran in his short film FITNA. For five years this brave man has been forced to sleep in safe-houses and sometimes jail cells because he is virtually the only politician in the West that will speak truthfully about the dangers of Islam to the West. He was invited to the United States by Senator Kyl (R-AZ) after the United Kingdom refused to allow him to accept an invitation to speak at the House of Lords. The British have become such cowards that they fear the words of free men such as Geert Wilders. (Read my op-ed on the UK and Wilders here.) This man may well be the only hope for Europe and we can only pray that his political party gains strength not only in the Netherlands but in the European Parliament as well. Read his speech to Congress. NEW: View the question I ask Geert Wilders at a press conference on Friday as well as his response. See clip on YouTube.

JORDAN WANTS TO PUNISH WILDERS - Not only is Geert Wilders under indictment for "hate speech" in the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Jordan wants him to be extradited to that nation to stand trial for "blasphemy." The punishment of course is death. The United States considers the Kingdom of Jordan to be a "moderate" Islamic State. Imams in other Islamic nations have issued Fatwas calling for the murder of Geert Wilders. The government of the Netherlands cowers in fear of their Muslim population as do other Western nations.

THE UN HATES FREEDOM - Let's get real here ... Most of the member states of the United Nations are not real democracies. The Islamic members allow the abuse of women and have virtually no free speech. Durban II is an upcoming United Nations conference to he held on "anti-racism." It appears the conference will find that Israel is racist while Saudi Arabia is just all wonderful. They will probably also declare that insulting Islam is "defamation of religion" and punishable. Why are we a part of this madness? Read more

FACEBOOK FOR IRAQI CHRISTIANS - The Religious Freedom Coalition has a new Facebook page to expose the crisis faced by Iraqi Christians. If you have a Facebook account, please become our friend at this link.

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