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Week Ending December 12, 2008 - Washington, DC
December 12, 2008 9:00PM EST

December 12, 2008

Week Ending December 12, 2008 - Washington, DC 

Bush and Obama fear GM failure / Obama and Gore plan for a "green" America / Congress and the automakers - What is good for some is bad for others / Nancy Pelosi and the Christmas celebration / Richard Cizik is finally fired by NAE / "Kill the Jews just like in 1929" says Jordanian Muslim leader / I appear on Fox and Friends to talk about the war on Christmas

In November, 2008, just days after receiving billions of our tax dollars for a bail-out, American Express canceled credit lines of all their small business customers, making it impossible to buy inventory for Christmas and causing layoffs. At the same time American Express canceled the credit lines of non-profit organizations including the Religious Freedom Coalition. As a result of the actions of American Express, we will no longer accept American Express cards at our Internet site.

BUSH AND OBAMA FEAR GM FAILURE - The Bush White House and the Obama transition team are in a near state of panic trying to avert bankruptcy filings by Chrysler and GM before the end of December. Chrysler barely has the funds on hand for the next two payrolls, and suppliers are starting to demand that GM pay cash up front for parts.

I have been on White House conference calls with other social and economic conservative leaders concerning the automakers crisis. While the content of the calls is confidential, I can say that the economic outlook for the nation if there is a GM failure is bleak. Estimates are that a failure will bring down the GDP of the United States by 5% or more next year. President-elect Obama fears inheriting an economy that is in a literal free fall worse than the Great Depression.

OBAMA AND GORE - Barack Obama has already put plenty of pro-abortion people in key places of his staff. Could it get worse? Yes it can. This week Barack Obama met with Al Gore. It is Al Gore who wants to destroy what is left of the American economy by forcing American industry to buy carbon credits costing billions of dollars a year, from nations such as Russia that have vast forests. The two huddled for hours figuring out how to make America "green." Green being defined as broke. Read more

CONGRESS AND THE AUTOMAKERS - This week the House and Senate met for three days to try to hammer out a rescue policy for Chrysler and General Motors. The plan passed the House and then stalled in the Senate when Senator Corker of Tennessee demanded that as part of the deal workers at their plants must agree to accept wages less than those of workers at Toyota plants in the US. In his home state of Tennessee, Volkswagen is slated to receive $577 million from the state to build a new plant there. The German government may now give Volkswagen funds to help the company through the financial meltdown there. Aides to Senator Corker said he sees no conflict in favoring aid for Volkswagen and opposing it for GM. The House and Senate adjourned with no action.

CONGRESS AND THE CHRISTMAS TREE - Following a Christmas tree lighting ceremony that included traditional Christmas carols played by a US Air Force band, Washington based Rev. Rob Schenck thanked Speaker Nancy Pelosi for keeping, "Christmas" at the US Capitol. Speaker Pelosi responded that she had been "mugged" for doing so. When asked again she repeated the comment. The Speaker was admitting that she had paid a political price for allowing the Christmas celebration to go on. The politically correct in her party were clearly unhappy. Read more

WAR ON CHRISTMAS - I APPEAR ON FOX AND FRIENDS - On Thursday of this week I appeared on Fox and Friends which is the morning show viewed by millions of people on the Fox News Network. The subject was the continuing war on Christmas, this time the removal of Christmas trees from a university library. I made the point that a few people should not have veto power on the views and traditions of others. See video clip here.

CIZIK GONE AT LAST- Richard Cizik has represented the National Association of Evangelicals in Washington, DC for more than a decade. During that time he has sought and found a home with social liberals, radical greens and even those who are pro-abortion. Despite that the NAE, which officially stands against most of his positions, stood behind him as their guy in DC. This week he went too far when he endorsed homosexual marriage on a radio show. Finally he was asked to resign, just about ten years too late. Read more

NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new December 4, 2008 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. Read more about Rev. George Docherty and "under God" in the Pledge. Also information on Barack Obama's pro-abortion cabinet and Hillary Clinton. New information on Muslim attacks in India and persecuted Christians. Click here to view PDF

KILL THE JEWS LIKE YOU DID IN 1929 - That was the call of a Jordanian cleric to Muslims in Israel. Most believe Jordan to be a "moderate" Islamic state, but that is only because of the iron hand of the king. If left unchecked, the Muslim clerics would be as dangerous as those of Iran. Read excerpts here and see actual video clip.

PERSECUTED IRAQI CHRISTIANS - The situation in Iraq has not improved for Christians and your assistance is still needed. if you need a reminder of the situation please watch the testimony video of those who have lived through the persecution. Please help today.

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