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Week Ending October 24, 2008 - Washington, DC
October 25, 2008 9:58AM EST

October 24, 2008

Week Ending October 24, 2008 - Washington, DC

Obama won? See a possible January 22, 2009 newscast / Obama pulls further ahead / New Sarah Palin book / Obama plans Nazi style victory celebration with 80,000 / Greenspan admits "errors" / Congressman Murtha's "racist" district / Three new Palin books / 20 years in jail for asking a question in class / Christian worker slain / More Christians flee Iraq

NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new October 22, 2008 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. Social conservatives under a McCain presidency versus their prospects under a Obama presidency. News on social conservatives running for Congress. Also: Continued persecution of Christians in Iraq Click here to view new issue.

SOUND THE ALARM NOW -Radio host Janet Folger Porter has anchored a newscast from the future that is a warning to America. The January 22, 2009 newscast reports on the first days of the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. In this report from the future, we learn that the new president is fulfilling his promises to the abortion industry and other far left interests. The video can be viewed at

OBAMA PULLS AHEAD - As the world economy continues to collapse, the polls indicate that Senator Barack Hussein Obama is surging ahead. Social conservatives who make up about 40% of the Republican Party are defecting to the Democrats as they watch their retirement dreams vanish to the free trade anachy. Unregulated hedge funds have over the past eight years gambled away the future of America, and the inability of President Bush and the Congress to rein them in has destroyed the Republican coalition. Most social conservatives are populists, not free traders and the Republican leadership's failure to understand that may lead to an Obama victory and a strengthening of the Democrat hold on the House and Senate.

NEW BOOK ON SARAH PALIN - Zondervan Publishing has released Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader. Learn more!

OBAMA'S NAZI TYPE RALLY - Although he has not yet won the election, Barack Hussein Obama has ordered the construction of a giant stage for his victory rally in a Chicago Park. The rally, which will have coordinated flag waving ala the Hitler era will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read more.

GREENSPAN ADMITS ERRORS - Although Congress is officially in recess, individual committees continue to hold hearings. The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform headed by Chairman Barnie Frank called former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan as a witness this week. During his testimony he admitted to "errors" during his term as chairman. While the rest of the world was praising Greenspan, many populists including myself were warning that he had put too much money in circulation at virtually a zero interest rate and that the resulting uncontrolled growth would eventually collapse into financial ruins. He admits now he may have made an "error."

MURTHA'S REDNECK DISTRICT - Loudmouth Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania recently called his constituents "racists." When this angered not only them but local media outlets, he modified his comments to say his constituents were "rednecks." Most recently he said that only the "older" constituents were "rednecks." He was apparently trying to explain why Barack Hussein Obama may not win in his district. He is now having some problems with his own reelection. Read more.

THREE NEW BOOKS ON PALIN Christian publishers have rushed to get books out about the life of Governor Sarah Palin and all three are available at our Christian Internet bookstore at a 10% discount. NOTE: Unlike Amazon we don't sell porn at our Christian Internet store. To learn more about the books on Sarah Palin click here. The most talked about of the three is Sarah Palin: A new Kind of Leader published by Zondervan.

NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new October 22, 2008 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. Social conservatives under a McCain presidency versus their prospects under an Obama presidency. News on social conservatives running for Congress. Also: Continued persecution of Christians in Iraq Click here to view new issue.


TWENTY YEARS IN JAIL FOR FREE SPEECH? - For more than a year I have been reporting on an Afghan journalism student who was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death after a secret trial. After intervention by President Bush his life was spared and his trail was moved to Kabul. His alleged crime was raising questions about the role of women in Islamic society. The more "enlightened" Kabul court has reduced his sentence to imprisonment for 20 years. The decision drew condemnation from international rights groups. I have personally contacted the White House asking for intervention. American and European troops are fighting in Afghanistan to support a government that sends people to jail for decades for excercizing free speech. Read More.

CHRISTIAN WORKER SLAIN IN KABUL - Gayle Williams, a 34-year-old dual British-South African national who helped handicapped Afghans, was shot to death as she was walking to work this week. In a statemnt the Taliban said she was murdered for"spreading Christianity." She was with an NGO that assists poor handicapped children. The Afghan government condemned the attack, the same Afghan government that put a man in jail for 20 years for asking a question about women's rights in class. Read more.

MORE CHRISTIANS FLEE - Nearly 10,000 Christians have fled Mosul in the last month and none are returning despite a promise of cash from the Iraqi government that has failed to protect them. That 10,000 represents half the city's Christian population. They have fled as murders and attacks on their homes continue. The Iraqi government says it sent 1,000 police to Mosul to protect Christians, but this was a lie told to the Bush Administration to appease them. No additional police have been dispatched to Mosul. Read more

DON'T FORGET IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians are still refugees and still need our help. Donate today!

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