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Week Ending October 17, 2008 - Washington, DC
October 18, 2008 2:46PM EST

October 17, 2008

Week Ending October 17, 2008 - Washington, DC

The White House responds to slaughter of Christians in Mosul - sort of / Pray for European socialism / Sex and Florida's 16th congressional district - Is it something in the water? / Col West marches on Florida's 22nd / Out with pneumonia

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WHITE HOUSE AND IRAQI CHRISTIANS -I am sure President Bush cares about his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are being murdered, raped and pillaged of their property in Mosul, Iraq. Unfortunately he cannot offend the Muslim despots from which the United States borrows hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Assisting the Christians would offend our Muslim overlords, and so the Middle East Christians must suffer.

Even the Fox News media reports which make the situation sound horrid are actually white washed. I have contacts on the ground in Iraq and it is far worse. (See International.)

I have been in touch with the White House almost daily about the situation. Answer: "The Iraqi government is integrating Christians into the police force." Yes, I knew that. Then they are sent to Muslim areas where they are killed. Christians need a Christian police force and anything less will not work, and the violence in Mosul proves this point.

OBAMA PULLS AHEAD - The situation looks so bad that European style socialism looks good in comparison. The European version, which the GOP has been warning about for decades, would actually be preferable to what we may have in store. The trio of Obama, Pelosi and Reid don't' want European socialism because the European economic system is actually "managed capitalism." Obama, Pelosi and Reid want to increase government revenue, (meaning higher taxes) to fund their radical social agendas. Example: Under European socialism, families choose the schools their children go to and the government pays the tab in the form of a voucher. NOT HERE: Obama and company want the system of forced geographic education where the children can be better controlled by the NEA.

HOW ABOUT THAT FLORIDA 16TH? - Is there something in the water down there? The sex scandal in Florida's 16th district was the last straw for Christian voters in 2006. They stayed away from the polls as Republican scandals just kept piling up. Then, it was a gay Republican with a young boy problem; now it is a Democrat with a middle aged woman problem. Now the Democrat leaning Palm Beach Post has removed its endorsement from Congressman Tim Mahoney and told folks to vote Republican. The FBI may be involved because of a pay-off to Mahoney's mistress.

COL. ALLEN WEST - Just south of Florida's 16th lies another first term Democrat controlled district that may go Republican. Col. Allen West could very well be the next J.C. Watts. If elected, the solid social conservative would be the only African-American Republican in the House. The Mahoney scandal is spilling over into the 22nd district and West may be able to take advantage of it. If we wins he will be a valuable ally to social conservatives in Washington.

STILL GONE - The Congress is back in their districts trying to get votes and raise money. There will be no official session of the Congress until after the election in November.

A MISSION TOO FAR? Over the many decades that I have gone on fact finding and mission trips I have never become ill, despite eating strange foods and sometimes sleeping on the ground. That changed this past month when I contracted a very powerful strain of pneumonia that has just about left me unable to work at all for more than a week. I apologize for the shorter and missing updates, but my health has not allowed me to be more complete.

NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new October 1, 2008 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. This issue contains information about the financial crisis facing our nation from an inside the Beltway perspective. This unique report may assist you in your financial planning. Click here to view new issue.


CURRENT IRAQI GOVERNMENT LIES JUST LIKE SADDAM - Prime Minister Maliki told the White House he was sending more police to Mosul to protect the Christian population. Our contacts on the ground report that if indeed they were sent from Baghdad they are hiding in their barracks. It is now being reported that Maliki was actually sending a "high level delegation" to determine who is doing the bombings. Is this a joke? Is they anyone in the world who doubts that the bombings are being plotted in the offices of Mullahs at the local Mosques? The current government in Iraq is no more trustworthy than that of dictator Saddam Hussein .... Opps, there is one difference; Under the former dictator Christians could live in peace in Iraq.

DON'T FORGET IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians are still refugees and still need our help. Donate today!

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