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Week Ending August 29, 2008 - Washington, DC
August 29, 2008 4:28PM EST

August 29, 2008
Week Ending August 29, 2008 - Washington, DC

McCain goes way outside of the box on VP pick / Who is Sarah Palin? / The Obama ego and the "Greek temple" setting / The coming GOP convention / Pelosi tries to teach Catholic theology / Catholic Bishops angry over Pelosi remarks / GOP keeps pro-life platform / What is a conservative populist? / Hindus kill Christians, burn homes / Iraqi Christians need our help


MCCAIN WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX-Several weeks ago I discounted Gov. Sarah Palin as Senator McCain's pick for at my PAC site. Although she is very pro-life and a social conservative I had dismissed her for what I thought were some very petty acts while in office. Also, I just didn't think John McCain could think this far out of the box and that he would pick, like Barack Obama did, a fellow Senator. The pick of a true social conservative changes the entire dynamic of the campaign. Media bio of Palin

OBAMA CONTINUES TO DISPLAY EGO - I believe filling a stadium with 84,000 cheering fans, reminiscent of a Nazi rally in the 1930's, was a huge mistake for Senator Barack Obama. He continues to play the roll of rock star, but the luster is wearing off as voters start to look past the "Wow, a black guy for president!" feeling and start looking at what he actually believes. For example, Barack Obama is so extreme on abortion that in the Illinois legislature he voted to allow doctors to kill. Then there is that ego that went along with the Greek temple motif at the stadium. This was not a good night for the Democrats, even some of them agree. Read more

GOP CONVENTION - I will be reporting from the GOP convention in Minneapolis next week. I am scheduled to attend numerous events other than the convention itself, including receptions with candidates. I serve as the chairman of the all volunteer Government Is Not God - Political Action Committee. This PAC supports federal candidates for the White House and the Congress. Read about the political action committee.

PELOSI SAYS CATHOLIC HISTORY IS PRO-ABORTION - Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quoting a non-existent Scripture from the Old Testament, and she said that God had blessed America with Barack Obama. This week she is telling Catholic Bishops that they are wrong and that the Church was pro-abortion in the past. This has caused public outrage among Catholic Bishops who have now publicly reprimanded Pelosi for her remarks. Read more For another good article on Pelosi's theology, read here.


STILL PRO-LIFE - The platform committee of the Republican Party has maintained its pro-life platform. This was a platform that in the past was not supported by Senator McCain. With his choice of a true pro-life running mate, the platform fits his campaign. Read more

WHAT IS A CONSERVATIVE POPULIST? - Recently I wrote an Op-ed for a local newspaper on conservative populism. Since then it has appeared in other newspapers and on many Internet sites. Read Op-ed

NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The all new August 21, 2008 Chairman's Report is now available to read in PDF format. This issue contains information on China's persecution of Christians during the Olympics, and election news from the perspective of social conservatives. It tells what has been happening in Congress during the recess, as well as other congressional and international news. Click here to view new issue.

HINDUS ATTACK, KILL CHRISTIANS - At least 30 Christians were killed and 750 homes burned to the ground by Hindu extremists in India. Christians have asked the Indian government to send troops to stop the violence, and Christian schools across India have closed in protest. Oddly, the Hindus began the attacks on Christians after one of their local leaders was killed by a band of communist guerillas.

DON'T FORGET IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians are still refugees and still need our help. Donate today!

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