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Week Ending June 20, 2008 - Washington, DC
June 20, 2008 3:30PM EST

June 20, 2008
Week Ending June 20, 2008 - Washington, DC

President George W. Bush on up tick / Obama first ever to refuse federal election funds / The real oil story / DNC - Party of the rich / GOP has hope in high gas price / Senate stalls FEC / Fairness is censorship / Update on Ami Ortiz / UN official says conservatives bombed Twin Towers / RFC sponsors Saudi conference / More on Iraqi Christians

NEW JUNE CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - An all new edition of the Religious Freedom Coalition Chairman's Report is now available in PDF format. The Jun 18, 2008 edition includes details of the RFC outreach program to Iraqi Christians. There is other RFC material never before posted at our site including a photo of our evangelist's bombed apartment. Read new Chairman's Report

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH- The front pages of the major newspapers, all liberal, feature photos of Barack Obama every day. A stranger to our land would think that he is already our president. Not often mentioned is our current President, George W. Bush. Yet, with the war now being won in Afghanistan and Iraq and the major intelligence changes he introduced codified, his esteem among foreign leaders is growing. During his final tour of Europe he convinced the British to send more troops to Afghanistan and the Italians to lend more support to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

OBAMA FIRST TO REFUSE FED FUNDS - Barack Obama will be the first Presidential candidate to refuse federal funding for the general election since the program was begun after the corruption plagued Nixon campaign in 1972. If McCain stays in the federal program he will be limited to $82.5 million dollars while Obama may spend as much as he can raise. NOTE: A California, Florida or New York Senate campaign can cost over $50 million because of the cost of TV advertising. Obama may be able to raise and outspend McCain by a 2 to 1 margin this Fall as most of the rich favor Democrats.

THE REAL OIL STORY - Barack Obama and his Green religion backers do not want you to know this: If the existing "marginal wells" in the United States were reopened, within 30 days we would not have to import a single barrel of oil from the Middle East! A marginal well is one that produces 15 or fewer barrels per day. The Democrat controlled Congress refuses to pass the incentives to owners to reopen these wells. The Democrats are also blocking: 14 billion barrels of oil form the Continental Shelf, 10 billion barrels from ANWR, 2 trillion barrels from the Rockey Mountains, and 179 billion barrels from the Canadian Oil Sands. The USA is the only nation in the world that blocks offshore dilling. The USA forbids American oil companies from obtaining oil from the Canadian oil sands. The reserves in the USA are three times those of Saudi Arabia, but laws on the books do not allow exploration. Thank Senator Barack Obama and the Democrats for the price of gasoline.

DNC - PARTY OF THE RICH Radical left Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is one of the ten richest members of the Congress. Last year she estimated her wealth between $15 million and $55 million and that did not include most of her husband's extensive real estate holdings. Recently she added $25 million to the Water Bill to improve San Francisco's Embarcadero port area where husband owns extensive property. Pelosi sees no problem in raising taxes by 10% - it makes no difference to someone who earns millions a year. Beside, she can direct the taxpayers' money to her husband's benefit. Read more

GOP HAS HOPE IN HIGH GAS PRICE - The Democrat leaders like the high price of gas so much that they actually want to add additional taxes and make the price even higher. Democrat leaders are so tied up in the Green religion that they believe the best way to save the planet is to price gasoline out of the reach of the average citizen. Meanwhile, the Republicans don't much want the price of gasoline to go down either. "This is the issue that can save us in November," one GOP leader told me. If gas prices stay where they are, the Republicans think they can take back the House. Why? Since Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats took over, the price of gas has doubled.

SENATE STANDSTILL HALTS FEC - The Federal Election Commission can't function because it does not have enough members for a quorum. In this critical election year Democrat Leader Harry Reid blocked a vote on new appointees to the FEC. Senate Minorty Leader McConnell said, "I am extremely disappointed that our friends on the other side of the aisle have objected to a fully functioning Federal Election Commission. Just yesterday, their nominee called the system 'broken.'" Senator Reid is also blocking the confirmation of virtually all judges, believing that a Barack Obama victory will allow Obama to fill all the vacant posts with members of the ACLU.

FAIRNESS IS CENSORSHIP - Sounds like something out of the novel Brave New World, but liberal governments all over the world are eliminating free speech in the name of "fairness", and Democrats want to censor Americans here at home. Just one example is President Lulu of Brazil who says opposing homosexuality is a sickness. He believes being against homosexual relations should be made a crime punishable by law. (SEE LULU STORY) In our Congress, Nancy Pelosi's idea of "fairness" is to force Rush Limbaugh to have someone present in the studio to refute minute by minute every word he has to say. Read more on the Fairness Doctrine.

One Nation Under God Tags ONE NATION UNDER GOD - Here is a great gift for those defending our nation or anyone who believes this is "One Nation Under God." The Shields of Strength stainless steel dog-tag is engraved with Joshua 1:9. Thousands of our troops and veterans already wear these as a reminder of God's presence. The small price of $4.49 each Includes a 24" neck chain. for more information or to order click here or on image. ALSO: See the full line of patriotic "god tags" at this location.

SAUDI ISLAMIC ACADEMY DIRECTOR ARRESTED - Women have no rights in Islam. So when a 5-year-old girl student told Abdalla Al-Shabnan that she had been sexually abused, it was not reported to authorities. He has been arrested for obstruction of justice for failing to report the crime. (Read arrest.) This is the same school I reported on last week, which teaches hatred of Jews and Christians and promotes Jihad. The school is operated by the Saudi government and could be closed by the State Department. However, Secretary Rice continues to defend the school and refuses to even furnish copies of the hate filled text books to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.

NEW JUNE CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - An all new edition of the Religious Freedom Coalition Chairman's Report is now available in PDF format. The Jun 18, 2008 edition includes details of the RFC outreach program to Iraqi Christians. There is other RFC material never before posted at our site including a photo of our evangelist's bombed apartment. Read new Chairman's Report

RFC SPONSORS SAUDI CONFERENCE - The Religious Freedom Coalition was one of the chief sponsors of a Capitol Hill conference on Saudi Arabia. The conference at the Rayburn House Office Building on June 18th was titled U.S.-Saudi Dilemma: A challenge for the next Administration. The conference centered on the feudal Saudi Royal regime and its despotic nature. The Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia has good information on the conditions there from the view point of a Saudi national. Read more

UN OFFICIAL SAYS CONSERVATIVES ATTACKED TRADE CENTER - Prof. Richard Falk, a U.N. Human Rights Council official assigned to monitor Israel, said a commission is needed to determine if American conservatives played a role in the September 11, 2001 attack on New York and Washington. This is just further proof that the UN should be dissolved and the UN building in New York pulled down and replaced by a mushroom farm. Read complete story about this nut.

IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Hope is all but lost that the United States government will do the right thing by the hundreds of thousands of Christians who have been persecuted and forced from their homes in Iraq. Our government still slams the door of our embassies in the faces of Christian refugees and tells them to go beg for food and shelter from the United Nations. I will personally travel to Amman, Jordan in July to work on a program to assist Christian refugees. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. Click here to help

UPDATE ON AMI'S CONDITION - On March 20th a bomb hidden in a fruit gift basket exploded in the face of Ami Ortiz, the 16 year old son of Evangelist David Ortiz at their home in Ariel, Israel. I have posted the major updates on his condition as David and his wife Leah have sent them to me. The June update is very hopeful for Ami. Read update. Because of the interest a group has made a slide show of the bombing, with before and after pictures of Ami which show how he has improved since the bombing. See slide show here. NOTE: This is a large file and can take several minutes to download before it begins playing on your Media Player.

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