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Week Ending June 6, 2008 - Washington, DC
June 6, 2008 8:48PM EST

June 6, 2008

Week Ending June 6, 2008 - Washington, DC

The media forgets about the Iraq war / Obama is the man for Dems / McCain still doesn't understand social conservatives / In huge mistake, Senate Dems move to raise cost of gas at the pump / House Dems have 12 year record of voting against additional oil supplies / Baby survives abortion / The end of free speech in the UK / Muslims bomb Danish embassy

NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - An all new edition of the Religious Freedom Coalition Chairman's Report is now available in PDF format. The May 29, 2008 edition includes details of the RFC outreach program to Iraqi Christians. There is other RFC material never before posted at our site including a photo of our evangelist's bombed apartment. Read Chairman's Report

THE PRESIDENT'S FORGOTTEN WAR - The Washington Post, New York Times and the major TV networks rarely mention the Iraqi war any more. Most of the stories about "losing" the war have been replaced by those about returning veterans being depressed or having high divorce rates. The liberal media has stopped reporting on the war because their side is no longer winning. Last month 14 of our servicemen lost their lives in Iraq, the least in any month since the war began. The Iraqi army now has 500,000 trained men and they have taken over terrorist run Basra, a city that the British could not control, and have routed radical Mullah Sadr's militia out of Sadr City. After five years the tide has turned and the war is being won, but Americans are unaware of this because the liberal media refuses to report the truth. The truth would hurt their candidate for president, Barack Obama. WSJ editorial

OBAMA IS THE MAN - Barack Obama has secured the Democrat nomination for the presidency. I am sure those he calls his mentors including communist poet Frank Marshall Davis would be proud. The man he called friend, radical priest Michael Pfleger has been suspended by the Catholic Church after his racial rants in Obama's Church. After 20 years of sitting and listining to anti-American, anti-white racist rants, Barack Obama has resigned from Trinity Church with his "regrets.:

MCCAIN STILL DOESN'T GET IT - There are two main divisions in the Republican Party - the economic conservatives who supply the money, and the social conservatives who knock on doors and put up the lawn signs. McCain has chosen to ignore the social conservative wing of the party, the Huckabee wing, in favor of the big corporate types that supply the money. To win the election in the fall McCain needs foot soldiers, and to get them he must stop ignoring social conservative activists before they find other things to do this fall than to work for his campaign.

DEMS: LET'S RAISE COST OF GAS Just back from Memorial Day recess, the first action the Democrat leadership of the Senate moved forward was a "Cap and Trade" bill that would almost immediately increase the cost of gas by 56 cents a gallon. The Warner-Lieberman bill would set up 55 new federal bureaucracies that would "trade" carbon dioxide credits. Under the bill refiners, who are some of the biggest polluters, would be required to buy credits to "compensate" for their pollution. They would buy these credits from sources such as the forests belonging to the Russian government. The Democrat idea is that forcing the "polluters" to buy the credits will make them "go green" and pollute less. They are sort of right: with more expensive energy there will be fewer jobs and thus less pollution. More

HOUSE DEMS SAY NO TO MORE OIL - During the last twelve years 86% of Democrats have voted against ANWR exploration and 78% have voted against processing coal to liquid fuel. In addition 86% of Democrat House members voted against oil shale exploration and 83% voted against outer Continental Shelf exploration. NOTE: China's main oil company is drilling just 45 miles from Key West, Florida but Democrats will not allow US oil companies to drill there. And finally, 96% House Democrats have voted over the past 12 years against increasing oil refinery capacity in the USA. Sort of clarifies why gas is over $4.00 a gallon.

BABY SURVIVES ABORTION? - It is the kind of story that Planned Parenthood and pro-abortionists such as Barack Obama hate to here. One of those "clumps" of tissue that is "not really human" survived an abortion and is alive and well. Against all odds the baby was conceived while the mother was taking contraceptives and then survived the abortion attempt. Picture of mother and baby.

NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - An all new edition of the Religious Freedom Coalition Chairman's Report is now available in PDF format. The May 29, 2008 edition includes details of the RFC outreach program to Iraqi Christians. There is other RFC material never before posted at our site including a phto of our evangelist's bombed apartment. Read Chairman's Report

END OF FREE SPEECH IN UK - Two Christian preachers were prohibited from handing out Gospel tracts by a Muslim policeman because they were in a Muslim section of London. A Muslim police community support officer told them it was a hate crime to attempt to convert Muslims to Christianity. Read more

MUSLIMS BOMB DANISH EMBASSY - A car bomb exploded outside the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan this week killing six people. Al-Qaida claimed responsibility for the blast, saying it was in retaliation for the printing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in Danish newspapers. Only in the mind of a fanatic Muslim is it proper to murder innocent civilians because of having been insulted by a cartoon. Read more.

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