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Week Ending November 16, 2007
November 16, 2007 3:46PM EST

November 16, 2007
Week Ending November 16, 2007 - Washington, DC

HEAR WILLIAM J MURRAY ... Click here to listen to William J. Murray on Leading the Majority. Murray talks about repression of religious speech in America and the situation of Christians in the Middle East.

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THERE REALLY IS A VICE PRESIDENT- The press and the late night comics are always making jokes about Vice President Cheney being in an "undisclosed location," and it is true he is rarely seen. However, he did manage to make it to a fund raising event on Thursday night for two candidates my political action committee supports, Bob Latta (OH-5) and Rob Wittman (VA-1) Both candidates, who are running for the House in special elections on December 11th, are 100% pro-life social conservatives and emphasize that fact at their Internet sites. In his remarks not even once did the Vice President mention the social issues these men support. Rather, he talked about how they would lower taxes and vote to protect the nation. There is just a disconnect between Republican leadership and the party base.

THANKSGIVING PROCLAMATION - President George W. Bush has issued his annual Thanksgiving Proclamation saying, "Our country was founded by men and women who realized their dependence on God and were humbled by His providence and grace." Click here to read the full proclamation.

THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE - Surprise, Surprise .... The respected Rasmussen Poll now shows Gov. Mike Huckabee tied for 2nd place nationally. Another poll shows Romney and Huckabee within 2 points of each other in Iowa. Meanwhile Rev. Pat Robertson has bet his reputation on pro-abortion candidate Mayor Rudy Guiliani. Read my view at Newt Gingrich's site,

HOUSE IN RECESS - The House went into recess on Thursday for Thanksgiving and will not return until December 3rd. The House will then be in session for about one week before the Christmas break, (holiday break if you're a Democrat.) Meanwhile the House has passed only 105 bills, and 47 of those were to name buildings such as post offices. More than 40 other bills were extensions of previous Republican legislation. Not a single appropriations bill to fund the government for the fiscal year has been passed, but there have been 58 votes on withdrawing our troops from Iraq. So little actual work is being done under radical Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that we may hit 2008 with virtually nothing on the President's desk for his signature.

LITTLE BOOK OF BIG GOVERNMENT- Will Rogers said, "The only difference between death and taxes is that death does not get worse every time Congress meets." The Democrat controlled Congress wants to spend $2.17 trillion next year. Minority Whip Roy Blunt has put together an amazing little book of facts and figures about big government that includes fascinating information such as how long it takes to spend a billion dollars at $1,000 a day. The small book is available to view or download at .

FAIRNESS DOCTRINE- Congressman Mike Pence has now persuaded all but six House Republicans to sign a discharge petition to bring legislation to the floor that would stop a future Administration from imposing the FCC "fairness doctrine" which is a killer of free speech. Pence introduced the legislation because radical Democrats want to "level the playing field" by forcing conservative talk show hosts to give equal time to liberals. Information on the Broadcaster Freedom Act is available at Congressman Pence's site.

WHAT HAPPENED NANCY? - The latest Gallup Panel survey, conducted Oct. 25-28, 2007, asked Americans whether they were "pleased," "neutral," "disappointed," or "angry" about the way the Democrats in Congress have been dealing with major issues under San Francisco radical Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Few Americans are pleased. Only 7% approved of the handling of the federal budget deficit and just 17% approve of their handling of terrorism. Between 12% and 26% are angry about various issues. In general the majority of Americans say they are disappointed with the congressional Democrats' performance so far. Click here for Gallup story.

KENNEDY'S "HATE CRIMES" ALIVE- Senator Ted Kennedy's bill to punish people for having bad thoughts about homosexuals has been hidden in the DOD (Department of Defense Authorization Bill) in a dishonest attempt to try to force President Bush to sign it into law. Like ENDA in the House, Kennedy's legislation would give homosexuals super rights not enjoyed by the rest of Americans. Under his bill, if there is a mass shooting, such as there was at Virginia Tech, it would be more of a crime to shoot a homosexual than a normal heterosexual. Does this make sense at all? Conservative Senators are holding the line so far. if Kennedy's super rights for homosexuals is part of the DOD authorization, President Bush has said he will veto it.

HEATED PRIMARY - This week I met with Dr. Walter "Buddy" Witherspoon of South Carolina. He is a Committeeman to the Republican National Committee and has set up an "exploratory committee" to perhaps run against oddball Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. Last year Senator Graham told South Carolinians that they were just bigots if they didn't want to share their state with illegals. His popularity is way down and a conservative Democrat could win the seat if someone does not get the Republican nomination away from Graham. He just cannot be trusted on social conservative issues.

FAITH IS A WINNING MESSAGE - In an article written for the Washington Post, Senator Sam Brownback said,

"On the campaign trail I talked about being pro-life and whole-life. This is, first and foremost, recognition of the fundamental dignity of every human person. It says that every person, at every stage and in every place, is a beautiful and unique child of God. It says that every life, everywhere, has value and is worth fighting for. I think this is a winning message. Unfortunately, the GOP primary process this year, as in times past, has been more focused on "electability" than on message. I believe that's the wrong focus. Recent history has shown that when we as a party focus on message, we win; when we get bogged down with questions about which personality is most 'electable,' we lose."

The Senator dropped out of the race for lack of funds just as the winds began to shift and GOP voters started to look past the "electability" of Rudy Giuliani toward the "message" of Mike Huckabee. I authored similar remarks that are now on several blog spots including those of Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee. Click here to read.

FAITHFUL CITIZENSHIP - Catholic Bishops meeting in Baltimore, Maryland this week passed a statement entitled "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship." The document outlines the citizenship and voting responsibilities of Catholics in the United States. The liberal press immediately attacked the statement and liberal "scholars" promptly stated that Catholics would ignore it. It is true that many who were born Catholics and have not attended Mass in years may not pay too much regard to the Bishops' statement. Practicing Catholics, however, probably will. Click here to view a PDF of Faithful Citizen booklet issue by the Bishops.

NEW YORK'S ILLEGAL DRIVERS - With the polls showing more than 70% of New Yorkers against him, Democrat Gov. Eliot Spitzer gave up on his plan to issue drivers' licenses to tens of thousands of illegal aliens. He made the bizarre claim that he planned to issue the licenses to force the illegals to pay for auto insurance. The ruling class in America, including the liberal media, see nothing wrong with giving anyone entering the nation illegally a driver's license. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was all for it until she saw the poll numbers; now she just is not sure. FEAR NOT ILLEGALS! You can still get a license in Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.

Hillary take note: Every single state in Mexico requires that a valid Mexican visa must be presented by a foreigner to obtain a driver's licnese. Click here of details of Mexico requirments.

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The November 2, 2007 issue of the Chairman's Report is now available online. This all-new issue contains information on our fact finding mission to the Middle East. There are photos from the mission as well as photo links. New Capitol Hill action as well. Click here for the new Chairman's Report. A new report will be issued next week.

MORE PERSECUTION IN "SECULAR" EGYPT - Two members of a Canadian based human rights organization in Egypt and their attorney were arrested in Cairo on November 10 by State Security Investigations (SSI). Wagih Yaakoob, official spokesman for the Middle East Christians Association (MECA) and Victor George, an administrator of the association's voice room on the "Pal Talk" messenger, were taken to Lazoghly State Security headquarters in Cairo for interrogation. Later in the day SSI officers in Alexandria arrested the association's attorney, Mamdouh Azmy, who was also taken to Cairo for interrogation. Reportedly, they are being accused of belittling Islam. Click here for details

IRAQI CHRISTIAN REFUGEES - Father Keith Roderick and I are just about done with the final report on our Fact Finding mission on Iraqi Christian Refugees. The final report and recommendations have taken longer than we thought; however, I believe a full report will be available by the next update release next week.

The Pledge: One Nation Under God THE PLEDGE - My most recent book, The Pledge: One Nation Under God, has been released and is now available online and at bookstores. The book has a forward by Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) who is the primary sponsor of the Pledge Protection Act to keep "under God" in the Pledge. Please order The Pledge from the RFC bookstore, as the funds will be used to help fight to keep "under God" in the Pledge. Click here or on Image to learn more.

OUR CHRISTIAN INTERNET STORE - We have lots of great stuff for Thanksgiving and Christmas at our Internet store. Not only are there books and CD's, but everything from candy to jewelry and all of it has a Christian theme. Unlike Amazon and other major Internet stores we do not sell porn and satanic materials right beside Christian books. Ours is a real Christian store with tens of thousands of items. Please take a look. The store is located at Contributions to the work of the Religious Freedom Coalition can be made at

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