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September 28, 2007 - Washington, DC
September 28, 2007 9:31AM EST

September 28, 2007
Week Ending September 28, 2007 - Washington, DC

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BUSH AND SOROS- Billionaire George Soros probably represents a greater threat to American democracy than does Hitler-want-to-be Ahmadinejad of Iran. Yet President George W. Bush, to my knowledge, has not once addressed this threat, not even when George Soros pays off government officials. The Soros controlled "Open Society Institute" paid more than $720,000 to a NASA employee to be a "whistle blower." In that capacity James Hansen received national press coverage speaking out for the global warming cause.

In 2006 about 2 million illegal Mexicans took to the street demanding amnesty and the media portrayed it as a spontaneous event and President Bush sympathiized with them. In reality the entire event was orchestrated and paid for by George Soros' $17 million from the Justice Fund. Soros is tampering with the entire democratic system with his ill-gained billions from currency trading, and the Administration says nothing. Has George Soros become so powerful that even the Administration is fearful of addressing his activities? R ead Investors Daily editorial concerning the Soros threat to democracy.

PRESIDENT'S VETO OF SCHIP - Imagine a federal medical insurance program that would have the bottom 15% of households paying for the children of the top 25% of households. That is the version of the the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) that President George W. Bush decided to veto. Under the Nancy Pelosi orchestrated give-a-way , a family of four earning as much as $82,600 a year could cancel the medical insurance on their kids and have the government pick up the tab. About 45 out of every 100 children eligible currently have private insurance. SCHIP was intended for "poor" children, not the children of middle class families who are already insured.

SOMETHING TRULY DISGUSTING - Radical Nancy Pelosi sees nothing wrong with an ad depicting the Last Supper with Jesus Christ and the Disciples depicted as homosexual sadomasochists. The advertisement, with the logo of Miller Beer, among others, is for an event in Pelosi's district. Click here for a report on this disgusting anti-Christian event that "Catholic" Nancy Pelosi supports.

BLUNT FORCES "BETRAY US" VOTE - Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) managed to add a "germane" amendment to the CR (Continuing resolution that funds the government) condemning the George Soros "Betray Us" ad in the Times. This forced more than 100 Democrats to vote for it and it passed overwhelmingly. The vote condemned the advertisement attacking our top U.S. general in Iraq. The final vote was 341-79. The core "progressive caucus" (socialists who are controlled by George Soros and voted against the resolution.

OLYMPIC BOYCOTT? - Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) is having a problem getting support for his House Resolution 610 expressing the sense of Congress "to take immediate steps to boycott the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, unless the Chinese regime stops engaging in and supporting serious human rights abuses against its citizens and those in the Sudan, Burma and North Korea." In introducing the legislation he said, "In 1936, Nazi Germany hosted the Olympics giving Hitler a worldwide platform to show case his fascist propaganda. It was wrong to support the Olympic venue then and it's wrong for the United States to support this prestigious event being held in a similarly fascist regime in 2008." Please contact your congressman about this important resolution.

THOUGHT CRIMES PASSES - On Thursday the Senate voted 60-39 on the cloture motion for the Kennedy/Smith "Hate" Crimes Amendment #3035 to the Defense Authorization Bill. The Amendment had nothing do to with Defense and everything to do with the money homosexuals pour into the Democrat Party. Following the closure vote, the amendment was adopted by a voice vote. The Kennedy Amendment would federalize all "hate crime" as "perceived" by the victim.

The Senators then agreed under unanimous consent to dispense with the cloture vote on the Hatch Amendment #3047 which passed by 96- 3, a significant change from the last vote on this measure in 2000 which was 50-49. The Hatch bill is the Republican version of Hate Crimes legislation which leaves it up to the states, and which President Bush would probably sign into law. Read Senator Hatch's remarks about Senator Kennedy's unconstitutional and unnecessary legislation.

If President Bush is presented the bill containing the Kennedy Thought Crimes amendment and vetoes it, that would be the first veto in history of defense appropriations.

THE MEDIA AND MURDERERS - I was astonished to read a Time Magazine reporter's story about his "Dinner with Ahmadinejad." The tone of the article gives us a real clue as to how the American media deals with a Hitler-want-to-be such as Ahmandinejad or a Stalin-want-to-be like Hugo Chavez. Click here for Time's My dinner with Ahmadinejad."

THE MUSLIM WHO IS AN EPISCOPAL PRIEST - "I am both Muslim and Christian, just like I'm both an American of African descent and a woman. I'm 100 percent both," Rev. Ann Holmes Redding has told the Seattle Times. Her bishop, Rt. Rev. Vincent Warner, says he thinks the interfaith possibilities are exciting. If this sounds weird, consider the fact that the current head of the Episcopal Church was on Capitol Hill to testify before the Senate on Global warming. Besides being a pro-gay spiritual leader, she claims to be an oceanography expert. Meanwhile the "gay" Bishop, Gene Robinson, has been released from an alcohol treatment center. He said his alcohol problem came from "stress." Question: Who gave the church keys to the inmates at the funny house?

ALL NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - The September 19th, 2007 issue of the Chairman's Report is now available online. See photos of petition deliveries! This issue contains information that has not appeared in weekly updates. Click here to read

IRAQI MISSION UPDATE - The Religious Freedom Coalition fact finding mission to the Middle East will depart in mid-October. A former governor has agreed to be the political leader of the mission to investigate the condition of Iraqi Christian refugees. A well known Hollywood actress along with a professional writer have also been recruited. We are continuing to pray that all of our contacts in Lebanon will still be alive by the time we get to that nation. Many Christian leaders have been targeted by Islamic radicals for assassination before the vote for president in October. Please pray for the success of our mission.

The Pledge: One Nation Under God THE PLEDGE - My new book, The Pledge: One Nation Under God has been released and is now available online and at bookstores. The book has a forward by Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) who is the primary sponsor of the Pledge Protection Act to keep "under God" in the Pledge. Please order The Pledge from the RFC bookstore, as the funds will be used to help fight to keep "under God" in the Pledge. Click here or on Image to learn more.

CHRISTIAN INTERNET STORE - There are literally tens of thousands of Christian theme items available at our affiliate store including jewelry from the Holy Land. It is a great place to shop for gifts. The store is located at Please help us with our various projects on Capitol Hill and in the Holy Land by shopping at our affiliate Christian Superstore . Contributions to the work of the Religious Freedom Coalition can be made at

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