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Week Ending August 24, 2007 - Washington, DC
August 27, 2007 12:32PM EST

August 24, 2007
Week Ending August 24, 2007 - Washington, DC

NEW: The August 9, 2007 issue of the Chairman's Report is now available online. New and expanded material about persecuted Iraqi Christians and much more! Click here to read!

RECESS - The House is in summer recess until September 4, 2007

PARIS HILTON SYNDROME - Democrat Congressman Bob Filner (D-CA) had an assault and battery charge filed against him for striking a United Airlines ground employee at Dulles International Airport. The incident occurred when his baggage was delayed. Most congressmen and Senators have a privileged view of the world which I call the Paris Hilton syndrome. They believe they can act above the law because they make the laws. Click here for FoxNews story

Meanwhile GOP Congressman Rick Renzi (R-AZ) has announced he will not run for re-election amid an FBI investigation of his family business. Click here for AZcentral story

LOWER THAN A USED CAR SALESMAN - The approval rating for this Congress has dropped to a low of 18%. When the Republicans lost power, tainted by corruption in 2006, the rating was at 35%. Under the leadership of left wing extremist Nancy Pelosi the approval rating has been cut in half. Click here for Gallup poll.

RECESS- The Senate is in summer recess until September 4, 2007

EVANGELICALS BECOMING ORTHODOX? - The The Antiochian Orthodox Church has increased its membership by 150% in the past 20 years and 70% of that increase consists of converts from Evangelical denominations such as the Southern Baptists. The Orthodox Church is theologically almost identical to Evangelical positions. Apparently many Evangelicals are moving to the Orthodox Church to flee the rock music that has replaced hymns in many Evangelical churches. Click here for in depth story.

IRAN MULLAHS TO LEAD U.N. "RACISM" CONFERENCE - In the "you have to be kidding" category, Iran has been selected by the United Nations for a leading position in a committee that will plan the 2009 UN World Conference against Racism. This is despite Iran's numerous calls for Israel's destruction, and repeated denials of the Holocaust. It must be taken into account that most of the member states of the United Nations are dictatorships and monarchies who have a hatred for democracy. The UN is principally funded by the United States. Click here for full story.

CHRISTIANS STILL HELD IN EGYPT - Egypt's State Security Investigations (SSI) continues to hold Christian activists Adel Fawzy and Peter Ezzat, accusing the men of insulting Islam, jeopardizing state security, and preaching Christianity. They have not been allowed visitors or lawyers, probably because they are being tortured. Complaints filed with the Egyptian government by the Religious Freedom Coalition and other organizations have gone unanswered.

MONTHLY JIHAD REPORT - In July, 2007 there were 322 violent Jihad attacks by Muslims in 17 countries with 2,211 killed and 2,674 critically wounded. A full list can be found at www.thereli

The Pledge: One Nation Under God THE PLEDGE - My new book, The Pledge: One Nation Under God has been released and is now available online and at bookstores. The book has a forward by Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) who is the primary sponsor of the Pledge Protection Act to keep "under God" in the Pledge. Please order The Pledge from the RFC bookstore, as the funds will be used to help fight to keep "under God" in the Pledge. Click here or on Image to learn more.

CHRISTIAN INTERNET STORE - There are literally tens of thousands of Christian theme items available at our affiliate store including jewelry from the Holy Land. It is a great place to shop for gifts. The store is located at Please help us with our various projects on Capitol Hill and in the Holy Land by shopping at our affiliate Christian Superstore . Contributions to the work of the Religious Freedom Coalition can be made at

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