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Week Ending July 6, 2007 - Washington, DC
July 10, 2007 7:39AM EST

July 6, 2007
Week Ending July 6, 2007 - Washington, DC

Terror in Great Britain and our Southern border / Make the illegal problem get worse in order to fix it? / Thought crimes and talk radio on House agenda / Doctors of death - are we issuing "H1" visas to bring them here as well? / About those H1 visas Bill Gates loves.

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TERROR AND THE BORDER - A major terror attack in Great Britain has failed to change the Administration policy on our own southern border. There are 49 different nationalities represented in the El Paso detention center, including those from the same nations that conducted the recent terror attacks. Despite this, the Administration is making no new moves for border security.

MAKE IF WORSE FIRST - There even appears to be a logic in the Bush Administration to let in as many illegals from Mexico as possible to create a crisis that forces the American people and Congress to accept the President's amnesty plan. At the same time the southern border security is so low, Secretary Chertoff of Homeland Security has signaled that he plans to break up as many "immigrant families" as possible. Is the purpose of this to have TV coverage of crying children as "bread winners" are taken away to jail? I believe this will be done in an effort to win over Americans to the amnesty concept.

HOUSE IN RECESS - The House is in recess for the July 4th holiday. The House will reconvene on Monday, July 9th.

THOUGHT CRIMES AND RADIO - On the return of the House, expect a huge push against "hate crimes" and for the "Fairness Doctrine." The Democrats who now control the House will push for an investigation as to whether talk radio encourages "hate crimes." The main targets of the investigation will be Christian and conservative talk shows.

SENATE IN RECESS - TheSenate is in recess for the July 4th holiday. The Senate will reconvene on Monday, July 9th.

The Pledge: One Nation Under God PLEDGE UNDER GOD - Earlier this week I discussed the situation with "under God" in the Pledge on Trinity Broadcasting Network's special July 4th patriotic "Praise" TV show with Pastor Hogue. This past week I also did interviews on KBJS radio in Tyler, Texas, WAVA radio in Washington, DC and WYLL in Chicago, IL. Next week I will be in Atlanta at the Christian Booksellers Convention and I will record a TV show for Dr. Kennedy's Coral Ridge Ministries program. Please pray with me that those who listen will understand the importance of keeping "under God" in our Pledge! Click here on on image for more information on The Pledge: One Nation Under God

DANIEL PEARL - Danny Pearl was the Wall Street journalist who was publicly beheaded by terrorists. A liberal movie director has made a film, Mighty Heart, about Danny Pearl that compares his murder to the Untied States holding terrorists at Guantanamo. Danny Pearl's mother is a liberal and I urge you to read what she had to say about the movie and the concept of moral relativism in the New Republic. Click here for her story.

DOCTORS OF DEATH - According to liberals, terrorism is caused by poverty and lack of education. Perhaps that is why the 9-11 Jihad terrorists came from oil rich nations such as Saudi Arabia. Of the eight detained in Britain for terrorist attacks this past week, six were medical doctors.

ABOUT THOSE VISAS - The United States has NO SYSTEM IN PLACE to determine if anyone entering the nation on a visa actually ever leaves. While UPS can track millions of packages a day and know the exact time they are loaded and unloaded from any given truck, our government has no idea if anyone who entered the country legally ever left. NOTE: The terror doctors in Britain entered using the same "H1" type visas that the USA hands out to get cheaply paid doctors to work for HMOs in the USA. Hmmm!

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