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Week Ending June 15, 2007 - Washington, DC
June 15, 2007 12:38PM EST

June 15, 2007
Week Ending June 15, 2007 - Washington, DC

Amnesty and the President's job rating / Victims of Communism finally recognized / Presidential report on Virginia Tech shootings / House Dems to kill faithfulness in sex / House Dems to pay for abortions in Africa and Asia / Labor unions loss big / Europe will not take in Christian refugees from Iraq/In Gaza they just like to kill people. The Israeli city under constant rocket attack

The June 6th edition of William Murray's Chairman's Report is now online. Click here to view the PDF edition!

AMNESTY AND THE POLLS - President Bush returned from a successful European tour to try to save his push to legalize 12 million illegals by getting them to pay a $1,000 fee to stay.The Amnesty bill which failed in the Senate last week has brought the President's approval ratings to an all time low as fewer Republicans give him a positive approval rating. In an MSNBC poll his positive rating has dropped to 29% with only 62% of Republicans saying he is doing a good job. Click here for MSNBC story.

VIRGINIA TECH AND PRIVACY This week a report requested by President George W. Bush on the Virginia Tech massacre was presented to him. One of the key findings of the report was that privacy laws, or the perception of them, allow dangerous people to buy guns and otherwise go unchecked in our society. Virtually all of the privacy laws in the United States stem from the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. In that case a woman's "privacy" was deemed more important than the life of the unborn child. These laws many times prevent sharing of information between agencies. A college cannot even call a family and tell them that a son or daughter has attempted suicide and needs help. View full report.

VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM - On June 12th President Bush spoke at the dedication of a monument to the approximately 100 million people murdered world wide by communist regimes. These largely forgotten victims are now memorialized by a large bronze statue of the "Goddess of Freedom" within sight of the Capitol Building. This figure was chosen, much to the anger of the Chinese government, because it is a replica of the statue erected by students in Tiananmen Square. President Bush praised those who had bravely fought communism and compared thE communist threat to today's violent Islamic radicalism. For the President's complete speech click here.

DEMS DENOUNCE FAITHFULNESS - The State/Foreign Operations Appropriations bill is scheduled to come to the floor next week. The liberal Democrats have inserted language that would waive the 33% spending directive for abstinence-until- marriage programs under PEPFAR. This spending requirement guarantees that funding is directed towards the A (Abstinence) and B (Be faithful) components of the ABC Model, which has proven to be very effective in countries like Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Rep. Pitts (R-PA) is planning to offer an amendment to make sure the spending requirement is retained to protect this important evidence-based approach. Cli ck here for a full explanation of the ABC approach to fighting AIDS and why it is so important.

DEMS TO PAY FOR ABORTIONS - Rep. Lowey has inserted language to gut the Mexico City Policy in the State/ Foreign Operations Appropriations. The Mexico City policy initiated by President Ronald Reagan forbids any foreign funding being used for abortions. If not next week, it is very likely that the State/ Foreign Operations Appropriations bill will be considered before the end of the month. Everyone should continue efforts to support an amendment to restore the Mexico City Policy sponsored by Reps. Chris Smith and Bart Stupak. Contact your congressman at once and ask him not to spend your tax dollars for abortions in Asia and Africa.

SENATOR COBURN AND THE CDC - Senator Tom Coburn is a medical doctor and a maverick in the Senate who targets wasteful spending. He has set his sights on the Center for Disase Control (CDC) and the waste he sees there including "quiet rooms" for staff to sit and think. This is an interesting report. Click here for more information.

LABOR UNION LOSS? The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously decided that labor unions may not use their members' dues to support political candidates or causes with which the members disagree. Each year the National Education Association hands over huge contributions to radical candidates and causes. Thursday's ruling was against their Washington state affiliate, the WEA. Many conservatives are skeptical that this ruling will change anything. Similar Court decisions have been made in the past, yet unions have continued to do as they please with no real consequences -- sort of like illegal immigrants. This time, though, the decision may have some teeth, and it looks like the WEA will have to pay a $594,000 fine that the liberal Washington State Supreme Court had already thrown out.

ISLAMIC MILITANTS ATTACK ISRAELI TOWN On Friday the RFC was represented at a briefing on Capitol Hill hosted by the Christian Grassroots Network and the Embassy of Israel, at which two residents of Sderot, Israel told what life is like in their home town less than a mile from the violence racked territory of Gaza. Their town has been under attack for seven long years; this past month it was hit by over 450 Kassam rockets with two people being killed. When asked why the Israeli military does not respond more forcefully, the answer was that the Palestinian attacks are launched from hospitals and schools, places the Israeli army is not willing to fire upon. The Palestinian rockets, which are becoming steadily more powerful, are simply lobbed across the border with no guidance system. Although casualties have so far been low (just ten this year), it is hard to imagine how families survive in a place where warning sirens blare several times a day and everyone must rush into the nearest bomb shelter. Normal business commerce and social life are almost impossible. Yet as the two young Israelis pointed out, if the residents of Sderot give up and flee, the Palestinian militants will simply encroach further into Israel and start firing missiles at the next town.

THEY JUST LIKE TO KILL PEOPLE - With no Jews left inside Gaza to attack, the Muslims have turned on each other and there is a full scale civil war. The Palestinian culture is one of death; murder and mayhem are taught from kindergarten on. Every boy thinks only of growing up to hold a gun and kill. Oddly many Europeans, particularly British liberals, want all of Israel handed over to this culture of death. Speaking of Britain, the second most common name for new born boys is now Mohammed.

CHRISTIAN REFUGEES HELD IN CAMPS IN EUROPE - When we invaded Iraq there were about three million Christians who were comparatively well off under the secular dictatorship. Over half have already fled. Those who have made it to Europe are kept in detention camps such as Steenokkerzeel Center near Brussels. Oddly Muslims entering Europe for cheap labor do not seem to have a similar problem. Click here for story of one elderly couple's plight.

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