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Week Ending May 4, 2007
May 4, 2007 1:22PM EST

May 4, 2007
Week Ending May 4, 2007 - Washington, DC

President will veto any laws that weaken existing pro- life legislation / President vetoes bill as promised / Thought Crimes passes House despite protests of clergy / Thought Crimes in the Senate next / RFC participates in Israel - Christian Solidarity event in Washington, DC


A PROMISED VETO This week President Bush issued an SAP (Statement of Administration Policy) that informed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he would veto any law, or for that matter any "rider" that would weaken existing pro-life policy. Specifically the President stated that he would veto any provision that directed tax money to be used for abortions. Click here for story. A PDF of the actual letter can be viewed here. In March a group of Senators sent a letter to the President urging such action. Earlier in the week another SAP was issued by the Administration which stated that the President's "senior advisors" would recommend he veto any new "Hate Crimes" legislation that was expanded to cover "sexual identity." Under HR-1592, which passed the House this week, it would be a "hate crime" to harm a pedophile. On the other hand a pedophile harming a child would NOT be a "hate crime."

A VETO AS PROMISED As he promised, President George W. Bush vetoed a war spending bill that would have required that troops begin returning from Iraq as early as July at a time when the additional troops are actually being sent to Iraq. Although Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims that last November's election gave her a "mandate" to end the war, many Democrats crossed over and voted with Republicans to allow the President's veto to stand. What is really at stake has little to do with the Iraq war. If she wins and begins directing the war, the presidency becomes a figurehead and the United States becomes a parliamentary system with the Speaker of the House running the day to day affairs of the nation. Apparently this is the final goal of Nancy Pelosi, who has established her own foreign policy by negotiating surrender directly with the enemies of the United States. Next comes the liberal dream; handing the direction of the nation over to the petty dictators who control the United Nations.

THOUGHT CRIMES - HR-1592 has passed the House by a vote of 237 to 180, with a few socially liberal Republicans crossing party lines to vote with the Democrat Party. The bill pays police departments to identify "hate crimes" which means of course a lot more "hate crimes" will be found. The Senate as yet has not voted on the bill. If this passes and the President does not veto it, preachers could go to jail for "inciting violence" by preaching that pedophilia is a sin. San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi chose the National Day of Prayer to bring this anti-Christian measure to a vote. Click here for more.

SENATE THOUGHT CRIMES - Please urge the President and Senators to oppose the "Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act" (S-1105), which is the thought crimes legislation introduced by Senator Kennedy (D-MA). S-1105 is very similar to that introduced in the House by Rep. Conyers (HR 1592) which passed this week. Conyers pushed the bill despite a private visit by African-American pastors the day before the vote asking him not to pursue the bill that could jail preachers for teaching that homosexuality is a sin.

TEN COMMANDMENTS - During the week I escorted Dr. Ron Wexler to several meetings on Capitol Hill. As part of the schedule arranged for him by the Religious Freedom Coalition he gave a presentation on Ten Commandments Day to the chiefs-of-staff of forty Senators. There is now some movement for a resolution to make the first Sunday in May Ten Commandments Day.

William Murray reads at Bible Marathon BIBLE READING MARATHON - Each year leading up to the National Day of Prayer, the Bible is read aloud continuously for 90 hours at the U. S. Capitol. I have participated in the readings for several years. Click here or on image to view photo.
This year, Thursday, May 3rd was the National Day of Prayer and many events were held around Washington, DC. I joined Vonette Bright, widow of Dr. Bill Bright, on the steps of the Supreme Court where we knelt and prayed for our nation and its leaders. It was Vonette Bright who pursued the concept of an official National Day of Prayer until it was passed by Congress and signed by President Reagan. Click here for Washington Times article that mentions our prayers at the Supreme Court.

William Murray and Ambassador Meridor ISRAEL CHRISTIAN SOLIDARITY- On Friday, May 4th about 200 Christians gathered at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC to show their solidarity with that nation, The Religious Freedom Coalition was one of several sponsors of the event and I had the privilege of introducing one of the keynote speakers, Mrs Jane Hansen who is the president of Aglow International. Prior to the main event I and other sponsors had the opportunity for a private meeting with newly appointed Ambassador Sallai Meridor.

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