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Week Ending April 13, 2007
April 15, 2007 2:52PM EST

April 13, 2007
Week Ending April 13, 2007 - Washington, DC

Salvation Army offends Mexican radicals and is sued by Bush Administration / Is rebellious Speaker of the House now a felon? / No Visa card without a visa / Senate wants taxpayers to fund destruction of embryonic humans / Public school officials prepare to defend themselves against murderous homeschoolers and fundamentalist Christians

EEOC VERSUS THE SALVATION ARMY - The Salvation Army hires men and women who sometimes are totally unemployable elsewhere. They are not only given job training, but in many instances a place to live. The Salvation Army has several requirements depending upon the situation. For example, to use Salvation Army housing an occupant may not consume alcohol. Anyone becoming intoxicated may be banned from the housing for up to one year. In addition the Salvation Army gives those who are not proficient in English one year from the date of hire to become fluent enough in English to do their jobs. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (part of the Bush Administration) has sued the Salvation Army to force it to end the requirement that employees learn enough English to do their jobs because of a complaint filed by Mexican employees. LETS THINK THIS THROUGH: If the Mexican employees are not required to learn English then ALL English speakers will have to learn Spanish to communicate with them. This is just plain nuts. Click here for the Hispanic Internet site bragging about the lawsuit.

DID PELOSI COMMIT A FELONY? - The Logan Act, which has been on the books since John Adams was president in 1799, makes it a felony with up to three years in jail for any American, "without authority of the United States," to communicate with a foreign government in an effort to influence that government's behavior on any "disputes or controversies with the United States." Speaker Pelosi traveled to Syria and entered into direct conversations with the dictator of that nation against the will of President George W. Bush. He has specifically asked her not to go to Syria. The Supreme Court has upheld the law over the last 200 years. Click here for an in-depth Opinion Journal article on this possible felony.

NO VISA WITHOUT A VISA - Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) introduced legislation that would close the legal loophole which allows American financial institutions to issue credit cards to illegals. Her Photo Identification Security Act would require the Federal Government and financial institutions to accept only secure forms of identification. Only legal United States residents who have these forms would be able to conduct business at financial institutions. The Bank of America recently publicized the fact that it issues credit cards to illegals without proper documentation. Blackburn said, "The American people deserve to know that the integrity and security of our financial institutions will remain intact. This bill closes a critical loophole that banking institutions have used to circumvent the letter of the law, a loophole they have used to target illegal aliens as a new source of revenue. It says to banks and illegal immigrants alike, 'You can't get a Visa, without a visa,'" Blackburn said. Thanks to institutions such as the Bank of America, terrorists who enter the United States illegally can obtain credit cards to purchase airline tickets thus escaping the scrutiny of a cash purchase.

IN RECESS - The House is in "spring" recess until April 16, 2007. Under the Republican leadership this was formerly called Easter recess.

EMBRYONIC STEM CELL PASSES - A bill that would allow government funds to be used to experiment on living human embryos passed the Senate this week. The President has promised to veto S-5 which passed by a margin of 63-34. (Click here to see how your senators voted.) The Republican Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, delivered an impassioned speech in an attempt to stop the passage of S-5 stating, "we must also remember that the embryos from which these stem cells are derived are human life. Extracting the stem cell destroys the embryo, and ends that life's possibility. The moral boundaries this research crosses is greatly troubling—to me, and many others." He encouraged his follow Senators to vote for the Hope Act (S-30) which allowed for the same research without the killing of viable human embryos. President Bush has vowed to veto S-5 and favors the Hope Act (S-30) which also passed the Senate this week by a margin of 70-28. Click here to see how your senators voted on S-30.

CHRISTIAN "TERRORISTS" - When public schools in the United States want to conduct a simulated terrorist attack as an emergency drill, they are afraid to offend Muslims; therefore, the terrorists depicted are virtually always Christians. In Muskegon County, Michigan a few years ago, the mock terrorist group was called Wackos Against Schools and Education" who supposedly believe everyone should be homeschooled. The exercise was funded by the federal Homeland Security. When the homeschool association complained, an apology was finally issued. In Burlington Township, NJ the mock terrorist drill had members of a "right-wing fundamentalist group" attacking the school and killing students. The imaginary group was called the "New Crusaders," who according to the Burlington County Times, "don't believe in the separation of church and state." The school district refused to apologize when Christian groups complained stating only that they "regret any insensitivity that might have been inferred." Click here for an interesting Op-ed on the drills by Michelle Malkin.

IRAQ MISSION - Bob Armstrong, our legislative director, has completed his mission to the Sudan and is now in Iraq delivering a transmitter to a new Christian radio station in the northern part of the country. While in Iraq he will also meet Iraq's President Talibani. (We have not heard from Bob since the bombing of the Iraqi parliament in the Green Zone ... Please pray for his safety and the success of his mission.) To help financially please click here.

CHRISTIAN INTERNET STORE - There are literally tens of thousands of Christian theme items available at our affiliate store including jewelry from the Holy Land. It is a great place to shop for gifts. The store is located at Please help us with our various projects on Capitol Hill and in the Holy Land by shopping at our affiliate Christian Superstore . Contributions to the work of the Religious Freedom Coalition can be made at
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