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Week Ending March 30, 2007 - Washington, DC
March 30, 2007 7:58PM EST

March 30, 2007
Week Ending March 30, 2007 - Washington, DC

NEW RFC MISSION TO IRAQ - Read about it in the international section / The President asks prayer for Tony Snow / Is Homeland Security an oxymoron / Congressmen who pray and congressmen who hate free speech / Another senator retreats / UN calls for elimination of free speech / More on our mission to Iraq

William Murray and Tony Snow at the White House TONY SNOW'S CANCER - The mood at the White House was almost depressing when Tony Snow arrived as President Bush's new press secretary in 2006. His enthusiasm was contagious and his influence on how the media was handled changed the way business was done around the White House. Within days of his arrival I was at the signing of a bill on the lawn of the White House with the Marine Band playing, instead of in a small room off the Oval Office where previous bill signings had been done. That is the way Tony Snow wanted to change the White House mood, and he did it. He had beaten colon cancer, but it has now returned and spread to his liver and he will be forced to take weeks off, if not more. The news had an obvious effect on President Bush who asked everyone to pray for Tony Snow. Please join the President in praying for Tony Snow's recovery. Click here for larger photo of Murray and Snow.

HOMELAND SECURITY? - Remember the 19 illegal aliens who slammed jetliners into the Pentagon and World Trade Center? (Although most did have visas, they lied in order to get them.) There are more than 10,000,000 illegals in the United States and more than 600,000 of them who have arrest or deportation orders cannot be found. The situation is so severe that 52 "fugitive teams" with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars are looking just for these 623,000 "absconders" as Homeland Security calls them. This is double the number that were sought just before the 911 Jihad attack on the United States. (Click here for story.) Meanwhile the state of Maryland is doing its best to make a sanctuary for all illegals, even those sought by federal authorities. Governor Martin O'Malley is going to grant in-state tuition to all illegals who are students and is granting driver's license to anyone living in the state, even if they are in the Untied States illegally. Has the phrase "homeland security" become an oxymoron?

CONGRESSMEN WHO PRAY - Congressman Randy Forbes of Virginia organized some 40 members of Congress from both parties to stand on the steps of the Capitol and issue a call to "bring America back to prayer." "Every politician says 'God bless America.' But do you really mean that?" said Mr. Forbes, a Republican. "If you don't, maybe we should start saying, 'Have a good day,' or something like that." Click here for Washington Times story on the event.

THOUGHT CRIMES - Nazis, communists and liberal congressmen all have one thing in common; they want to jail people for what they think. House Judiciary chairman John Conyers (D-MI) who is a member of the Progressive Caucus (read Socialist Caucus), has introduced his Local Law Enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act of 2007 (LLEHCPA). The actual bill number assigned for the 110th Congress is HR-1592. The most dangerous aspect of the bill is that it would pay local police departments to make ordinary crimes such as assaults hate crimes. The police departments wouldn't get more federal money unless they could find "hate crimes" in their communities. The bill would also add "homosexual and transgender" as a special category that is protected by the federal government. If passed, the public reading of certain passages from the Bible will be illegal. Contact your congressman to give him your opinion of HR-1592.

JOINING THE RETREAT - This week the Senate joined the House in ordering President Bush to retreat from Iraq. The vote was along party lines with Republican Senator Hagel joining the Democrats. Senator Hagel sees this as his opportunity to be the only anti-war Republican running for the presidency. The latest polls show him at the bottom of the field with less than 1%. The Democrats seem to have no realization that this is an international war against Islamofascism and that the current conflict in Iraq is just one front. Forget how or why we got there: When our troops leave, the vacuum will be filled by Islamists who will have a base to spread terror thoughout the world. A glimpse of what is going on at their hands can be seen at www.thereli Iraqi Christians will be slaughtered by the tens of thousands.

I JUST DIDN'T REALIZE - The e-mails beginning with "I didn't realize" started to come in about a week ago and I am getting more and more every day. Many social conservatives who had turned against the war in Iraq did not realize that besides calling the troops home, the social radicals who now control Congress would try to stifle free speech while creating special rights for homosexuals and hand out massive amounts of federal dollars to buy more votes. Reality has set in.

UN OFFICIALLY AGAINST FREE SPEECH - Today the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution that bans freedom of speech for religious minorities. The resolution, presented by Pakistan for the Organization of Islamic Conference countries, endorses laws to combat the "defamation of religions." These laws are passed under the guise of promoting religious tolerance, but in fact harm the freedom of religious minorities, particularly in Islamic nations. Click here for information from the Becket Fund.

RFC MISSION TO IRAQ - On Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007, the Religious Freedom Coalition's legislative director, Bob Armstrong, is personally going to Iraq to set up radio transmitters for Christian Prayer Radio in Arabic. He will also speak with and encourage some of the 22 evangelical pastors among the Kurds in the northern region of that war torn nation. While there, he will personally meet with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani for three days at a summit conference of various religious leaders. To assist financially with Bob's mission trip please click here.

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