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Week Ending March 23, 2007- Washington, DC
March 23, 2007 5:47PM EST

March 23, 2007

Week Ending March 23, 2007 - Washington, DC

The President fires people - so what? / Dems call for taxes to skyrocket / Pork in the House is now "sweetener" / Canadian style thought crimes to come to USA / The Jerusalem Resolution / Prayer Breakfast at Maryland Legislature / Cable Choice
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THE FEDERAL PROSECUTOR PROBLEM The liberal Democrats who control Congress really don't care about the eight Federal prosecutors that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales fired. The hearings they are calling for have one purpose and one purpose only --and that is to tie up crucial officials in the Bush Administration. The Democrats want the Bush Administration to stumble even if it means losing the war in Iraq, and parading Administration officials in front of committees for hearings for months on end may do just that. They are also demanding internal documents from the White House. Not a Democrat was concerned when Bill Clinton fired all 93 Federal Distract Attorneys within days of taking over the Oval Office. Click here for Clinton story

TAXES TO SKY ROCKET Democrats in the House have proposed a new budget that will allow all of the Bush tax cuts passed by the previous Republican congresses to expire in 2010. Because of the massive spending planned, taxes must rise. The Democrats say they are not raising taxes, just allowing the previous tax cuts to expire. Who will pay more? All married couples; anyone with children; the elderly; small businesses; and virtually all corporations. I was told by a White House official that this will be the largest one year tax hike in the history of the United States and will probably force the economy into a major recession. Some Senate Democrats are resisting the House in dismantling all of the previous tax cuts because it will hurt the Middle Class the most. Click here for story.

PORK IS NOW A "SWEETENER" President Bush requested an "emergency" supplement of about $100 billion dollars to fight the war in Iraq. The House Democrats then added $21 billion in pork to the emergency bill that has nothing to do with the war including $120 million for shrimp and menhaden fishing industries; $100 million for citrus growers and $74 million for peanut storage. Money is even reserved for 16 states that failed to manage health care costs properly. Congress even granted themselves $16 million for additional office space for the House of Representatives. Why all this extra cash? San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi did not have the votes to add a troop withdrawal plan to the bill so she had to buy the votes. All of these pork add-ons are going to congressmen's districts to buy their votes for her plan to force Bush to declare the war lost and return the troops to the USA by August of 2008. BUT ... According to the mainstream liberal media these add-ons are not "pork;" they are sweeteners. When the Republicans were in control the media called these pork, but now that the Democrats are in charge the mainstream media calls them sweeteners. Click here for analysis of the bill

THOUGHT CRIMES In Canada a citizen can be jailed for quoting the Bible on homosexuality. The left wing wacko chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, John Conyers, wants to criminalize thought in the USA as well. He is about to introduce the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act of 2007 (LLEHCPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives. As law the bill would pay police at the local level to make ordinary crimes hate crimes. How? The police departments won't get more money unless they find a "hate crime." How will this end up? Every time a white woman is raped by a black man the local police will ask the woman if the man mentioned her race. If he did they will call it a hate crime to get cash from the feds. Since hate crimes were first introduced in the US to protect minorities, more blacks than any other group have been prosecuted for them and this will just add to the numbers. For shame! (Click here for ADL story promoting thought crimes.)

GLOBAL WARMING CIRCUS Movie star and former Vice President Al Gore presented his "planet has a temperature' case to the House and Senate on Wednesday. He refused to present his testimony to either body in advance which is customary. In the House hearings he just kept talking, not allowing congressmen to really question him. Then he ran into Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) at the Senate Hearings. (NOTE: Chairperson Barbara Boxer (D-CA) lied to the media that Gore had given his testimony in writing in advance and Inhofe pointed this out at the hearings.) While Gore looked and acted like a buffoon, the true green believers loved every minute of his testimony until Senator Inhofe asked him to pledge not to use more energy at his home than the average American. Gore refused. He uses more energy per day at his houses than the average American uses a year. Click here for Pledge story

JERUSALEM RESOLUTION Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) is urging other Senators to cosponsor the Jerusalem Resolution which he will soon be reintroducing in the 110th Congress. This will be essentially the same as S.J.Res.14 in the 109th Congress it would provide for the recognition of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel before the United States recognizes a Palestinian state. The United State is virtually the only Western nation that continues to have an embassy in Tel Aviv instead of Jerusalem. Contact your Senators about the Jerusalem Resolution.

PRAYER BREAKFAST IN MARYLAND Today (Friday, March 23rd) I spoke at a prayer breakfast for members of the Maryland State Legislature. Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and about 60 State legislators and State senators were present. My address was titled "First Freedom" and centered on how religious freedom came about in the United States and why it is threatened both here and abroad.

CABLE CHOICE More organizations are pushing for ala carte programming on cable and satellite TV. In my letter to the FCC I made the point that a single mom who wants Nickelodean and Disney for her kids must pay almost $50 for ESPN channels that she never watches. More letters are needed to the FCC calling for action. Click here to read the RFC official letter to the FCC on this issue. You can write your own letter to the same address that is on the letter.

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