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Week Ending March 2, 2007 - Washington, DC
March 2, 2007 11:05AM EST

March 2, 2007

Week Ending March 2, 2007 - Washington, DC

Will Bush betray refugees from communism? / Forced reporting to Big Brother / Gore's green, green gases / New bill to ban "genetic discrimination" / Special election in Georgia features true conservative / RFC comes to the aid of Ariel, Samaria


BUSH'S CUBAN DOCTOR PROBLEM - Venezuelan Marxist strongman Hugo Chavez loves Fidel Castro and vice versa. Castro has sent 15,000 Cuban health workers to work in free clinics in Venezuela in return for cheap oil. President Bush responded by encouraging Cuban doctors and other professionals to defect to the United States. The problem?... although the Administration looks the other way as illiterate Mexicans come to the United States to bring down the wage scale of American workers, any professional person trying to immigrate legally is detained for extensive background checks, embarrassed and harassed. More than 400 Cuban medical professionals have crossed over into Columbia to seek asylum in the United States. Most are still there, living in poor conditions waiting for Homeland Security to fulfill the promise made by President Bush. Please contact your congressman and Senators and ask them to pressure the Bush Administration to honor its promise to these Cuban doctors escaping Communism. Click here for details.

SPECIAL ELECTION - My good friend Bill Greene who is the leader of is running for Congress in Georgia to replace Congressman Norwood who recently died after a long battle with cancer. Bill is a lightning rod because of the street demonstrations he has led for pro-life and other issues. The entire Republican establishment will rally against him to support someone more "moderate." The political action committee I head, GING-PAC, gave Bill Greene the first check he received, just a few days after he formed his committee. The special election for the 10th Congressional district is set for June 19, 2007. More election news is available at

FORCED REPORTING - The Democrat controlled House Judiciary Committee is trying to add a reporting requirement to the Legislative Transparency and Accountably Act of 2007 which would force the Religious Freedom Coalition to report to the Federal Government every time one of these updates is distributed by e-mail. Only elected officials and unions would be exempted from reporting who they contacted and why. This same measure was defeated in the Senate but has been resurrected by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to harass conservative groups such as ours. Click here to contact your congressman about this issue.

TEN COMMANDMENTS - This week Dr. Wexler of the Ten Commandments Commission and I met with congressmen in an effort to initiate legislation for a "Day of Recognition" for the Ten Commandments as the source of Western law. We hope to be able to convince a congressman of the importance or entering such legislation in the near future.

PLEDGE PROTECTION ACT - In March the Religious Freedom Coalition will begin a massive direct mail campaign urging those who support "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance to contact Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We are hoping and praying for tens of thousands of letters to be signed by supporters of the Pledge of Allegiance to be delivered to Nancy Pelosi.

GENETIC DISCRIMINATION - Information Nondiscrimination Act (S.358) is a bipartisan bill which would prohibit insurance companies and employers from using genetic information to discriminate. It would also prohibit insurance companies and employers from asking for genetic samples as a condition for insurance or employment. Without the bill, an insurance company could refuse to insure life or health not because of any actual illness, but just because of a genetic tendency toward certain illnesses. Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) is attempting to expand the bill to cover prenatal children as well. Please contact your Senators and remind them that those in the womb, as well as adults, deserve protection with regard to genetic discrimination.

CHAPLAINS IN SHORT SUPPLY - The Army Chaplain Corps now has 520 vacancies, the most ever. As a result of this shortage, some Army units in combat areas do not have access to a chaplain. The crisis is so severe that the Army is now offering a $10,000 sign on bonus to new chaplains. The physical requirements are the same as for other recruits and the candidates must have a Master's or Seminary degree. Click here for complete story.

GREEN GREEN GASES - The Tennessee Center for Policy Research obtained public records that showed former Vice President Gore's mansion in Nashville consumes a monthly average of 18,414 kilowatt-hours, nearly double what the average American home consumes in an entire year. Just his heated pool house alone consumed more natural gas than his entire main living quarters. This energy gobbling 10,000 square foot, eight bathroom mansion is the largest of three residences the Gores maintain as homes. Oddly, Gore just won an Oscar for his contrived film on global warming which blames climate change on the energy use of Americans. Lately he has been flying all over the country in his pollution spewing private jet to promote his film urging American families to cut back on energy use and pollution. Click here for full report.

RFC ARIEL MISSION - Next week the Religious Freedom Coalition will be one of several sponsors of a fund raising dinner in Aventura, Florida for a civic center in Ariel, Samaria. As part of our participation we will have a fu ll page ad in the event program. The Israeli city of Ariel is in the center of Samaria which the Western media refers to as the West Bank. The city is surrounded by hostile Palestinian extremists who have bombed it several times. I have several times fueled up my car at the gas station that has been bombed out. The Religious Freedom Coalition also assists a house church in Ariel. When visiting Israel to distribute funds for Christian schools in Bethlehem, I normally stay at an apartment run by Evangelist David Ortiz in Ariel.

JEWS IN FRANCE - CRIF, the representative council of Jewish institutions in France, reported yesterday that physical attacks on Jews rose almost 50 percent in 2006, propelled by anti-Semitic attacks following the brutal murder of a young Jew at the start of the year and by last summer's war in Lebanon. Click here for complete story.

CHRISTIAN INTERNET STORE - There are literally tens of thousands of Christian theme items available at our affiliate store including jewelry from the Holy Land. It is a great place to shop for birthday gifts. The store is located at Please help us with our various projects on Capitol Hill and in the Holy Land by shopping at our affiliate Christian Superstore . Contributions to the work of the Religious Freedom Coalition can be made at
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