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Chairman's Report for January 31, 2007
January 31, 2007 3:57PM EST

The Chairman's Action Report - January 31, 2007

January 31, 2007


WOW! I am getting reports of thousands of individual letters arriving at the office of San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi since she became Speaker of the House, reminding her that she must represent all of the people!

Many thousands of the supporters of the Religious Freedom Coalition have already signed the letter that I sent to them early in January to mail directly to the office of Speaker Pelosi who is the third most powerful person in the United States after President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

The letters were still arriving at her office this week! When I sent the letter to you and others to sign I sent them in two waves. The first group of Pelosi letters were mailed first class to those RFC supporters in key states and districts. Sending these first class cost us over 50 cents each in postage because of the total weight of sending several envelopes and the letters. The second wave was sent at a non-profit rate to other congressional districts. Since the non-profit rate mail is delivered slower, people are still responding and sending the letters in to Speaker Pelosi.

THE RESULT: Nancy Pelosiís ultra liberal staffers made up mostly of feminists, gays and secularists, have been forced to deal with these letters on a daily basis for over three weeks! They must read passages such as this one over and over again:

"As an American who believes that the Judeo-Christian heritage of the nation must be maintained, I am asking that you not follow the path of destruction promoted by men such as atheist Michael Newdow and extremist billionaire George Soros."

If you receive any reply from her office it is important that you let me know. When you reply to this letter simply place a copy of any reply you have received from her in the envelope provided!

We are going to continue a writing campaign to Nancy Pelosi. Using the same theme of representing all the people, we will now work to pass the Pledge Protection Act of 2007!


We are going to continue to flood the offices of Speaker Pelosi with letters and petitions she must deal with. We must let her know that millions of Americans do not agree with her. We need to inform her that there are millions of us who believe that the United States is "One Nation Under God."

The Religious Freedom Coalition has begun the same petition campaign to pass Congressman Akinís legislation to protect "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance -- with one key difference. Last year the petitions were directed toward individual congressmen. This year we are mailing you two petitions to sign. One petition is to sign and return to the your congressman. A second petition demanding a vote to protect "under God" in the Pledge, will go to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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Beginning in February I will start to personally deliver petitions directly to the Speakerís office, demanding that "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance be protected by Congress. Her staff will be forced to deal with me and the petitions that I deliver! Think about that! As the year goes by, her ultra liberal staff will be forced to handle tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of petitions demanding that the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag be protected from lawsuits filed by her buddies such as liberal California atheist Michael Newdow.

By the end of 2007 when they see me coming down the hall with boxes full of petitions in my arms they may even lock the door ... this has happened to me before! I promise you, however, that I will not stop. Every petition to protect the Pledge of Allegiance that is sent to me will be delivered by me personally to Nancy Pelosi.

In addition every petition to every congressman asking their help will also be delivered in person to their offices!

We have the help of Congressman Todd Akinís office. Just last week he introduced the new version of the Pledge Protection Act to the 110th Congress. I have already begun to work with Congressman Akin to get as many co-sponsoring congressmen as we can for the Pledge Protection Act of 2007. We need more than 200 co-sponsors again this year.

I will go to many of the new Democrats who ran as conservatives, such as Brad Ellsworth of Indiana. He was a long time county sheriff who defeated our good friend Congressman John Hostettler by running as a conservative, anti-illegal immigration candidate. He claims to be pro-life as well. If he is a true "conservative Democrat," then he should have no problem signing onto the Pledge Protection Act of 2007 as a co-sponsor.

It is my promise to you that the Religious Freedom Coalition will continue to work to protect "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance throughout the 110th Congress for the next two years. To win I will need your help in this Democrat controlled Congress more than ever.

Please sign and return to me the enclosed petitions to your congressman and to Speaker Pelosi as soon as possible.


Liberals just do not like freedom of speech---unless it is their freedom of speech. The first thing the Senate Democrats tried to do was to pass a law to put me in jail for asking you to contact your congressman and Senators.

Section 220 of S-1 (the lobby reform bill) required any special interest groups, such as the Religious Freedom Coalition, who spend money to influence Congress to register and report to the government, the same as a K Street lobbyist hired by a Saudi prince. Groups such as ours would have faced fines and prison for failure to report their "activity." What sort of "activity?" Example:

asking 500 people or more to send a letter to Nancy Pelosi demanding that she support the Pledge Protection Act. Sounds nuts because it is. It was an attack on free speech, the First Amendment right of the citizens to petition Congress. The Religious Freedom Coalition and other groups began to fight back as soon as this attack on free speech surfaced in the Senate!

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Senator Robert Bennett of Utah offered an amendment to strike out the offending passage. In my weekly Internet update I urged everyone to contact their Senators to support Senator Bennettís efforts. We were joined by dozens of conservative groups and pro-family groups including the Right to Life Committee and the National Rifle Association. This would have affected dozens of groups and have stopped us from lobbying Congress on your behalf!

Senator Bennettís amendment to S-1 passed 55 to 33. I urge you to contact him and thank him for his efforts to stop this attack on free speech. We are not "out of the woods" with this one, as it could still be added back into the bill in conference with the House. The overwhelming defeat of the measure in the Senate to censor free speech may make liberals think twice about pursuing this path.


House and Senate Democrats are also talking about introducing a bill to bring back the "fairness doctrine." Under this old FCC doctrine every radio or TV show would be forced by the government to give equal time to an opposing view.

Simply put, Rush Limbaugh would be forced to invite someone on his show to compliment Senator Hillary Clinton every time Rush insulted her. This doctrine is widely used in Canada and it is why I will no longer appear on any Canadian TV or radio shows. In Canada, I am given a list of what I cannot say so that the host does not have to invite an "opposing guest" onto the show later to refute me. It is simply a censorship plan, and when the Democrats try to pass their bill I will be there to fight it.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid always protect their liberal friends when trying to apply censorship. For example: conservative groups raise most of their funds by direct mail, while most radical left groups such as get their funds from the Internet. Senate bill S-1 that I mentioned above did not apply to the Internet. It only made letters like this one I am sending to you against the law. They did the same thing with Campaign Finance Laws. While my political action committee has to report every dime we get and every dime we spend to the Federal Election Commission, billionaire George Soros and the special 527 groups he has set up can spend what they want to when they want to.

Virtually all of the campaign finance laws assist the liberals and hurt conservative groups such as ours. These laws are now under review by the Supreme Court headed by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, and I ask you to pray that free unhindered speech is returned to those of us who work in the political arena in Washington, DC.


I want to thank everyone who assisted in 2006 with our programs in the Holy Land. As you know I did not travel to Bethlehem last year so that the funds you sent in could all be distributed to the Christian children in need. We gave many thousands of dollars directly to Christian schools in the Bethlehem area and we also gave funds directly to the families of children in the most need. The funds we distributed to families were for school uniforms, books and transportation to and from private Christian schools.

The situation in Bethlehem is deteriorating for Christians on almost a daily basis. Christians who had worked with Muslim Palestinians for a "homeland" have now discovered that the "homeland" was only intended for Muslims.

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This year the Religious Freedom Coalition will once again raise funds to deliver to the families in Bethlehem and Beit Jala that continue to stand for the Kingdom of Christ regardless of the repression they face. It is my prayer to raise the funds needed this year to travel again to Bethlehem and personally deliver the funds to the Christian schools and children in need.

Please pray for the few Christians who remain in Bethlehem. Please also remember that when you hear the liberal media use the term "West Bank" they are actually talking about Samaria and the area around Bethlehem to the Jordan River. All Christians in the Holy Land need our prayers, but those who are forced to live in the chaos of constant violence outside of Israeli control need our prayers even more.


On the very first page of this letter I mentioned the importance of Nancy Pelosiís office receiving letters and petitions to remind them that most Americans do not agree with their ultra-liberal secularist agenda.

I have enclosed two petitions for you to sign, one to your congressman and one to Speaker Pelosi. Please do not mail these directly to them. I need these signed petitions in my office in Washington, DC so that I can deliver them in person to Congress starting in February. Please sign these as soon as you can and return them to me.

PLEASE HELP BY USING A STAMP ... When a signed petition is sent to us in a business reply envelope we have to pay the Post Office 39 cents. That is $390 for every 1000 envelope we get back without stamps. If you are sending back the signed petition, but you are not making a financial contribution to help us with this work, please place a stamp on the envelope. Thank you!


Our Christian online store was supported by Microsoft. At the end of 2006, Microsoft discontinued support for their "eCommerce" store system and we were forced to shut down our private store. When we shut down the store we converted to an "associate" store that has literally thousands of Christian books, CDís, Bibles and gifts. Most of the items are at least 10% off retail. The books are not as cheap as what you can get them for at; however, our store does not sell pornography the way that does. All materials at our store are Christian themed or consistent with Christian teachings. Whenever you buy anything at our Internet associate store we receive about 30% of the purchase price to help with our work. Please visit our store at

As you sign and return the petitions that are enclosed I also ask that you please make at least a small contribution this month. We need financial momentum to get the petitions out to thousands of others so that they may also participate in the campaign to protect "under God" in the Pledge.


William J. Murray, Chairman



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