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Week Ending January 19, 2007
January 20, 2007 4:15PM EST





Since coming to office in 2001 President George W. Bush has used his veto power only once, principally because a Republican Congress did not send him bills he disagreed with. The one exception was a bill to allow federal funding of stem cell research which he vetoed last year. The President has made it clear to the Democrat led House and Senate that he will use his veto power sooner rather than later. He has promised to veto two bills if they pass the House and Senate. First he promised to veto the stem cell bill which is once again headed to his desk. He has also vowed to veto a provision that would direct the government to "negotiate" the price of prescription drugs, since he believes competition better serves the market place than price fixing.



Apparently the Democrats don't think gasoline prices are high enough because they plan to increase the income tax on oil companies and this will, of course, be passed on to consumers. The tax rate for all American corporations is 32% of profit, but the Democrats have decided that American oil companies should pay 35%. Somehow in their mindset the extra tax paid by American oil companies will help fight global warming. Exxon and other oil companies are called "widow's stock" because they are owned primarily by retirement funds such as the teacher's unions etc. The increased tax will be paid by lower dividends to the retired, and higher prices at the gas pump. Way to go Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


Next week Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) will introduce the Pledge Protection Act of 2007. The bill passed the Republican House last year by a wide margin. Congressman Akin spent most of this week obtaining original co-sponsors for the bill which would protect the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Numerous congressmen have signed on and we hope to see the bill introduced next week with the signatures of well over 100 congressmen.



Senate Democrats wanted to put me in jail for writing this weekly update. Section 220 of S-1 (the lobby reform bill) required any special interest groups spending money to influence Congress to register and report to the government the same as a K Street lobbyist hired by a Saudi prince. Groups would have faced fines and prison for failure to report their "activity." What sort of "activity?" Example: telling 500 members of a bird watching society to call their congressman about trees being cut down near the Chesapeake Bay. Sounds nuts because it is. It was an attack on free speech, the right of the citizens to petition Congress. Fortunately, late last night the Senate voted on an Amendment to the bill by Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT) to remove the offending passage. His amendment passed 55 to 33 and I urge you to contact him and thank him for his efforts to stop this attack on free speech. We are not "out of the woods" with this one as it could still be added back into the bill in conference with the House. Click here to contact your Senator and tell him that Section 220 of S-1 restricts free speech and that you are against it. More information is available at www.grassrootsfreedom.com


House and Senate Democrats are also talking about introducing a bill to bring back the "fairness doctrine." Under this old FCC doctrine any radio or TV show would be forced by the government to give equal time to an opposing view. Simply put, Rush Limbaugh would be forced to invite someone on his show to compliment Senator Hillary Clinton every time Rush insults her. This doctrine is widely used in Canada and it is why I will not appear on any Canadian TV or radio shows. I am given a list of what I cannot say so that the host does not have to invite an "opposing guest" onto the show later to refute me. It is simply a censorship plan, and when the Democrats try to pass their bill I will be their to fight it.


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