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Week Ending January 5, 2006 - Washington, DC
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President George W. Bush called upon the new Democrat controlled Congress to show "restraint" in spending. If they show as much "restraint" as the Republicans have since 2001, the nation is headed toward bankruptcy. While the Republicans borrowed and spent the Democrats have promised that they will "pay as they go." That means "borrow and spend" will be replaced by "tax and spend." The President has also promised to work with the Democrat leaders on various issues including immigration reform. Translation: Make sure your kids and grandkids can speak fluent Spanish.



The front page of the Washington Post headlined the Democrat take over of the House on Thursday, January 4th with the headline "Joyful Democrats salute Speaker Pelosi." Most Americans do not realize that this radical woman who is a member of the "Progressive Caucus " is now the second most powerful person in America after President George W. Bush. She is second in line for the presidency directly after Dick Cheney and has a full Secret Service escort and rides in an armored vehicle. As the vote to elect her progressed some of the more radical members of Congress cast their votes in the names of past feminist leaders. Pelosi represents a radical left congressional district located in San Francisco and she plans on bringing the San Francisco model of government to Capitol Hill.


While Nancy Pelosi has been basking in the glory of the victory there have been some bumps in the road as the reality of being the head of the majority party sets in. The day before she was elected as Speaker she was routed our of a press conference by her former ally Cindy Sheehan . This "peace activist" who has besieged President George W. Bush's ranch in Texas for years, led a small group of protesters to chant "de-escalate, investigate, troops home now," interrupting the Pelosi event. To avoid embarrassment, Pelosi and other members of the Democrat leadership fled the scene. My message to the Speaker: It will get worse, and more and more of your allies will become your enemies. You simply cannot satisfy the lust of your radical supporters for the destruction of the nation at the speed they want to precede.


Newly elected Congressman Keith Ellison , a Black Muslim from Minnesota, was sworn into office using a Koran that was once purported to belong to President Thomas Jefferson. During the ceremony Ellison said. "...the use of Jefferson's Koran shows that the founders not only knew about the Koran but also used it." We are in the process of rewriting history. President Jefferson referred to himself as a Christian, but modern historians have declared him a Deist. Now the Muslims have claimed him.


The Religious Freedom Coalition is not going to abandon the fight to protect "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag just because a radical secularist has been elected as Speaker of the House. Many of the freshman Democrats ran as conservatives to win. Some made themselves appear more conservative than the Republican incumbents they unseated. Now we will present to them an opportunity to vote the way they campaigned by co-sponsoring the Pledge Protection Act. I have already been in contact with Congressman Todd Akin, the author of the bill, about re-entering the Pledge Protection Act for the 110th Congress. I will keep you updated with our progress.


Meanwhile in the Senate there was a call by the new Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid, for "civility." He needs civility badly to accomplish anything. The Democrats hold a 51-49 majority, but Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) is still in the hospital after brain surgery last month. He is in bad shape with reports that he is "responding" by moving his hands. That leaves the Senate at an actual 50-50 tie because Vice President Cheney is actually the President of the Senate. Add to this the fact that at least four and maybe five Democrat Senators are running for President and spending a good deal of the time on the road. I don't see much getting accomplished in the Senate the next two years other than the passage of an amnesty bill that will forgive literally hundreds of thousands of felony crimes and will bring an additional 25,000,000 Mexicans into the United States by 2015.

William J Murray, Chairman

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