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THE 110th

This week I received my first invitation to a swearing in ceremony reception for January 4th, 2007. Congressman-elect Bill Sali, who was supported by my PAC, issued the invitation. Despite the news media spin about the huge "Democrat wave," the reality is that about twenty new Republican members will be sworn in. The "huge" Democrat wave gave them only about a 25 seat majority in the Congress, which will actually make it difficult for them to pass truly radical legislation. They will, however, do their best to destroy the traditional family and to hold hearings on the Bush Administration's conduct of the war in Iraq. On social issues there may be enough of the conservative "blue dog" Democrats to stop the wildest dreams of the homosexual elite who poured millions of dollars into the hands of Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco minions who achieved victory in November. We can only fight for what we believe for the next two years, and pray for the best outcome.



How much more insane can the Europeans get? The National Health Service in Scotland now forbids doctors and nurses to use the words "father" or "mother" when dealing with patients. They are also forbidden to use the words "husband" or "wife" because a homosexual might be in the room and these words could offend them. Only neutral words such as "parents" or "guardians" can be used. Don't think this deliberate assault on the family will stop at our borders. The goal of homosexual activists and their liberal counterparts is to eliminate the family and create a "gender free" society. Billionaire George Soros has several organizations, some of which receive federal funds, working to eliminate "gender" from use in our society. Senator Hillary Clinton is updating her book, "It Takes a Village" for her presidential campaign. The thesis of the book is simple: Families are outmoded and it takes the village (government) to raise children. (Click here for Human Events story)



The Religious Freedom Coalition has maintained an online bookstore since 1990. For the last eight years the store has been located at Microsoft's "bCentral." About 30 days ago we were notified by Microsoft that they were closing the service and that it would no longer be supported after December 31, 2006. As a result we kept our online store open only for Christmas sales. Since we can no longer deliver in time for Christmas, the store has been shut down. For the most part the store had specialty items such as handcrafted goods from Bethlehem and books associated with the work of the Religious Freedom Coalition. Although our private store is closed we will continue to keep our "affiliate" store open which has thousands of book titles, music CD's, Bibles and Christian oriented gifts. While we do not directly manage the affiliate store the Religious Freedom Coalition receives a commission from items purchased at the store. Please view our affiliate store at


With the Congress in the hands of radical San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi, social conservatives will have a real fight to protect the family. Homosexual activists and others with a far left agenda will pursue their pro-abortion and anti-family policies. Can they be stopped? Yes! But it is going to take greater effort than when Republicans controlled the House and Senate. Your year end gift is needed to help the Religious Freedom Coalition retire the 2006 debt and move ahead to protect the traditional family and the religious liberties of Christians in 2007. Please help with a generous year end gift, Click here to make an online gift or mail your check to the address below. For your personal tax purposes make sure your check is dated prior to December 31, 2006. Thank you and God bless you as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!

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