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Week Ending December 1, 2006
December 1, 2006 11:06AM EST



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Next week we will return to our normal weekly legislative updates which will include information on the Pledge Protection Act and other legislation affecting social conservatives



Rev. Bob Armstrong, RFC Board Member, was part of a team ministering to 700 Nicaraguan preachers and evangelists during the 2006 Nicaraguan Leadership Conference. Over 48,000 pastors/leaders in 13 countries have personally received such training. Ten U.S. pastors participated in the 17th annual Nicaraguan Leadership Conference in three towns (Managua, Leon, and Rivas) inside Nicaragua during the November 8-12, 2006 conference.

Our Board Member prayed with Transito Genaro Tellez, the Mayor of the second largest city in Nicaragua, Leon, during the conference. Rev. Armstrong also met personally for two hours in the private home of Tomas Borge, who years ago was the "architect" of the Sandinista Revolution . Rev. Bob Armstrong states, "The communist Sandinistas from 15-20 years ago are not the same. They have drifted way towards the middle. Of course there are glimpses of socialism, but they really do seek friendship with the United States."

He had some intense discussions with Tomas Borge. The U.S. State Department reports that Tomas Borge is responsible for thousands of killings during the Sandinista Revolution (as reported in my book, NICARAGUA: PORTRAIT OF A TRAGEDY). Bob comments, "Mr. Borge admitted a lot of 'mistakes' were made. I also questioned some government-elect insiders who really played down the supposed role of Chavez from Venezuela. One high government official told me, 'We appreciate the inexpensive oil from Venezuela. But we also know who he is and what kind of a person he really is.'"

Bob also told about his private meeting with Nicaraguan president-elect Daniel Ortega four years ago, "In a politically nice way, I asked Daniel Ortega, 'Now that you have accepted Christ many times for political purposes, how do I know this time it is for real?' His very humble reply, with tears running down his cheeks, was, 'Bob, I am going to have to spend the rest of my life asking people for forgiveness, because of all the harm I have caused!' I sincerely believe there has been a shift which has been caused by a tremendous, genuine, grass roots, evangelical revival happening in the country of Nicaragua."



Retailers are grudgingly using the term Merry Christmas after a huge backlash last year in which anything and everything to do with Christ was removed from store signage and advertising, including the word Christmas. Wal-Mart has even placed "Merry Christmas" signs inside its stores. Apparently Mayor Daily and the city of Chicago do not understand that the first six letters of Christmas are C-H-R-I-S-T. The city has told a private organization putting on a Christmas pageant that they should refuse advertising for a movie about the Nativity. Apparently, accepting an advertisement about an "R" rated movie would be fine with Mayor Daily and his advisors. Click here for news report. Will American Christmas become like Finland's Christmas? For many years I commuted from the United States to Russia on Finnair by way of Helsinki and spent many days there. In Finland, Christmas is a huge holiday and everything closes for at least three days, including restaurants and drug stores. The center of the Finnish Christmas is Santa Claus, which they claim as their invention. Although the word "Christmas" is used everywhere, there are virtually no church services and nothing related to the Nativity or to Christ is displayed anywhere. Ask any Finn what Christmas is about and they will proudly reply, "Santa." If the secularists have their way, that will be Christmas in America just a few years from now. From Finnish Web site: "Christmas Day is a time for rest and relaxation. Books brought by Santa Claus are read and food left over from Christmas Eve is eaten." Click here for Finnish Christmas Internet site.


Homosexual activists publish a very sophisticated buying guide for Christmas that rates manufactures and retailers as to being "gay friendly." If a store, service supplier or manufacturer is in a green box, they are pro-gay and give lots of money to support homosexual causes. Those in a red box are "anti-gay" and according to the homosexual proponents should not be patronized. No Christian organization has the time or money gather the information or produce a guide of this nature. So, my suggestion as you look through the PDF of the guide is to simply use this one and reverse the colors. If it is in a red box, the business is probably not giving big bucks to homosexuals and should be patronized by Bible believing Christians! Click here for "gay guide."


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