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Week Ending November 17, 2006
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Vietnam was dropped from the State Department list of "nations of particular concern" for violating religious freedom just days before the President departed the United States to visit that nation on an Asian tour. Meanwhile, the Congress handed the President a defeat by refusing to ratify a free trade pact with Vietnam. While wages in China average about $3.00 a day, they are even less in Vietnam and as a result shirts, jeans and other textiles made there are showing up on Wal-Mart shelves. The giant computer chip firm, Intel, has announced the construction of a $1,000,000,000 factory in Vietnam that will probably employ only those who have communist party membership. The Vietnamese government screens everyone before they are even allowed to apply for jobs at Western companies such as Intel. Translation: Christians need not apply.


This organization has attempted to sponsor Palestinian Christians for religious workers' visas to the United States, with no success at all. One pastor who was under a death warrant from HAMAS hid for two years and was finally given status in the Netherlands. MEANWHILE: Religious worker visas seem to just be handed out by our government to Muslim "clerics" with no checks at all. This led to a "sting" in which 29 of these Islamic "religious workers" were arrested by the ICE in the past few days. Some were working at factories and even gas stations.


Meanwhile, the IRS has declared Spanish as one of two official languages of the United States. When calling the IRS the caller is given a choice to pick Spanish or English. The system does not default to English; you have to pick between the two languages to continue. Apparently English is not the language the Bush Administration prefers to do business in. Don't believe me? Try it yourself at 800 829-4933. I discovered this when calling the IRS business line to obtain a copy of an EIN (Employer Identification Number). Think about that --how many businessmen in the United States speak only Spanish and need this service from the government? The answer is zero. This is just part of the Administration policy to legalize millions of illegals already in the United States by providing services to help them stay.


Senator Sam Brownback made gallant efforts to add PERA (the Public Expression of Religion Act) onto the Omnibus spending bill the Senate had to pass before the end of the session. He tried several different avenues, but in the end we were defeated. The bill was passed in the House as were many social conservative bills that later failed in the Senate. Over the past 12 years of Republican control, many social conservative bills were passed in the House only to meet failure in the Senate, where one Senator can block any legislation. Once a Senator has put a "hold" on a bill it takes 60 Senators to vote to have the hold removed. This is a double edged sword. For years a single Democrat Senator could block our legislation; now it is our turn. The liberal Democrats have only a one vote advantage in the Senate and fortunately we have several conservative Republican Senators who will step forward to block outrageous liberal actions such as destroying freedom of religious speech.



During the Islamic celebration of Ramadan in 2005 many Christians, Jews, Buddhists and others were killed as trophies for Allah throughout the world. The only story that made a few front pages in the United States was that of three Christian girls in Indonesia who were beheaded. The heads were stolen and later left in a Christian village with a note that said, "Wanted: 100 more Christian heads, teenage or adult, male or female." Because of the outcry in Australia and other close by nations, the murderers were arrested and are now on trial. An Australian newspaper is detailing the trial in which the Muslims who committed the murder brag about the killings for Allah. Recently Christian men were executed in Indonesia for "terror," their crime being to defend their village against murderers and rapists. Because of the publicity in Australia, expect these murderers to be convicted and sentenced to life in prison. In a year or so you will also read about how a high court found fault with the trial and released them. There is no equal justice for Christians in any nation which is majority Islamic. Click here for full story. For more information on Islamic celebrations of Ramadan go to


The largest church in England, located in Liverpool, seats 3,000. In contrast the Muslims plan to build a Mosque for 40,000 worshipers near the Olympic compound in London. The complete complex would accommodate upwards of 70,000 people at once and its completion will signify the victory of Islam over Christianity in England. The influx of Muslim men into England is driven by polygamy in Arab lands. England, because of the high rate of male homosexuality, has many available women for the immigrating Muslims. (Click here for more details)


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Donations to social conservative groups have been dropping at a steady pace ever since the Republicans took over the Congress in 1994. I think many folks believed those good "conservative" Republicans would take care of everything and groups like the Religious Freedom Coalition just did not need funding any more. The Republican House and Senate is a thing of the past and it probably is not coming back soon. If social conservatives want to be represented in Washington, DC they are going to have to dig deep in their pockets and support groups like ours. Click here to give a gift or send your tax deductible donation to the address below.

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